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Shakugan no Shana Movie 6/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 6/10

About ten more shots were knocked.

It does not understand.
That is a Torch.

It ...

It is ashamed of what in the place which exposed the naked body in front of the tree or the stone.
If it is usual you ...

Something was only disagreeable!

That is, do you call that the human being concerned after a long time?

He is not man.
Free which disappears immediately a Torch .

Who notices and there is no coconut.
God of the fire of that world creation.

But the master ... Hureimu-Heizu also fixed its eyes on this town more often.

It is OK, Marianne.
Because the power for try the back doing for a while gathers.
An obstacle etc. is carried out and there is no end.
The Torch is shining like this.
If this plan is successful, you will be no longer a tool called Rinne etc.
It gets used to one existence which can make a living in this world.

The master.
I have already obtained sufficient thought.

It is or is still insufficient.
If you cannot give power from me, you will disappear without having with three days.
It is a too much transitory existence.

I believe that it is the bonds with the master which are hard to divide.

Oh!, Marianne.
You say a very delightful thing.
Also coming out ... I want to surely finish .
The meaning which crossed and came from Guze.
The reason for having searched for existence at this world.
Since all were for Marianne and you.

It is convinced.
The number of these Torches -- it is not common.
Does it stink more than rumor?
This town.

Yes, surely it stinks.
Your corky breath is needed!

It is silently. Foolish Marco.
Oh! ?
There is also a sign of Hureimu-Heizu.

Is a hand pulled if men of the same trade have taken in advance?

It is such a rule and where.
The way found previously strikes and kills.
It is right.

Just like that!
It riots for a while!
My goblet to love and Marjorie - Dou !.



It is Hureimu-Heizu.

From very cold Everest to live broadcast .
The photography party broke through the place now called a yellow bunt.
It is that 3000 and we are in the place most called difficult part even in Everest.

Too useless ... It cannot do passing Sakai-kun a cookie yet.
I will wait until courage comes out to a slight degree.
The time when it can surely say some day comes.


It understands.
Wait just for a moment.

It was said that he did not want to fight here...
Did it see, Alastor?
The light of that.

Possibly entering into Miss Tess who bears is ...

It does not get used too.
A light appears.
It seems that it is peeping into people's life.
It beats like the heart and shines.


What kind of thing is it?

It is how and strikes... Cannot you see, either?
The light has shaken or swollen.


No, it is not visible to self.

However like that clearly .

You are too strange Miss Tess.
I think that it is the result of the treasure implement included in inside.

It is a probably quite special thing.
If it does not vacate and confirm, it cannot say clearly.
The beat of the Torch which you says is worrisome from it.
What has happened to others?

Although that is all right as long as I see.

It does not usually carry out in a beat etc.

Or it is not found that the Torches of all these towns have become so.


Is it a certain mechanism?


Is it Jizaihou of detection?

Why the present man did it disappear?

Using Jizaihou, the power of existence is required.
Therefore, the Torch would be used.

such ! ?
Who is such a thing?
Is it that Huriagune?

No, Hureimu-Heizu currently felt from last night.

It seems that it does not leave.

Is Hureimu-Heizu other than Shana?

Don't call by the name!
He notices, even when it is disagreeable, if it is Hureimu-Heizu, since there are this much many Torches.

He plans to decoy out a hunter.

Matthew, Marco, Luke, John.
The bogy which allots the four quarters and breaks the dream of a bed should be nudged!

Shakugan no Shana Movie 5/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 5/10

Yoshida-san ... Yoshida-san!

The same Rinne as during this period.
Your master's name.

I ... Do you consider, if it says?

No, obtaining well having only checked.
But as much therefore as a useless piece is already taken out in trickles it will be foolish.

You ...

Hello, a small child.
It is suitable encounter when you meet a demon.

It understands.
This is Guze-no-Tomogara.

It is for even a sword to come out and to endure so far the Regular Sharp which is the treasure implement of my boast.

The master.
I am sorry.

My way apologizes.
An unfamiliar treasure implement giving pardon .
Hureimu-Heizu completely does a severe thing.

You are a master.

Yes, the hunter Huriagune.
It is my name.
This is the first time that it meets directly.
God of the fire of world creation, Alastor.

It should not be confused by appearance.
He is the king of mighty Guze which has also buried many Hureimu-Heizu making full use of many treasure implements.


It is your contractor.
Is it Hureimu-Heizu with the hair of a flame, and the eye which burns?
I thought whether to have been how much person.

It is that it is what.

The fire which is creation God in the world God .
A contractor is such a thing called useless possession also in the power of the magician of great Guze if poor.

Is it found out whether it is useless possession?

Many Hureimu-heizu said so also fell before me.
Miss Tess cannot be involved in.
Moreover, it comes.
Since this is my hunting space.
What is contained?
The inside.
It is pleasure.

It was not free Tomogara too.
The king of Guze.
It is also hunter Huriagune.
Reason also aims at Miss Tess.

Was it called hunting space?
That fellow a thing with many Torches in this town .

It comes out, and it is satisfactory if it is.

He is a fellow very.
If the broken place is not corrected.
Since it moves aside and that fellow is used.

Using is?

The place which broke using the power of that fellow's existence is corrected.

Use Yoshida-san

Since Tomogara eats and there is no torch of remnants so, does it use that the it was close to death?
If it is man, it is alone sufficient enough that it is also close to death.
Is that fellow satisfactory at all, if it arranges as a torch?

There is greatly a problem!
Yoshida-san me are they things as dying like?

It is unavoidable.
If there is nothing the power it is weak to origin, since it cannot correct.
Although another fellow is sufficient.
That fellow.

Such a thing.

Then, do you also use?

Then, it is good.

Do what?
Although complained, it decides simply fairly.

It is not easy.

Then, is time left behind with what thrown away?

It does not throw away.
It employs efficiently!

It is very strange ...
It is strange... It is different.
It is disagreeable... So disagreeable fellow.

Power was used quite unreservedly.

It is unavoidable.
Since that fellow began speaking from himself.
The way it still left.

It was here too.

Is be and it bad?

Aren't there such a thing and a word?

Why did self etc. understand that it was here?

Since he had a feeling which is somehow.

It will also understand, if it attends at discovery of the power of only that.

What business.

Is it called business?
If the girl was on the roof, since it does not settle down.
Doesn't it go into inside?


Does it get wet?
Generally, if I am watched, I will think that it is better to be in a side.

Well ...

Couldn't it imagine?

Like saying so self-importantly .

Something is ... self-importantly independently.

It enters.

T... That is right.
Use the bed.
Since I go to sleep in a father's study room.

Although it entered in order to watch you, why does he sleep in another room?

It ...

You began speaking.
Sleep here.

What do you do?

I change my clothes.
Is it natural?

No -- however, ... obtaining - and ... a somewhere place.

What is confused.
You cares...

Dive into somewhere.

W, well.

Carry out early!

Give without hurrying.


Don't look into!

Not looking into is!

He has asked whether they are a pajamas and the thing which it has.

There is nothing.
As for it being, only underwear is.
Since Alastor purifies the dirt of the body with a flame, although feeling changes it.

The torch was made in this town today as the hunter who came to the school.

It is also in the amount of larges.
Tomogara does not usually eat people like this in one town.
Although it is a Torch for maintaining balance, if a number increases, since the distortion of the world will become large too.

However, as for a hunter's aim, just it is not found.


If there are many torches, Miss Tess like you will also tend to be born.

Like self, it wears, and it comes and Hureimu-Heizu can also be brought near.
It is just hunting space.

But a little margins are too much not to understand what kind of Hureimu-Heizu or.

It will be fatal if surely it passes also over play.
Although dressed with a king mighty from the first ...

There is something in which that fellow can have confidence.
It understands, if it fights things .

You are school closed tomorrow. Then, don't you come out of a town?
Moreover, it is since it is disagreeable if those who are involved in come out.

It is good.
But you come together.
Since it is a lure.

Well, it understands.

It is painful...

Shakugan no Shana Movie 4/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 4/10

Isn't a girl friend in Ike-kun?

Hey Sakai how was carried out?
Is it OK?

It is not the result of Ike.
This is a Torch.

What is it?
That fellow.

It still disappears and something is not, Hirai-san.
Since it asks, it is still ...

It completely said, "Don't loiter." .

It was in here good.
Since Ike has business.
If it cuts its my place, it will become Ike and a two-shot.

Since I like this scene ...

It met or, therefore, came.
Hirai-sam. It will be how to take Ike tomorrow.
Here Ike therefore ... don't disappear!
Hirai-san ...

This a Torch .
Useless, even if it carries out what.
Leftovers are burned out some day.
Nobody remembers the existence and marks do not remain, either.

It is different!
It is different.
I know!
Hirai-san was.
She is that Ike liked.
She was Yukari Hirai!
She was absolutely!
Here ... It was.

It is right?

I am also here.
I know that I am Yuji Sakai.

You are a free Torch.

I am still Yuji Sakai.
Even you ...

I am free Hureimu Heizu.
So much.
A certain semantic Torch being the same .

"Free" a way of speaking already stop!

However, it is a thing right that.
You are a free Torch.
I am free Hureimu Heizu.

It is different!

It is not different.

She is you why... ?


Name ...
Please let me know your name.

There is no name.
Free Hureimu Heizu.

Moreover, it said.
It is noisy and noisy!
It is not needed in a name etc.!
When distinguishing from other Hureimu Heizu, it passes by Hureimu Heizu of Nietono-no-Shana.


It is the name of the large sword which this child has.
Then, you are Shana.
From now on, I call so.
You are Shana.
It is already free Hureimu Heizu.
I am not also a free Torch.
I am Yuji Sakai.

Don't name freely.

Kazumi and a bath were ready.

It will pass tomorrow.
For Sakai-kun .
But is it troublesome, if there is also no reason and it passes?
Consult with Yukari-chan.

Hey, what did it do?

Ike. That ...

In how did Hirai-san do?

That why ?

It asks, Ike.
Homework should answer and teach.

I understand.
It is better to have washed you and a face.

What are you doing?

It must have said.
It is to watch you.

Even so, it is till such a place.
To it, it is the seat of Hirai-san there.

Yukari Hirai is me.
It was made to sink below me in Yukari Hirai's existence.

W... Was it made to interrupt?

Use yesterday's leftovers.

But a face is completely ...

Good morning.
Sakai-kun, good morning.

Good morning.

It was able to say.

Although Yoshida-san had Hirai-san and good relations, she has not noticed at all.

It is not the thing which imitate the original human being of interrupting existence, which will be melted and to say.
Existence was replaced to me in Yukari Hirai whom others recognized.

Such ...

Thank you for the note borrowed in the meantime.


It is different... I know.
Yukari Hirai is ... someone.
Good morning, Shana.

It seems that that Hureimu Heizu has kept an eye on Miss Tess.

Probably, it is waiting for us to aim.

It is the right judgment.
It is very right.
Or as desired one, that I will go out ?
It is clear that I am interested in the treasure implement in Miss Tess.

Please send to me by all means.
Don't remain failure the other day as it is.

I understand.
But a partner is since it is Enpathu Shakugan.
It has this and is going.

Don't separate from an I side.

It is my freedom.

Doesn't it return together today, Yukari-chan?
Consultation just for a moment ...

Uselessness, a busy thing.

Do so.
Some my Yukari-chan of today is fearful.

Shana ...

Although I want a bookstore to keep company for return.

It came.

This is during this period?

Huuzethu .

It waits just for a moment and this is a school.

It is not related in a place.
Since you are here.
It is having expected easily.

Please wait yet everybody.

The enemy Huuzethued.
If it says beyond?

The way things stand, everybody is involved in.
I have to do somehow.
It is my cause.
It is pardon just for a moment.

Such a thing.

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Shakugan no Shana Movie 3/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 3/10

I am sorry.
The master.
One favorite Rinne has been lost.

You are not bad at all.
It was only somewhat troublesome Freimu-Heizu.
To the extent that he wants to praise rather the achievement which found Miss Tess.

It has missed.
It is a wish.
Please let me hunt that Miss Tess.

Your feeling is glad.
But it does not hurry.
It thinks well and is carefully.
Since a partner is Hureimu-Heizu of God of the fire which made this world.


Marianne -- looking at Haridan.
It is very beautiful!
Let's experience this time now.
Forget in the thing of Hureimu-Heizu etc.

Yuu-chan. Breakfast was able to be carried out.

It goes now.

Is it new?
Yuu-chan is a late riser.
You will sleep quickly. When you think that it came back yesterday also, are you bad also in condition?

No by chance.

It zooms in from the Gobi of a sandstorm here today also!

Oh, it is that it is the Gobi.
Now, father should be carrying out.
Or being reflected.

That is right.
Well, it is OK too.
A mother is not a torch.
If I already get to know that it is dead, does it mean that ... had not been in the child from the beginning, either?
You will not be from the beginning as make it feel sad or .
No, isn't it any longer?
Real Yuji Sakai.

Yuu-chan. Did it carry out if you please?

To no, an exception .

If it does go any longer.
It is severe to this teacher and time.
A line comes.

Take care.

What be in it I now worried.
If it is real Yuji Sakai, although it despairs or naturally becomes uneasy ... He is me...

It is why here.

I considered it earlier to watch rather than you in search of Tomogara of Guze.
Since it is you and a quite new Torch.
It surely comes again.

Well ... When saying so, that Rinne had said my thing as Miss Tess yesterday.

The way remembered well.

The Torch which put in the treasure implement which Tomogara of Guze made, and the power itself is called Miss Tess.

Treasure implement?

A new thing like a precious article.
A treasure implement will be transferred to the following Torch at random, if a Torch is burned out.
The treasure warehouse in which it will travel if it says.

He is me why?

It does not know.
Since it moves freely in the way of a treasure implement.

Probably, the enemy will aim, before you are burned out.

Before being burned out ...
What am really I?

A torch it is Miss Tess .

But it is the thing as Yuji Sakai which I consider.

Since it is leftovers, it is natural, and it is.

It is so...

Even so, ...
This town has too many Torches.

It cannot be said that it is simple too.

It ...
Light ... It is small...

Probably, it already runs short.

However, it was attacked yesterday.

Then, it was eaten more mostly.
Since yesterday's Rinne and others ate gaily and it disarranged.

Good morning!
That good morning.

Go... .

This ... That Hirai-san?

Having today being full .

Such ? !
Can't it return to origin somehow?

It is impossible.
Since it is leftovers.
He is already dead.

It ... It is too severe.

It is late.
I will run.
Carry out fine appearance more.

It is what?
It did not say "Return at the time of yourself." .

It will be transposing to others' body and being able to feel actually at last.

Hirai-san. It is nothing to disappear.

Isn't a girl friend in Ike-kun?

Hey, it is lateness thoroughly.

I am sorry.

Sakai, one.

Also that Hirai-san.

Do so?
Was it together?
It is good.
Early seat.

What is the matter?
It is new.

Wholly, Hirai-san is not seen.

Hirai-san and a lunch.

Obtaining another .

It is good.

Although it is good.

Then, the lecturers of the new preparatory school were what and the big brother of Murata.

Ike. Does it go to a preparatory school today?

No, it is closed today.

Then, how about going to play after school and in front of a station?
Hirai-san is also together.
Is it free at any rate?


I will give up and go.
It is that Hirai-san and Ike also go.

Ike, adhere more.
It goes.
With fairly good touch .
I am the slightly obstructive?
In pardon, he is Hirai-san.

Hey you ...

What next is done?
Goods catcher?
Hirai-san, and Ike and a versus fighting game?
Ike. Play with Hirai-san just for a moment.
Since it returns immediately.

Hey, Sakai!

Since it is you and a lure, keep still to a slight degree!
That is a free Torch even if it sympathizes how much.
Disappearing is not avoided.

But everybody Hirai-san thing if you do not forget!

It is useless.

Even when it is useless ...

Such a foolish torch -- it saw for the first time.

A pond and Hirai-san?

Hirai-san is what?

He is Hirai-san.
It must have been together.

Is that right?

" -- that is right -- ?."
By no means -- Hirai-san -- already ...

If it says so, although it will also feel like as having gone away a while ago.

Is it true?
Did it go away?

many .
Oh! It can come and, possibly clears.

Ike. It is why so indifferent!
Remember perfectly!
It must have been together by until three persons a while ago?
Hirai-san ... Hirai-san ...

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Shakugan no Shana Movie 2/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 2/10


They tried to have been that and cast skin.

It slipped out of the main part suddenly.

Or that it is still in near.

This is Miss Tess.

And it is visible in it being a little curious.

W... What?
W... Why ?
It was cut.
It was cut.

The hair of a flame, and the eye which burns.
God of the flame which made this world.
Is it Alastor's Hureimu-heizu.
The tool for this shooting and ruining.

That's right. Therefore, what?

The master of mine is not silent.

Well, a death cry will be raised immediately.

The body ...

But now ... Tell yours first for the time being.
That is a main part.

It is back!

It has escaped.
Although unexpectedly large one is likely to be back in case of that way of talking.

The king of Guze may be able to be beaten after a long time.
Even so, ...

Help me!
It is painful ... it is a wish an ambulance.

Already .
It is noisy and noisy!
Don't make noise to the extent that it was cut now!

Such ...

A vessel while in life is found.
If it was man, when the serious wound is received, it is a death on the spot.

If it is man ?
If it does not stop early ... Blood and blood!
It has not come out.
What has become?
It is a dream too?
Obtaining !
Fire and fire!
Obtain and do what?

Now .

It returned.
It was good.

A Torch is right jealousy now.
Several pieces are used to correct?

Even so, it is eating gaily.

A fellow's Lord is very devouring.

Has not he noticed all?!
What was there?
What is it?
It is what be.
Such ... why.
By no means ... Wait just for a moment!
What is really a while ago it?
It has gone to where the child and where that were a while ago!
To it ... Visible in Hirai-san and others ...

It is noisy already .
Alastor. Can you come and erase?

No, don't open Miss Tess carelessly.

Although it understands a while ago since this being noisy .
What is necessary is just to teach truth.
Then, this will also become silent.

It is what!
A while ago since this this. People are said like a thing.

Yes, you are not a man.
A thing .
A monster a while ago is Rinne.
The hand of Tomogara of Guze the bottom .
Those fellows appear in here and there in the world, and eat existence of people.
It means that the human being who had existence consumed had not been from the start.
But if existence disappears suddenly, since the balance in the world will collapse, the Torch is placed.


The human being who disappeared leftovers .
You .
Real you had existence consumed and are long ago dead.

Such ... foolish ...

Is it visible?
Your light.
He is not only you.
That all a light appears meet into the body.
Leftovers of the human being who existence was consumed and disappeared.
A Torch .
But since it is the shock absorbing material of disappearance after all, it is smaller and

smaller and a gap disappears.

Does it disappear?

Yes, it disappears.
Explanation, the end.

I ... Already ... Is it dead?

Till when does it follow?

Since my house is here.

That is right.

I am already dead ... being disagreeableness and being dead -- Yuji Sakai -- me ... it is

useless -- the head does not follow.
That ...

It is noisy and noisy!
Is there still anything?

What are you?

I am Hureimu-heizu.

Hure ... i ... What?

Those who hunt up and ruin Tomogara of Guze which consumes existence things .
The Torch was placed how and it is deception of the spot after all.

The fact of the crisis in the world of overhunting of existence does not change since.


Shakugan no Shana Movie 1/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 1/10

Those who are not men are rampanting to the shadow on the day of this world.
They who came from the next world where he cannot walk along this world are called Tomogara of Guze.
They lurk daily of people and eat people's every day.
But, one person is not in those who notice the existence, either.

Thank you.

Next Sakai!

Y, yes!
The father returned from Tokyo.


Hi! Ike!
Isn't it clean-up duty today?

I had other persons replace.
It is a trial examination in a preparatory school.

Is already it preparation of a university entrance examination?

Well, pocket money will be influenced if parents' mood is not taken, either since.

It is free, and the station previous line also carries out CD check, and thinks like

previous line.


Is a Kazumi lover Sakai-kun?


Since it associates and is long, it understands immediately.

But ... the and ...

Since it is good and good.
If Kazumi is Sakai-kun, it may be able to cooperate mutually.

It is as cooperation?


At that, it is unreasonableness in cooperation.
Does he do his best by himself?


Wasn't Ike-kun together in today?

Since that fellow is a preparatory school today.

Why ?
Since it is always together.

Although it is not when ...

Then, isn't Ike-kun in a girl friend? Think so.

I think that it is not...

Do so?

Since I and a station building are also visited.

Well. Good-bye.

Or it meets ... To that Ike .

Useless... when running ...

It is dangerous!
It is a lie?
Hey, what is this?

It needs carrying out the completion of preparation.

Is it enough, although there is no number so that it considered.

It obtains and is.

Eat -- eat.

It is delicious and delicious.

Talking should stop eating.
It is disgraceful.


H... Hirai-san!

That and what is it?

Now, isn't Tomogara it?

But it is moving in Huuzethu.
This and Miss Tess.

Miss Tess.
The Torch containing that treasure.

A change kind also with special it.
A souvenir after a long time.
The master is also delighted at him.

All right!
It is I achievement!
It caught.
It obtains.

What is it?
This child.
How ?

It is not Tomogara.
It is free Rinne.

The pendant talked!

It did a ghost!
It does not allow.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shakugan no Shana OVA

Shakugan no Shana OVA

This talk is completely a talk of only animation.
It is the service story of an addition.

Although the place investigated by Wiki and Ogata-san are a hero .
I want to call it misfortune Ike-kun.

Be extended by bus drunkenness of going.
Gentle -- a bath -- if ... is thought .
After other boy students stop being, leave attentive ears for a woman's conversation.
He feels dizzy with a bath... (or a woman's conversation ?) .

A pillow can be thrown in a pillow throw...

In the dead of night, it is trampled by Ogata-san...

Return is bus drunkenness again.

Shana and Alastor in the bus of return .

What is learned as suburban study?

It is a conversation called conviction.

Shakugan no Shana Other goods.

Shakugan no Shana OVA 3/3

Shakugan no Shana OVA 3/3

Tanaka. Is mine eaten?

Oga-than. Had not the thing without tastes called it boast etc.?

W ... well.

Hey, since it is not a schoolchild, make it random.

Since it is always doing in such a scene, it is good.

Yes, it meets.

Always do.

Just for a moment!
I need to also be letting him join us.

It is this team division why.

It is unavoidable.

It is a handicap -- a handicap.

Yes, it meets.

Oga-chan belongs to the ballet part.

Although that I want to feel relieved.

A rule is touch like dodge ball suitably.
The way where the general was damaged previously is defeat.
Since a foul is taken severely, it means to.

Is it in a foul with a suitable rule?

Means, which goes!

OK? Ike-kun.

Those with spare time!



Hey, is it OK?
What are you doing?

It must be the defeat here if a general is damaged.

Even so, don't strain yourself too much.


Ike-kun, Ike-kun!

What is the matter?

In both, a general still remains...

I already go to sleep.


Ogata-san. Did it carry out if you please?

Anything ...

If it is right, although it is satisfactory ...

I am not doing what.

Who makes people's alcohol unsavory with the irritating sigh?

I am sorry.

Is it the direction at which the deer also of that ... was carried out, and it stayed by diving?

Being such.
The young man who came out and made alcohol unsavory.
Don't you tell a relish in talk etc. at least?

But I am even if it calls it the talk...

The reason about which it worries.


Is it love if it is called a trouble of a young man?

I... It is it why.

Now, you confessed.
Not affection but love.
Did it collide for the time being?
Many of troubles in love are cut from the feeling which has not clarified before that.
A day does not come in tomorrow.
If you want to change painful now, it is necessary to move now.
Move now is rather than waiting for tomorrow.

Thank you.

Gradually, it is my irresponsible adviser Marjory Dou.
The passing young woman was cooked suitably and trained again.

Is it satisfactory, if exact even when it is irresponsible?
A trouble is solved.
A bathroom becomes quiet and is killing two birds with one stone.


Even so, does it collide with a party very?

It is as Tanaka.

Was anything?

There is a talk.


Well and its ... or it calls it what ... the me ... now changing ... therefore ... the ... me ...

Was it in such a place?
It did not know that Oga-chan was half asleep like that.
Ike is as it is a not big injury.

That is right.

Tanaka ... That me ...

Don't care.
Since even Ike was not done purposely.
Although a few was done too much.

It does not say so and he is me...

since it says, and it says, it not cares.
It will be breakfast soon.
If it does not come early, it will eat to the part of Oga-chan.

This insensible man!

It is painful!

What is carried out!

What -- what -- !.
Any longer, it does not know!

I understand.
It is a lie -- it is a lie.
Since it leaves.

Somehow, it is a tiredness seed.

After all, was it the place which learns what as suburban study?

Self is not known.

Is it OK?
Ike. It is Hold on! just for a moment.

Open a window!


The present voice and who is it?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shakugan no Shana OVA 2/3

Shakugan no Shana OVA 2/3

Somewhere surely becomes like this.

A partition is also in it.

But now ...

Don't shout so.

Since even we are troubled.

It will be troubled if it looks into spare clothing at Oga-chan.

W...Who looks into?



Oh, Nakamura-san.

Turn came.

I will go to a bath.

It is that it is not useless and good.

A fool, you.
It is special suburban study.
Do you drop off and what do we do with it?

Well, well.

But it is to look into the woman.

Don't utter loud voice.

It is good or this is a wonderful tradition which passes to the Misaki high school.
By this suburban study, the whole of every senior looked into ladies' bath, and he became


Yes, it became large variously.

Well, well.

Just by looking into here, he is true Sei Misaki.
The true man rubbed.

But ...

That my Yoshida-chan goes into it now.

Yoshida-san ?.

It must have seen, when you also went to a pool.

Yes, they are those Pururun star people that were hidden in a veil called a uniform and

that are likely to burst usually.

Pururun star people.

However, ...

Isn't it good?
Everybody does make it like.


Our group leader understands the talk truly.

Then -- instantly .

Ike. you do not come -- allowing.

Since it is good and good.

How is it?

Is it visible?

Don't push.

Carry out early.

It is uncanny!

It is large!

It is this neighborhood surely in case of a senior's talk.

How is it?

It cannot be clearly seen with steam.

It is which.

What is it?

Is there nothing without being completely visible?

Therefore, it said!

It is impatient.

Get... !

It has been visible for a while.

Did it come too?

It is a swimming suit why?

It is not only me.

It is a swimming suit all the members!

You are dirty!

That is right and right!

Which is dirty?

Fool -- stop!

Dialog uselessness!

It is cold!

As there is tradition looked into to a boy, a woman also has the tradition which prevents

it -- things .

Correct a partition at a brisk pace and return!


There is that no.

It is entire.

Since there is neither true, inattention nor spare time.

It was good to bring a swimming suit as Ogata-san said too, although considered by no means

at first.

A man -- all -- being such -- since it rubbed.

Although it seems that the praiseworthy person who did not look into was also.

However, although it is a special bath, now, it is not so pleasant.

So is it.


Since Tanaka and others probably also learned by experience, does it remove and enter?


But Yoshida-san has a large true breast.

Despite the appearance does it say? Does it say as appearance?

It is disagreeable -- without it sees so much.

It is good.

Since the thing of Kazumi is wholly enviable.

I also need to make it touch.

Also me ...

Also me ...

Also me.

It is soft!

By the way, the boy who is aiming at someone for all -- is it?

What -- Kimiko.


It is suburban study -- a thing.
Are such talks time-tested products?

Then, it is from Kazumi.

I... I am ... independently.

But it is disclosed and disclosed.

It is a thing to ask very much personally from Ms. Kazumi Yoshida's mouth.

Come to stop.
Such a thing -- if you do not want to say -- saying -- it is not .

Oga-chan. It is bad with a stake!

Then, whom is Hirai-san aiming at?

Oh! It is also worried!

Teach and teach.

Aiming is... To an exception ... It is although it will shoot and ruin also by whom if

mischief is done.

As for it, if it is a poor type, anyone is things as OK.

It is order per Hirai-san and hand.

It is that it is unexpected and that it is a defect lover.

It is sly!


Ike. Doesn't it come out any longer?

Quiet .

It goes into hot water so much, and even if he feels dizzy, it does not know.
It comes out previously.


What is the matter?

Just for a moment.

Sato and Tanaka?

Although it seems that they went out somewhere.


Now ... Sato was looking at the guidebook there.

Husband-and-wife cape. Spot of the mystery which love accomplishes.
The tradition of a husband-and-wife cape -- when two men and women are handed down to the

folktale as a place which checks and promises the love mutually before a full moon and

promise more a full moon in ancient times, it is said that the love becomes an eternal



Famous also for being the appearance spot of a mirage in the talk of those who can command

a whole view of the inside of the bay in the place where the entrance to a path through a

wood is located [ at ] in the place which went up the hill from the harbor to the lower

part side, and half a sum walked along that, and take a local relish.
The stand of the stone which promises a husband-and-wife cape and is called a place is

installed, and it is said that love accomplishes if the language of an oath is cried for in

a big voice on this stand.

Don't do.

Just you.

B... By no means ... Those two persons ...

It is the beautiful sea.


Doesn't it call as my thing and Keisaku?

Is it good?


Ke... Keisaku.

Eita ...

No, !!

What is it doing?


One bad also in condition?

No, it is OK.
Energy, energy.

I'm sorry, please take soy sauce, Yoshida-san.

With this vinegared dish .
It is useless.

Give me.



Thank you.

Shakugan no Shana OVA 1/3

Shakugan no Ahana OVA 1/3

Suburban study of love and a hot spring!

The brother of Aizen shoots it to Shana and it is ruined.
And while until Kamsing comes it is only small.
It was the occurrence which refrained from the summer vacation close at hand.

Oga-chan. It does not call and end such at the time.
I ... like Oga-chan!
This is love!
That is, love.
When to write becoming, I will start with the right clean association on the assumption that marriage.


In then, the beginning ...
It said.

I understand.
It understands, and although cooked, it is necessary to see no such dreams on such a day.

Were there any persons of both?

To an exception .

Sakai-kun needs to care about nothing.


However, it is dull.

It is unavoidable to come to such a long distance and to see a temple and a shrine.

Don't say so.

And face does not look to advantage.

Since it played truant when you are group arrangements, I asked and I had you put into Ike-kun place.

Understanding is.

Is it kicked whether it is troublesome? Oga-chan.

If it まぁ and understands, although it is good.

How is it?

Does it eat?

What is this?

It ...


You are quiet much. Did it carry out if you please?

Wish... Don't apply language...


It can wait and is Ike!
Where are a bag and a bag?

It is... in the pocket on a seat surely...

Don't drop!

although it is inspection for every group generally -- a group leader -- bus drunkenness -- a down -- do whereabouts?

It quite had an advanced disease.

It is the way which could come for that to be sufficient.

It was blue only by seeing a bus a long time ago.

I also regard it as how it is...

This is the high recommendation sightseeing spot of an inner shrine.

Sato. How is it?

It was wide opened from the bus at last, and the body could not obtain but was just going to carry out .

Many things are said and it completely frolics.

Has it carried out?
Although it is reputation as surely being connected when it is called the stone steps of this matchmaking and reaches by two persons ...


Sakai-kun. We also need to reach.

Just for a moment, how many victory hand is decided on?

It is not related to Yukari-chan.

It is!

Just for a moment ...

Lift the hand of yours and Yuji!

Just Yukari-chan should just detach!

That... just for a moment ... two persons!

When reached with three men and women, did you hand down that relations go sour and introduce perfectly?

The intention of reaching such a place and doing what by you two men.

It was simultaneous arrival.

It was a good match.

I will return soon.

Oga-chan. If not early, a bus will carry out.

Yoshida-san. OK.


Don't pull so much.

My rival was you somehow.

Isn't it a charter?

I am sorry.
Although I refused as since one visitor comes in fact on this daytime and it is a charter, it is a basis why...

It is anywhere.

Such a selfish fellow.

It was troubled.

Do you say?


It understands.

However, unless it moves from the other side, it does not care.

It is for the, and is peevish and the way of assignment of rooms is changed a little.

Even so, ... only an inner group becomes the man-and-woman same room why -- boil.

It is unavoidable.

Somewhere is surely ... like this.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last)

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last)

It is told from Enomoto that the last decisive battle is the three-day back, and Asaba

comes back to a house.

And Asaba in which the clock is held in bedding.

It is reported by news that war ended when it passes over 0:00 at midnight.

Enomoto says.
Skirmish-war of a fellow creature .
It is said that they are both of war with an alien.

Probably, war which was told by news and which ended said the thing of war of the fellow

creature on the earth.

Words of the mother of Asaba .
Something is like a curse video.

This language of me was impressive.

And Asaba goes to school.
Probably it is long late and ... is conjectured.
If the door of a classroom is opened, the teacher has already talked.

Asaba says there.
Unworthy, Naoyuki Asaba I have returned.

These words.
Can these words be told present-day junior and senior high school students?

However it may see, it is although the attack soldier was specially told to die for a

country in the Second World War.
He is me who return with the mischief of fate and imagine a lack in the place of the body.

It was helpful for experience of Mr. Asaba and you growing up you.
He is me who want to come to say so.

However, Asaba goes out again at the request from a self-defense army.
While it probably turns out that it is Ilya's thing .
The last decisive battle of future is completely not knowing.

And the letter from Ms. Shiina.
The portion which was indefinite until now becomes clear in the contents of the letter.
I think that it is a thing too much heavy as recollections of and summer.

Much animation is seen.
The beginning to this animation is a fabrication...
There is much what is absolutely regarded as impossible with it being realistic (the

present science).
Only this work is about whether it is a fabrication truly...
Even if it understands, possibly it is ? truly.
I may think that I am such.

And it is also about depiction of war.
Crash sudden in a town with a base, a blasting accident.
And war generating.

War which I imagine was the work which is different fairly.
A situation is hardly told to us for reasons of news censorship.
Though called danger in war, it is living ordinarily.
However, it is in the place which we do not know.
Preparations of war are made and it is war outbreak.

The classmates of Asaba (many people) .
Although it is called war, prices go up and movement becomes inconvenient.
But it is living, without changing anything.

Which probably has feelings called war?

There are also those who are crawling on and fighting the body like Ilya on the other hand.
It is the place that nobody knows...
If this is just actual?
I will think so.

When the present situation is seen .
The price of oil rises and many things raise the price along with it.
It is the same as a price increase because there are few contents even if it calls it price

Butter disappears from a shop front till the other day.
It is explained that it is for the flow of a thing to have changed by development of the

China economy.

However, fighting is held in the place which we do not know.
It is not reported at all.
If many resources are invested there ...

Asaba must have finished war...
Words of Enomoto when saying.
Who said so?
Asaba is got to know by the news of television.
Supposing it is the thing with which the news were made ...

That which Enomoto wanted to say (the author wanted to say) .
It is see actual essence by your eye, without being confused by news.
I feel it such.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu Other goods.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 4/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 4/4

In school, Ms. Kurobe of health who was resting from June returned, and all three public telephones that failure had became new.

And Akiho ...

I should also have the right to know!

Does Sonohara also become lonely if a base is reduced?



Mr. Naoyuki Asaba.
Although it is a shameful talk, I have almost no experience which wrote a thing called a letter.
However, I regarded only this letter as if it never writes and a true thing is not written.
Therefore, an envelope is not signed, either.

My true name is because there is nothing for Mayumi Shiina.

It is that I was ordered to perform the participation to the Roswell plan at the beginning of last year.
Only two persons, Iriya Kana and Erica Puraudfoot, survived, but the pilot of Black Manta in the time had become a problem with the serious fall of the battle volition of two persons.
Having connected and lodged them in the last-minute place fighting seemed to be only one point of protecting a friend.
It was that the only reason has been lost at last in August, last year.
A reckless run was suddenly begun in the middle of the return from the patrol duty of the Black Manta of Erica.
And only Iriya which had sortied together was in the ability to perform stopping Erica which it continues accelerating.
Iriya which received the shooting-down command pursued Erica accelerated rapidly, and was carrying out the earth also 4 round.
Though communication record in the meantime does not remain and being remained, I do not have the courage which hears it.
Then, although Iriya lapsed into the state where a kind of itself was shut and recovery was seen once, the big sequela remained.

One is lack of memory.
There was she in the head of Iriya, after already getting the story of not having sortied on that day.
Another is that Iriya came to witness the ghost of Erica.

The subject of top priority we for was recovery of the motivation of Iriya.
Give the thing which should be protected to Iriya.
It was our work.

However, August 31.
Iriya Kana escapes from the Sonohara base.
You were encountered to the pool of the Sonohara junior high school.

It is late.

About Iriya from it, you may be more detailed.

Slightly, OK.

Our activity was called little dog strategy among the staff who knows the situation.
Of course, a little dog is you.
It is this whole world including you.



Before this, it is pardon.
Or saying that it is sly, since it is the wind which stops being in the ability having become good Iriya and relations with much trouble suddenly, and Asaba has all held alone ... Or saying that it is lonely ...

That ...

I hear nothing. True.
It is after feeling inclined for Asaba to talk.
Well since it waits.

Do you have a grudge against Enomoto?

However, when carrying out soon and considering, wasn't the rightness of only only one person and he giving a little dog to Iriya believed to the last?

If it is now, I also understand Enomoto's feeling.
Of course, it was for all making Iriya sortie at the last decisive battle.
He does not plan to deny it.

The manager is also late!

What were you really doing where?

Is it angry about what?
So much.

Do you think that it waited as だ for how many hours?

However, Iriya Kana which has therefore been useful as a pilot of Black Manta can never be considered that it becomes the last last and the thing which saw by the eye, heard with the ear, and was felt with the skin becomes a charlatan by the sinfulness of a motive which gave it.


What is it? Asaba special correspondent.

I am the design of mystery circle, although thought...

The design of mystery circle.

It is what it is or ?

By the schedule which makes mystery circle from a joke plan today .
Good-bye -- the U.S. Forces and good-bye -- a phantom fighter.
Is the manager of the mystery of the mystery circle which looks down on the Sonohara base the first person to bring it up?

Mystery circle?
Phantom fighter?
It is behind!

I do.
Even one person.

Doing is.
Or the meaning of making mystery circle ?


One person also serves and it is ?.


It surely serves and is ?.


Before making it like.


Since Asaba is.
It is believed that it was enough for Kana-chan.

And I make summer finish.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 3/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 3/4

Iriya !
Iriya !
Iriyaya !
Iriya ... Iriya.
Does it understand?
I am whom?



Why is Asaba here?
Why ... Why didn't it return until now?
Why ... Has it carried out by placing me?
Has it already become disagreeable in my thing etc.?
To ... Has it carried out? a tendency ... It is since it became... It is since it became disagreeable... I am deserted.
It is pitch-black night... Really pitch-black ... It was fearful.
Was dreadful... He thought that it returned... It had been waiting all the time...
It is ... I consider... dark... It is fearful... Asaba is not already my thing... It is to become disagreeable.
It is fearful... It is hard... It becomes pitch-black rapidly... Pitch-black ...

I'm sorry for saying a severe thing.
It was not earnest.
Do nothing to Iriya -- there is nothing -- being mortifying . He gets angry for himself and it becomes unavoidable...
Such a thing -- it has said.
However, ... in fact ...

If it thought that I persuaded, it needs unluckily!
It is not made Iriya in a sortie etc.!

Asa... ba...

The Iriya is not made to die absolutely.
If it is for the Iriya to be useful, human beings should just also be ruined anything!

I like the thing of the Iriya.
I liked the thing of the Iriya much.
Only the things of the Iriya were considered every day and every day.
The day when the Iriya does not come to a school was looking at only the desks in which the Iriya is not.
The day which came to the school comes out so much and had the fortunate Iriya.
From the day which was the pool of night for the first time... much ... up to today... much ... I liked the thing of the Iriya.
I like it from now on.
Asaba Naoyuki likes Iriya Kana thing!

Asaba was understood at last.
Therefore, it is already good.


I do not know in other persons etc., either.
It does not know, even if it dies wholly.
I also protect only Asaba.
I also fight only for Asaba and die only for Asaba.
Also me ... It is good only in Asaba.

Iriya !

High recommendation of the last back, labor.
I did not think that I went so well, either.
You will be able to get a decoration from all over the world.
Although various middles were thats, you carried out wonderful work to the last last.

Thank you. And good-bye.
Asaba Naoyuki kun

Completely ... You are the guy who is not decided to the last.
Wasn't the world ruined?
Me ... I am if it is finally killed by you... Then, it was good...

And ... the manager came back.

It cannot remember... Anything can not be remembered!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 2/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 2/4

Does it occur and shine?


War ended.

The press conference by a self-defense army starts soon.
It repeats.

It is agreement to end hostilities at last.

The government Chief Cabinet Secretary is as having agreed on the cease-fire like the point...

Thorough discussion!

The meaning of next great war is asked now!

Since it is such a thing ... It is since it is such a thing...

The image has arrived from every place.

It is like a curse video.

Will it become an ordinary lesson from tomorrow?
I am sleepy ... I also get and go to sleep.

Good night.

Exact management is performed to each and it succeeds in base ascendancy of reactionary forces at last.
Restoration of the order by the minimum sacrifice was able to be gained.

The minimum sacrifice ...

School-grounds going slowly.

Therefore, it is although it is usually having a class from today...

Unworthy and Naoyuki Asaba have returned, though it is shameful.
I felt sorry having made you trouble.

Asaba ...
Don't cause parents anxiety too much.


It is Asaba. By the way, are only you summer clothes?

You run away from home. you -- are you true earnestly?
Sudo telephoned and was very worried.

It is not disappearance from home.
It became school spare time and a thing like a penniless journey was done.



Did you fail in love with the Iriya?

It takes... Don't cry.
E... Even if I am bad ... Asaba ... It takes and is !.

Asaba Naoyuki-kun of 2-4. It is what the ... He has a call coming in now.
From the helicopter of a self-defense army.
It is what -- are they you ...?
Is it what?
It takes... Stop!

It is Hagiyama of four land self-defense army information warfare.
Asaba Naoyuki-kun of 2-4 and the attendance number of No. 1.
Your cooperation is surely needed per state of emergency.
Now, welcoming goes there.

Asaba ...

I carry out.

Come back absolutely and be!

Ride early!
A thing without time!

Y, yes.

I am point Eri Saka!
How do you do, is it ...?
They are illness, an injury, and ? carried out at the time of a school festival.
Is flying in the sky first as for you?

T... That's right.

It is easier absolutely to have fallen asleep, even if it strained itself if it was right.
Since there is a hypnotic.

Does it go to a distance so much?

Estimated time of arrival is at least 6 hours after.
The destination is still secret.

There ...
To the destination ... Is the Iriya ?


That ...

An aircraft carrier, Ticonderoga.

It comes and is bad to a distant place.

It seems that it was serious.

Old difficulty is light when compared with the difficulty of what and future.

That ...

The Iriya refused the sortie.
It was suggested that it was disagreeable to become this last moment and to already fight.
We cannot do what, either.
There is possibility of the worst and suicide.

It ... Why ?
If war has already ended?

Whom did it ask?
Such a talk.

It is television...

Iriya ?
Where is the Iriya?

Therefore, it has shown around now.
Iriya. Asaba came.
Hey, doesn't what is not got blocked stop and talk to me and you only by three persons of Asaba?

The safety of honesty and the body cannot be secured.
I think that it protects and it cannot be done even if it has an emergency thing, when it goes to the other side completely, although the best renders.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 1/4

Nao-chan. Since a bath is ready immediately, remove the shirt first.
You will catch cold, if it does not carry out early to follow.
Since I carry the young woman here to the drawing room.

Change your clothes early and come here.
Since tea is made.
Since he telephoned suddenly, it has already been surprised.

Hi! It was late.

Was anything as tomorrow?

Isn't it a going-to-school day?

Elder brother?

Were you hungry?

Mother. What is Naoyuki doing?

It is as usual.
After coming back, the room has almost been filled.
Father. Did you talk with Naoyuki?

Is already it three days?

It is three days after.

What it?

They are green ramen noodles.
It is entering chlorella.
This world is filled to wonder.

If it can come in the back and eats, feces will become green the next day.

It is nice. Do ...?

It is ordinarily nice.

Well, it is ordinarily nice.


Where is the Iriya now?

It has kicked off in the van stopped in front of the house.
It was often alive till that fellow and today.

Oh! If it is right, it is early more why?!

The truth is taught.
There was no I not in the intention of looking for your thing seriously etc.

What kind of meaning is it?

The passage of language -- a meaning .
If the time when the Iriya was left behind could be spent only by two persons with you and human beings perished in the end, I thought whether it would also be good.
However, you have telephoned the grandfather.
Think that this will already be things as surrender.
Therefore, he picked up.

It is different!
Who does in surrender etc.?
It rests just for a moment, and money is borrowed, and it is ...

It is what -- you?
If it is right, isn't it the case where it has eaten in ramen noodles etc.?

I am Enomoto.
From now on, a little dog will go there.
The purpose is recapture of Alice.
All the members stand by on that spot.
Don't dabble in a little dog by any means.
All the measures against Alice are stops.

Just for a moment ...

Go a big talk and early.
It does for 30 minutes.
If 30 minute passes, shortly, it will be earnest and will run after you.

I am Enomoto.
Directions a while ago are withdrawn.

However, it is as directions a while ago here...
It is a joke.

I want to know.
It is true... Things ...

Why are always you so?
For example.
The earth has received invasion of UFO, and if the Iriya is defeated in the last for which it is already pressing close by the only pilot of fighter plane who can oppose it fighting, human beings will perish.

If I say so, do you believe it?
Also it ... How is such ?

It is the talk here. It is war of a very natural fellow creature which the Iriya is

First of all, the gravity control by which the cause of war was invented from the strange thing -- an organization .
ESP of a certain kind is required to drive that fellow, and it can control only to the child who performed processing special to a nervous system.

The nonsense of UFO so and so is an expedient for convincing him of brats.
One have not killed man.
His enemy is the alien which came to invade the earth.
If it says -- a game -- like.
The game which will die truly if shot down.
The Iriya was believed so, shot down dozens of more pilots of the same enemy as itself, and has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians of the enemy country.

If I say so, do you believe it?

It believes.

Why ?
Why can you say so definitely?

Me ... It is since your thing is not a tendency.

They are both.
He is an alien when it says from an outline.
But, it is also a fact that foolish human beings were reaching and quarreling among themselves at the term of this.

Why ?

The pilot has already survived only the Iriya.
If the Iriya loses at the last fighting ... We are ruined.

It will cool down, if it does not eat early.

When is it that the last fights?

It is three days after.

Three days after ...

It is OK.
That nothing is worried does not have you.
I go to hell.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5

Four volumes of the original version, and "summer vacation again" and "the last way" is contained.

Touch with expressionless Ilya very much sufficient here.
Since it is released from work of a base even when it is temporary.

I will think that I am such.

In the talk so far, extensive ingestion of Ilya is carried out in medicine during standby, and a nosebleed is taken out with the side effects...
Although there were words of Shiina who impresses it, in such meaning, an intense fit is not started in five talks, either, but it is touch called a momentary rest.

However, it does not continue for a long time, either...

He is an invader while Asaba has gone to the convenience store.

By animation, Ilya becomes that violence used by the invader...
Although the talk progresses by the touch to say, with the original version, it becomes the deployment which is different for a while.

Although it is me of original support in usual, only this portion likes the animation version.

Because, although Ilya thinks that the heart is allowed in Asaba, she is usually quite cautious.
Considering it, the way of story deployment of the animation version feels it natural.

Becoming that violence is likely to be used by the invader, Ilya claims that there was nothing eager.
It is not known how Asaba should correspond.
Asaba is served as if there was what no.

Ilya is one year older from Asaba in practice, although it does not come out in animation.
She of saying is junior high school three years.
Asaba is junior high school two years.

It is premature and a girl is Asaba indifferent to such problems.
If I wanted Asaba for Ilya to hear the talk perfectly in fact.
But it is impossible to ask Asaba for it.
Asaba will say the greatest language which wounds Ilya on the track of night.

And Ilya's heart breaks.

The fault on account of youth.

However, it is not tidied up at the word.

As long as subsequent Asaba is seen, .
You often did your best in you.

I want to say so to him.

And a grandma's house is telephoned...
I think that a certain meaning was good also as for this.

Since there are also many impossible things by the age of Asaba-kun and you ...

Now, it is the last talk still more.
Although it becomes the talk about which it is told by Enomoto here ...

Individually, I have named the escape journey to these five talks.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu Other goods.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 4/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 4/4

Why do you do to there?
Her hair is why pure white?
He is you and really whom.

It cannot say.

Why ?

Since it may be troubled when it says.

I understand.

Only one is taught.
Since it is pardon that the by-blow which is not needed comes.
Instead, it is since it does not know here whatever you may have henceforth.

It is said that I do not know, either.
Even if tortured.

Then, it tests.
Which can you bear?
Does it begin?

Y, yes.

Do you like her thing?

No. 1 of a troop train runs still more tonight.
The station here will be a passage schedule at 1:32 a.m.

It came.

It is computer control at uninhabited.
Or that a train can be slowed down to the extent that it can run and jump in, if the stop signal of a crossing can be taken out well.

It is early more!
Close an eye and run!
It is 1, 2, and 3!

1 2...3!


Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 3/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 3/4

I will go a big talk and early.

Green Light.
What is an orange pekoe?

It is closed for convenience' sake.
Doze storekeeper.

It was called an orange pekoe and strawberry parfait.

Probably, I think that there is tea of such a name...
Iriya. I am whom.

If it covers and a report is written, it will get used at least to Asaba.

Birdie Spike.

Iriya ... a big talk -- since it is dangerous, it comes down -- a way .

Can Sakisaka carry out a mimemime?
Shiina taught how to dance.
Practice was also carried out a lot.
Practice which carries out a mimemime to Asaba for a fire storm.
Does Sakisaka know the fire storm?

Iriya. It is what month what today.
Doesn't it understand?

It understands.
It is September 21 today.
It will be the day of a school festival tomorrow.
It is the day of a fire storm the day after tomorrow.
Enomoto said that he made a sortie nothing on that day.
Can Sakisaka carry out a mimemime?


Go there.
It is noisy.

Iriya. I am whom?

I thought that someone was coming to watch at any rate.
What business.

What day is it today?
Sunday of the beginning of the 2nd term.
You waited for Asaba. Did you carry out in 10:00?
Since it still takes out ago 7:00 and a movie is 10:30 ...

Therefore, ?

However it may wait, Asaba does not come!
It comes!
He made a promise.
Go there!

I'm sorry, did it wait?
I am whom?



Don't touch!
Go there.

The young man there.
that ...
You were regarded as it being that others interfere, and were seen. However, she is already a limit.
What has not really happened to what -- do thing?
Is not she waiting for you?

It is different.
Iriya is waiting for Asaba.

If it is right, take a fellow here immediately now as the Asaba.
Why ?

It is uncanny... It is since it is in a distant place.

Already !.

Then -- a telephone -- a telephone.
She must also be convinced if the direct talk is carried out.

what ?
What did it do suddenly?
Iriya is telephoned.

Wait just for a moment.
Do you telephone and what does it do?

Asaba is me.

It was asked pass you this from Asaba-kun.


Iriya ... I am whom?

It understands in voice.

The ... late -- becoming -- pardon.
Although I telephoned earlier.

Also me ... Place to which I also came now.
Where is Asaba now?

It is in a slightly distant place.
From that ... There are various things from that... There are various things truly and it does not return there yet.
Therefore, ... I am cannot go to the movie together with Iriya today.

I understand.

It is pardon truly.
All the time, it had been waiting.

It is good.
Will it come to a school Asaba and tomorrow?


Then, I also go.
Then, he will be a school tomorrow again.
Thank you.
He telephoned.
Although it was Sunday, it talked with Asaba.
Waiting, it was good.
Iriya !

You may stay here today.
However, if it becomes by the end of tomorrow, you will be projected for the police.
I think that it is the best.

A... and that ... this is not left immediately after the day breaks.
Trouble is not made to you.
If you like, it goes away immediately now.
Therefore, ...

The intention of going to where.

Relative's grandmother's house.


It is a place as southern Sonokizawa all the time from here.
A beach is located in near.

What does it do just for a moment?
A terminal point the it is the point again.

When getting off a train, it is a bus from there.

That bus is today and, finally is.
Passenger operation usual with yesterday also in a train is in the end.
Now, has he forgotten things even during war?
An inner route is stopped by the self-defense army.
There is also regulation of fuel.
The reason carried out to there why?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 2/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 2/4

In death, he is you.

Nothing is done.
True ... only having been embraced and pushed down.

Oh! It was surprised.
It is as stripes early about it.
I... Is it made boiled rice?

What is the matter?

I went to the convenience store.
When doing so, the price was all raised from instant noodles to toothbrushing powder.
It is severe.

I... It will be made half of me.
Pardon and I are bad.
Since it did not say perfectly.

T... Then, since it is mortifying, it browses...
And he buys it with the canned food of a cat, and a razor, and, therefore, it is ...

Nothing is done.

Therefore, ...

He plans to kill and it stabbed.


It is not the case where such a thing is said!
You have to escape early.

It is disagreeable.
A principal also takes.
A principal also goes together.
To one clue ... It goes.

I understand.
Since I take a principal.
Escape previously!
Since I also go later.
Escape early!
Since a principal is surely taken.

Asa ...

Go early!

Nothing is done.
Nothing no is done!

It is good anyhow.
It is such a thing how!
It is not related to me.
Repeatedly, it is gloomy!
Be anxious here and also use physical strength.
It is already disgusting!
Don't follow!
Never show the face!

I am plans to kill and it stabbed...

Return to a base alone.
Wipe at least a nosebleed by yourself!

It said too much just for a moment.
It will go early.
Is it inside vacant?
I will eat some, if the next town is reached.


It does not go.
It is waiting.

The man of a base?

It is waiting for Asaba.

Having said too much -- since I was bad.
Therefore, ...

I am waiting for Asaba.


Iriya. I am whom?

Does it go?

Asaba is not.
I am waiting until Asaba comes.

It is if it is Asaba... It was said that it was waiting at the bridge of this point.
I will go a big talk and early.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 1/4

The last way.

Was it safe?
It has returned too.

Secret base.

Emergency school holiday.
Narimasu elementary school.

I thought that I would go south although a great reason cannot be found.
Distance was intently earned for two days of the beginning, and it looked for the bed.
Money is not applied.
It can perform keeping off rain.
And yet the safe place which is not attached to the public notice.

The head is light.
The back is hot.

Is it pleasing?


May this cat be kept?

That ...

Since he takes care of it perfectly.

You have to think before the name of a cat.

It is as yes... Principal.

Why ?

A pattern like a mustache is under a mouth.

Its thing used how?

Cutting operation.
Structure which an electrode will separate, and a circuit will be cut and will be automatically dialed if an enemy opens a door.
When making and devising how many, the enemy entered from where by the difference in an arrival-of-the-mail number -- it understands a thing.

Asaba. Is it there?

It is.

Asaba. Is it?

It is.

Asaba. It comes out.

Money, OK ?

Well ... If it is here, it does not cut in fuel and light prices.
One's secret base.
I thought that I was matchless.

Such a thing was heard long ago.

Is it the ghost of the Narimasu smallness?

It is what.
Did it know?

Are you a fellow as the woman with the white hair of hair has been standing on the roof?

That which the way which the police was told says once.

Impossible unreasonableness. Even if useless.

By this trend of the times ...

Narimasu smallness.

It is including tax of 740 yen.

I... I am sorry.


It is what -- isn't there any leg perfectly?
It was asked from Asaba-kun.
It is bring this bag.


It is not a lie.
Even if true.

Since it is a secret base.
A possibility of saying to someone does not have Asaba!