Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 3

Mostly, it is as an original.
But Mr. Marjorie already comes out in the way of the end.

Since it is after pushing down Huriagune in an original, they are two volumes.
In an original, one volume is only confrontation with Huriagune. Other Hureimu-heizu does

not appear yet.

As me ...
Since animation and an original can be enjoyed as it is, I am both likes.

Shakugan no Shana 3 3/3

It is said that Syana corrects the broken place.
In order for Syana to correct, it is said that the power of existence is required.
Therefore, it is said that Syana uses Ike.
Yuuji opposes.

It is convinced also to Syana and Yuuji by using the power of the existence of Yuuji.
However, the day when Yuuji disappears will be rash in saying that the power of the

existence of Yuuji is used.

Syana is irritated to the act of Yuuji.
Syana says the thing of Yuuji as a disagreeable fellow.

Syana is on the roof of the house of Yuuji.
Yuuji brings coffee there.
One notices Syana and Arasutooru changing the light of Yuuji then.

Another Hureimu-heizu and another Tomogara come there.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 3 2/3

Avoiding a lunch break, Yuuji, and Syana, classmates went away from the classroom.
Yuuji is eating the lunch purchased alone in the classroom.
Syana is eating melon bread on the roof.

In the staff room, the thing of Hirai-Yukari has become the center of attention among teachers.

A lesson finishes and Yoshida-Kazumi speaks to Hirai-Yukari.
however, ... Syana will be told that it is noisy.

And an enemy stretches Huuzethu and a card dances the air.
Sakai-Yuuji looks at that Ike is injured, and is shocked.
An enemy is the same Rinne as the other day.
And the Lord of Rinne comes.

It understands Sakai-Yuuji to be Guze-no-Tomogara.
An enemy declares himself "a hunter and Huriagune" in his name.
Arasutouru calls an enemy's thing "what kills Hureimuheizu." .
It is said that Huriagune dislikes the way of calling.
He answers that he acts as a hunter, in order to collect precious articles.

Huriagune provokes Syana.
Syana which becomes that it is likely to ride on provocation.
However, Huriagune is interested in Mistesu.
He will say that he cannot achieve the original purpose, if Mistesu is destroyed, and he goes away, without fighting.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 3 1/3

Touch and Hureimu-heizu

Yuuji gave the name of Syana to the girl of Hureimu-heizu.
It was resistance of when or disappearing Yuuji as hard as possible.

When Yuuji went to school, Syana was in the classroom.
Syana was there as Hirai-Yukari.
Classmates felt nothing wonderful but recognize the thing of Syana as Hirai-Yukari.
Yuuji cannot be understood.
It is said that Syana changed itselves to existence of Hirai-Yukari.

Yuuji thinks.
Hirai-san disappeared. It is not that Syana carried out.
Yuuji was not still able to be put up with.

Under English session.
Syana takes out neither a textbook nor a note.
A teacher is careful.
However, Syana points out the defect of how to teach a teacher's mistake.

And three more teachers became the victim of Syana.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 2

This was as the original mostly.
A time setup has shifted somewhat.

But the portion about Hirai-san is a portion which is not in an original completely.
I think that it is easy to understand about a torch unclear only by reading an original.

Shakugan no Shana 2 3/3

Yuuji notices that Hirai-san is not in.
Yuuji asks the thing of Hirai-san to Ike.
However, Ike is indifferent.
It is said that Yuuji of Ike is strange.

Yuuji worries that Hirai-san disappeared.
Yuuji finds that Hirai-san of is in a dry river bed.
He feels easy that Hirai-san is.
It is said that Hirai-san likes this scene.
It is said that Yuuji will come together with [ tomorrow ] Ike.

And ...

Hirai-san blazes up and disappears.
Yuuji will be anew realized, if this is Touch.
However, the conviction of Yuuji is impossible.
Hirai-san was here.

A girl says.
You are free Touch.
I am still Sakai-Yuuji.
Even you.
I am free Hureimu-heizu.
I am the same as a certain meaning and Touch.
Yuuji is called free ... and gets angry.

Yuuji is asked to a girl.
Teach your name.
There is no name.
When distinguishing from other Hureimu-heizu, it is called Hureimu-heizu of Nietonono-syana.
It is a name of Oodatch which a girl has.

You are Syana.
From now on, I call so.
You are not free Hureimu-heizu any longer.
I am also free Touch.
I am Sakai-Yuuji.
I gave her name.

Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-syakugan (the hair which burns, and red eye) was set to Syana from that day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 2 2/3

Yuuji wished yesterday's thing I want you to be a dream.
However, the light of a breast is seen, and if it is not a dream, it will feel actually.

It goes to eat breakfast and a mother's breast is seen.
Getting to know, if a mother is not Touch, Yuuji feels easy.

When it comes out of a house, there is yesterday's girl.
Why are you here?
A girl answers.
It is earlier to watch [ rather than ] you in search of Guze-no-Tomogara.
Yuuji asks a girl Mistesu in various way.
Touch which puts in with Mistesu the precious article which Guze-no-Tomogara made, and power.
If Touch is burned out, an inner precious article will be transferred.
An enemy says that he will probably aim before Yuuji is burned out.

Hirai-san comes.
Yuuji is surprised that the light of Hirai-san is small.
She says that she will disappear in one more day.
Yuuji is not accepted.
Although Yuuji speaks to Hirai-san, it completely differs from yesterday's her.
Yuuji is shocked.

Although he takes the post of school, nobody notices Hirai-san existence.
Hirai-san is not seen.

However, it is said that Yuuji will go by three persons to the station front with the return Ike of a school and Hirai-san.
And a photograph is taken by three persons.

Yuuji is called for a girl.
Since you are a lure, don't move about freely!

Something tells Ike Hirai-san.
However, Ike does not hear her voice.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 2 1/3

A lighted flame.

Sakai-Yuuji is told dead.
The name of a monster is Rinne.
It lets Yuuji from a girl hear about the thing of Guze-no-Tomogara.
Rinne collects existence of man and Tomogara eats.
A girl says that this occurrence is naturally coming all over the world.
It is said that true Yuuji is the already consumed leftovers.
It is told to that it disappears since the light of Yuuji is still bright that there is time.

Conviction is impossible for the girl having been told Yuuji.
Yuuji says.
If there is he here.
You also have to know the talk of Guze.

A girl says.
Since Huuzetu is stretched, people are not told.
Huuzetu is like the wall of fire.
Huuzetu is the space in a wall.
It is temporarily separated from the flow in the world etc. there.
Then, what happened or it is not told.

Tomogara eats existence rather than eats man itself.
Since the eaten human being has existence eaten, it does not mean being.
The remains of meal poor do not remain.

A girl says.
If it is you, that small Touch must be seen.
The Touch had the very small light of a breast.
And it blazed up and disappeared at hand.
However, nobody notices a surrounding man.

Yuuji is surprised.
Nobody notices that people disappeared at hand.
A girl calls it the purpose on which it puts Touch.
If existence disappears, since the world will be distorted, if Touch is placed as shock absorbing material.

An understanding of Yuuji is impossible yet.
The pendant of a girl's breast says.
For example, if the place along which you are walking is erased now, you will fall and will be shocked.
However, there is almost no shock will be shocked if the ground is changed to ice and melted little by little.
The ice should just think Touch.
Influence is the minimum, when Touch recognizes existence small little by little and it disappears.

Even if it turns out that Yuuji has said, it cannot accept the fact.
Fact that he is dead.

Yuuji is asked to a girl.
What are you?
Are you man?

A girl answers.
I am Hureimu-Heizu.
Those who hunt up, subjugate and erase Guze-no-Tomogara which consumes existence.
It is deception even if it places Touch.
The fact of the crisis in the world by overhunting of existence does not change.

Shakugan no Shana 1

The animation version and Syana were as the original mostly.
When merely compared with a novel, the appearance of Yuuji school is written somewhat in detail.
The portion which was not well found with a novel is detailed by animation.
Since a novel must express all in written form, the expression is interesting.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 1 3/3

Sakai-Yuuji speaks to Hirai-Yukari-san.

However, Hirai-Yukari-san is not heard.

Hirai-Yukari-san is left as it is.

If Sakai-Yuuji shines blue in people's body, it will look at fire.

A boy blazes up and disappears in the face of Yuuji.

A surrounding man does not notice.

A girl with red hair and a pupil is asked about Yuuji.

A girl's hair and pupil are already black.

A girl says that the thing of Yuuji is noisy.

And the thing of Yuuji is referred to as [ this ] whether to erase.

However, it is stopped by Arasutooru.

Dissatisfaction is memorized for Yuuji to have been treated considering itself as a thing.

Truth is told to Yuuji from a girl's mouth.

Say that it is not a man but a thing.

People's substitute placed since existence was consumed by Tomogara of Guze.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 1 2/3

Sakai-Yuuji carries out Hirai-Yukari-san and the talk at CD shop.

Seemingly, Hirai-san is interested in Ike-Hayato-kun which is the friend of Yuuji.

Two persons came out of CD shop.

And ...

An accident starts.

A strange pattern shines in the ground.

The world where time stopped.

Sakai-Yuuji is said to a monster as Mistesu.

Those who have a treasure and a tool with special Mistesu in the body.

The strange world is called Huuzethu.

The red eye which appears there, and a girl with hair.

Girls are those who are called Hureimuheizu.

Girls are those who contracted with Tenjyou-no-gouka (those who manage the flame of this world), and Arasutooru.

Those who contracted with Tenjyou-no-gouka have Enpathu-syakugan (the hair of a flame, and red eye).

A monster says the thing of Hureimuheizu as Toumetu-no-dougu (ruined tool).

A monster is thrown away, leaves words and escapes.

A girl repairs people and a thing. Set nothing and there was nothing.

And it returns to an ordinary scene.

It is surprised that Sakai-yuuji does not change a surrounding man to usual.

Shakugan no Shana 1 1/3

All the ends. One beginning.

Sakai-Yuuji was living a very ordinary high school life.

The days not changing must have continued in the same morning as usual.

Then, the heterogeneous world which Sakai-Yuuji will look at.

And encounter with a girl with a red pupil and hair.

The world of Yuuji separated on that day.

Yuuji visits CD shop on the way from a school.

Then, Hirai-Yukari-san of the next seat is met.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I like animation.

I like animation.

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