Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 1 3/3

Sakai-Yuuji speaks to Hirai-Yukari-san.

However, Hirai-Yukari-san is not heard.

Hirai-Yukari-san is left as it is.

If Sakai-Yuuji shines blue in people's body, it will look at fire.

A boy blazes up and disappears in the face of Yuuji.

A surrounding man does not notice.

A girl with red hair and a pupil is asked about Yuuji.

A girl's hair and pupil are already black.

A girl says that the thing of Yuuji is noisy.

And the thing of Yuuji is referred to as [ this ] whether to erase.

However, it is stopped by Arasutooru.

Dissatisfaction is memorized for Yuuji to have been treated considering itself as a thing.

Truth is told to Yuuji from a girl's mouth.

Say that it is not a man but a thing.

People's substitute placed since existence was consumed by Tomogara of Guze.

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