Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 2 1/3

A lighted flame.

Sakai-Yuuji is told dead.
The name of a monster is Rinne.
It lets Yuuji from a girl hear about the thing of Guze-no-Tomogara.
Rinne collects existence of man and Tomogara eats.
A girl says that this occurrence is naturally coming all over the world.
It is said that true Yuuji is the already consumed leftovers.
It is told to that it disappears since the light of Yuuji is still bright that there is time.

Conviction is impossible for the girl having been told Yuuji.
Yuuji says.
If there is he here.
You also have to know the talk of Guze.

A girl says.
Since Huuzetu is stretched, people are not told.
Huuzetu is like the wall of fire.
Huuzetu is the space in a wall.
It is temporarily separated from the flow in the world etc. there.
Then, what happened or it is not told.

Tomogara eats existence rather than eats man itself.
Since the eaten human being has existence eaten, it does not mean being.
The remains of meal poor do not remain.

A girl says.
If it is you, that small Touch must be seen.
The Touch had the very small light of a breast.
And it blazed up and disappeared at hand.
However, nobody notices a surrounding man.

Yuuji is surprised.
Nobody notices that people disappeared at hand.
A girl calls it the purpose on which it puts Touch.
If existence disappears, since the world will be distorted, if Touch is placed as shock absorbing material.

An understanding of Yuuji is impossible yet.
The pendant of a girl's breast says.
For example, if the place along which you are walking is erased now, you will fall and will be shocked.
However, there is almost no shock will be shocked if the ground is changed to ice and melted little by little.
The ice should just think Touch.
Influence is the minimum, when Touch recognizes existence small little by little and it disappears.

Even if it turns out that Yuuji has said, it cannot accept the fact.
Fact that he is dead.

Yuuji is asked to a girl.
What are you?
Are you man?

A girl answers.
I am Hureimu-Heizu.
Those who hunt up, subjugate and erase Guze-no-Tomogara which consumes existence.
It is deception even if it places Touch.
The fact of the crisis in the world by overhunting of existence does not change.

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