Monday, June 23, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 2 2/3

Yuuji wished yesterday's thing I want you to be a dream.
However, the light of a breast is seen, and if it is not a dream, it will feel actually.

It goes to eat breakfast and a mother's breast is seen.
Getting to know, if a mother is not Touch, Yuuji feels easy.

When it comes out of a house, there is yesterday's girl.
Why are you here?
A girl answers.
It is earlier to watch [ rather than ] you in search of Guze-no-Tomogara.
Yuuji asks a girl Mistesu in various way.
Touch which puts in with Mistesu the precious article which Guze-no-Tomogara made, and power.
If Touch is burned out, an inner precious article will be transferred.
An enemy says that he will probably aim before Yuuji is burned out.

Hirai-san comes.
Yuuji is surprised that the light of Hirai-san is small.
She says that she will disappear in one more day.
Yuuji is not accepted.
Although Yuuji speaks to Hirai-san, it completely differs from yesterday's her.
Yuuji is shocked.

Although he takes the post of school, nobody notices Hirai-san existence.
Hirai-san is not seen.

However, it is said that Yuuji will go by three persons to the station front with the return Ike of a school and Hirai-san.
And a photograph is taken by three persons.

Yuuji is called for a girl.
Since you are a lure, don't move about freely!

Something tells Ike Hirai-san.
However, Ike does not hear her voice.

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