Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 2 3/3

Yuuji notices that Hirai-san is not in.
Yuuji asks the thing of Hirai-san to Ike.
However, Ike is indifferent.
It is said that Yuuji of Ike is strange.

Yuuji worries that Hirai-san disappeared.
Yuuji finds that Hirai-san of is in a dry river bed.
He feels easy that Hirai-san is.
It is said that Hirai-san likes this scene.
It is said that Yuuji will come together with [ tomorrow ] Ike.

And ...

Hirai-san blazes up and disappears.
Yuuji will be anew realized, if this is Touch.
However, the conviction of Yuuji is impossible.
Hirai-san was here.

A girl says.
You are free Touch.
I am still Sakai-Yuuji.
Even you.
I am free Hureimu-heizu.
I am the same as a certain meaning and Touch.
Yuuji is called free ... and gets angry.

Yuuji is asked to a girl.
Teach your name.
There is no name.
When distinguishing from other Hureimu-heizu, it is called Hureimu-heizu of Nietonono-syana.
It is a name of Oodatch which a girl has.

You are Syana.
From now on, I call so.
You are not free Hureimu-heizu any longer.
I am also free Touch.
I am Sakai-Yuuji.
I gave her name.

Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-syakugan (the hair which burns, and red eye) was set to Syana from that day.

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