Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 3 1/3

Touch and Hureimu-heizu

Yuuji gave the name of Syana to the girl of Hureimu-heizu.
It was resistance of when or disappearing Yuuji as hard as possible.

When Yuuji went to school, Syana was in the classroom.
Syana was there as Hirai-Yukari.
Classmates felt nothing wonderful but recognize the thing of Syana as Hirai-Yukari.
Yuuji cannot be understood.
It is said that Syana changed itselves to existence of Hirai-Yukari.

Yuuji thinks.
Hirai-san disappeared. It is not that Syana carried out.
Yuuji was not still able to be put up with.

Under English session.
Syana takes out neither a textbook nor a note.
A teacher is careful.
However, Syana points out the defect of how to teach a teacher's mistake.

And three more teachers became the victim of Syana.

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