Friday, June 27, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 3 2/3

Avoiding a lunch break, Yuuji, and Syana, classmates went away from the classroom.
Yuuji is eating the lunch purchased alone in the classroom.
Syana is eating melon bread on the roof.

In the staff room, the thing of Hirai-Yukari has become the center of attention among teachers.

A lesson finishes and Yoshida-Kazumi speaks to Hirai-Yukari.
however, ... Syana will be told that it is noisy.

And an enemy stretches Huuzethu and a card dances the air.
Sakai-Yuuji looks at that Ike is injured, and is shocked.
An enemy is the same Rinne as the other day.
And the Lord of Rinne comes.

It understands Sakai-Yuuji to be Guze-no-Tomogara.
An enemy declares himself "a hunter and Huriagune" in his name.
Arasutouru calls an enemy's thing "what kills Hureimuheizu." .
It is said that Huriagune dislikes the way of calling.
He answers that he acts as a hunter, in order to collect precious articles.

Huriagune provokes Syana.
Syana which becomes that it is likely to ride on provocation.
However, Huriagune is interested in Mistesu.
He will say that he cannot achieve the original purpose, if Mistesu is destroyed, and he goes away, without fighting.

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