Monday, July 28, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 10 1/3

The thought which twines.

It passed ordinarily the every day of Shana and Yuuji.
Morning training pulls back the slack feeling actually for Yuuji.
Shana should call it strong and perfect Hureimuheizu.

Yuuji becomes late for morning training.
Shana is told that it is late.

However, Yuuji remembers the swimming suit figure of Syana.
Yuuji is then struck by Shana.
Yuuji is scolded by Shana.

Yuuji which runs about trying to escape in the sudden attack of Shana.
And Yuuji attaches fall on its backside to a wash basket.
Yuuji from which it does not fit in and escape in a basket.
The trousers of Yuuji are torn.
Yuuji carries out morning training to an end.

Shana has dissatisfaction in such Yuuji.
Thigusa and Shana which are the mother of Yuuji talk.
A boy does not want to show an awkward place in front of a girl.
Thigusa tells Shana a boy's feeling.

As Shana goes to school, it is told to Yuuji.
If a school finishes, Huuzethu will be stretched and big training will be carried out.

The lunchtime in a school and Yoshida-san distribute a pudding to everybody.
Shana also gets a pudding.
Connection comes then that a books committee's work was changed by the end of today.
Ogata-san and Yoshida-san are a books committee.
However, it is said that Ogata-san is engaged.
You have to take out an alternative person.

He recommends for Ike to go to Yuuji.
Yuuji cannot be refused.

Shana opposes.

Shakugan no Shana 9

This is completely the story of only animation.
This hit is at a highlight.

As long as an original is read, the amusement park which rebuilt the theme park is located in the Misaki city.
It is unknown whether a pool is there.
A pool leased facility does not come out by 11 volumes.

Three male characters of the rest were serious respectively.
It is whether since it is a talk to a pool, it is naturally also good to enjoy the neighborhood therefore with the large degree of exposure.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 9 3/3

Tanaka and Satou are found in Ogata-san.
Two persons tell Ogata-san an excuse.
If two persons appear suddenly and a place will rise.
Ogata-san forces two persons into appearing in a mock cavalry battle.

A mock cavalry battle determines a team by a lot.
It cares about Tanaka remaining keeping Majyory-dou waiting.

Ike does not come back gone to a toilet.
Ike is made to act as the partner of Majyory-dou.

A mock cavalry battle starts.
Shana and Yoshida-san imagine a championship and are enthusiastic.
A match starts.

Shana pursues Yuuji suddenly.
Ypshida-san feels the reason which Shana pursues somehow.
Satou constructed with Shana falls.
Hathimaki which Shana had becomes the thing of an Okada-teacher's team.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 9 2/3

Yuuji, Shana and others will go to a pool by the leadership of Ogata-san.
Two persons, Satou and Tanaka, refuse invitation of Ogata-san.

Yoshida-san and Ogata-san go to buy a swimming suit with two persons.
Yoshida-san chooses the thing of gentle touch.
However, Ogata-san recommends a bold thing to Yoshida-san.

Thigusa also prepares a swimming suit for Shana.
It is said that the lovely swimming suit of Tigusa which cannot be worn in school is good although it goes all together to a pool.
Shana can seldom seem to understand the meaning.

Ogata-san has dissatisfaction in Tanaka and Satou not coming.
Two persons cannot be contacted.

Yoshida-san finds the poster in the hall.
It is guidance of a couple mock cavalry battle.
It is told to a victorious team that a prize comes out.

Yoshida-san and Shana dream of a championship.
It is determined to participate all together by it.
Boys look at and enjoy a woman's swimming suit figure.

Majyory-dou is taken out for Tanaka and Satou outside, and complains that it is hot.
Majyory-dou notices a pool institution existence.
Although it says that he wants to go to Satou and Tanaka, two persons say that they will carry out by the end of tomorrow.

Shana notices that Majyory-dou came.
Ogata-san meets Satou and others in a stand.

Three persons become a quarrel.
He asks make [ Majyory-dou / what ] Shana came.
Majyory-dou only answers that having come for play to the pool is.

Shakugan no Shana 9 1/3

The poolside of love and a desire.

Yuuji complains about the hot thing in summer.
It is answered that it is natural that it is hot in summer as for Shana.
It is said that the dissatisfaction of Syana of Yuuji is slack.

If two persons go to school, Ike is distributing something.
It is the admission ticket of a pool which Ike was distributing.
Yuuji and Shana also get an admission ticket.

The woman students of a class rise by the consultation which goes to buy a swimming suit.
Yuuji also hears a woman student's talk and a face loosens.
Shana is not pleased with the attitude of Yuuji.

If Shana tends to come out of a classroom, a teacher will come.
Shana tells a teacher that a necktie is showy and goes to somewhere.
However, the thing of a pool also worries Shana.

Shana returns to a classroom at the time of lunch.
Shana went to the baker of a neighboring town and has bought melon bread.
Yoshida-san invites to Shana and Yuuji to eat a lunch together.
Yoshida-san is told to Yuuji.
If Yuuji is always eating the rice ball of a convenience store.

Ike tells Yoshida-san that the talk is different.
However, it cannot say wanting to say bashful Yoshida-san truly.
It comes for invitation there in order that Ogata-san may go all together to a pool tomorrow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 8

Although there is a gap of some time-axes, it is as an original mostly.
Although words are also almost the same ...

However, it is advice with Ramy meaningful to Shana and Yuuji in the separation case...
This is the pleasure which reads an original...

It is whether Ramy should call it truly the gentleman who piled up annual rings, .
Or ...
As long as the animation version is seen, the image of Ramy is the gentleman whom a cane fits.

However, when an original is read, he is advice of love to two young persons.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 8 3/3

Shana flies with Yuuji.
And when Shana attacks to Majyory-dou, Yuuji is felt for the first time.
The moment of murder of Shyana.

Majyory-dou and others is surprised that it is alive.
Shana is said [ having only followed the mission of Hureimuheizu, and ].

Ramy says.

Don't run after silver.
That is a thing useless as it follows.
It does not come out, even if it searches.
And it appears.
That can surely meet, if the time when it should come comes.

And Ramy restores a town.

Shana gets to know one name which Ramy will accept in the language of Arasutouru.
It is the koto of a spiral wind.

Shakugan no Shana 8 2/3

Majyory-dou recites Jizai-hou.

It should rain on the next grass.
Avoid only an I top and come down!

The ball of fire falls in large quantities.
However, Yuuji and Ramy are unhurt.
Since Yuuji has the ring which prevents fire.
Majyory-dou wonders [ why its attack was prevented and ].

And Jizai-shiki of Majyory-dou collapses.

Keisaku and Eita are worried about Majyory-dou.

Ramy tries to disappear.
However, Majyory-dou pursues Ramy.

Confidence is born to Shana.
And she recites repeatedly.
It can do anything!

Syana flies to the spare time from which the attack of Majyory-dou moved to Ramy with Yuuji.
Syana attacks Majyory-dou.

Majyory-dou remembers the day which lost all.
Majyory-dou runs recklessly and the figure of Marukoshiasu appears at this world.
Since they have run wild, there is a risk of Huuzethu solving.
If Huuzethu solves, a lot of sacrifices will come out and restoration will become impossible.

Shyana tends to stop a reckless run with Yuuji.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 8 1/3

A beautiful goblet.

Majyory and others is looking for Ramy.
Marukoshiasu says that it is Ramy which can be moved in Huuzethu.
Ramy also notices that the enemy came.
Ramy deceives an enemy's eyes.

Shana and Yuuji come to the place of Ramy between them.
Ramy notices the thing in Yuuji.
Shana and Majyory are battling.
She notices that Shana changed.

Shakugan no Shana 7

It is as an original in general.
Since it says that animation will make one volume and two volumes the back finish it as a few, there is a portion deleted considerably.
Or [ which is called evil when this also animation-izes a novel ] ...

However, also portion into which the place appropriate for [ in another scene ] it before long comes out ...
A novel can fully be enjoyed with a novel.

Although Mr. Marjorie wears the suit perfectly by animation, such as a scene which has died from the hangover, it is at a novel...
But isn't it made to an image truly?

Please imagine and enjoy yourself in the head.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 7 3/3

Majyoriy-dou finds Haridan.
This projects the building of Misaki-shi, a man, and Touch.
Majyoriy-dou looks for Ramy using Jizai-hou of a sign guess.

Shana also notices Jizai-hou.
Shana is surprised at the earliness of movement of Ramy.

A bird is reflected in Haridan.
Majyory-dou notices the mechanism of Ramy.
Yuuji wonders for Majyory-dou not to move.
Yuuji says.
If Ramy is in the place which met Yuuji.

Shana is ready for fighting with Majyory-dou.

Shakugan no Shana 7 2/3

Yuuji wants to become strong and has Shana trained.
However, Yuuji is struck by Shana.
The mother of Yuuji heats a bath for Shana.

Majyory-dou has died from the hangover.

Majyory-dou sends the building which had the battle in Keisaku and Eita yesterday to investigation.

It is said that Arasutouru protects Ramy.
The power of the existence which Ramy has is extensive.
If it is emitted, it will be said that the balance in the world collapses.

Keisaku and Eita discover a strange thing.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 7 1/3

Two persons' Hureimuheizu.

Majyoriy-dou comes.
It is said that Syana needs to thank.
Yuuji meets Hureimuheizu(s) other than Syana for the first time.
Yuuji is surprised at the difference between two persons.
Majyoriy-dou looks at Syana and says that it seems to be another person with the other day.

Majyoriy-dou notices that Ramiy started the trap and leaves the spot.
It is said that Shikabane-hiroi of Arasutouru is harmless.
Those who collect Touch(es) which weakened with Shikabane-hiroi.
However, they say that all Tomogara(s) need to push down.

Syana tries to follow Majyoriy-dou.
However, Arasutouru stops it.
They are not the partners who fight continuously.

Yuuji is surprised at the difference in two persons' Hureimuheizu.
Arasutouru calls their thing Sentou-kiyou.
The persons who very like fighting with Sentou-kyou .

They say that hate overcomes a mission too much.
Syana calls it the existence which does not have hate uniquely in Hureimuheizu with an exception very much.

It is said that I want you to train Yuuji in order to fight with Syana.

Majyoriy-dou misses Shikabane-hiroi.
It is said that Ramiy is a protracted war.

Majyoriy-dou is drinking alcohol in the house of Satou-Keisaku.

Keisaku and Eita look into a part of past of Majyoriy-dou.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 6

Arasutouru opts for destruction of Yuuji with the animation version at the beginning of the end of five talks, and six talks.
But even if it does not take out with an original to language, as it is, it is estimating Yuuji.

The contents about which Ramiy speaks speak it that I want you to tell Yuuji that it is a harmless existence, and he finishes them as an original.
But with the animation version, Yuuji serves as an important person who makes the cause born again.

And it is although Yuuji gets to know its true figure and a treasure implement in these six talks...
Something is [ whether the mother of Yuuji has good timing, and ] bad one or ...
But the supper of the Sakai house is the favorite omelet containing fried rice of Yuuji.
If it was Yuuji which disappeared as a free torch, the omelet containing fried rice should also have become a part for motherly one person...

Yuuji disappears once and is revitalized with the bell at 0:00.

That is, ...
What happened to the supper of Yuuji?
I was me who think actually extremely such.

Naturally it is also the talk of only animation that Majyoriy-san comes for a backer during the battle with Huriagune.
Since only Yuuji, Arasutouru, and Syana are in fighting with Huriagune in an original.

Others are the novel version and composition of one volume and two volumes in general.

The important thing which seems to be so .

Syana during the last and the battle of Huriagune of one volume ...
But since this scene comes out for the theater version Syana, it will not speak about it here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 6 3/3

Huriagune made Miyako-kurai exercise.
Huriagune is likely to be lost in Syana.
Majyoriy-dou comes there.
Majyoriy-dou helps and Syana pushes down Huriagune.

Sakai-Yuuji is, just before disappearing.
When it thinks that Yuuji disappeared, the bell at 0:00 rings.
Yuuji is revitalized completely.

It is told that the precious article in Yuuji is Reiji-Maigo.
The thing which makes the full recovery of the power of the existence consumed on that day carry out with Reiji-Maigo in 0:00 at midnight.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 6 2/3

Huriagune stretches Huuzetu.
Syana and Huriagune are battling.

The language of Ramiy worries Yuuji.

Yuuji goes to the place which Syana is fighting.

Yuuji is taken away by Huriagune.

Majyoriy-dou is taken to the house of Keisaku.

Huriagune begins Miyako-kurai.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 6 1/3

Mixture, motion, and confrontation.

Syana is asked for a sudden decision.
It is destruction of Misutesu and Sakai-Yuuji.

An important thing is told to Yuuji from Ramiy.
The plan of Huriagune is Miyako-kurai.
Miyako-kurai changes all the towns into the power of existence.
All towns disappear.

Yuuji apologizes for Yoshida-san, and it goes to the place of Syana as it is.

Huriagune decides to put a plan into execution.

Yuuji tells Miyako-kurai to Arasutouru and Syana.
If Arasutouru is the information on Ramiy, it will say that it is correct.

The heart of Syana is shaking.
The mother of Yuuji comes there.
A mother inquires whether to be a girlfriend with special Syana.
It is said that Yuuji is an ordinary classmate.
Syana is irritated by the language of Yuuji.
And Syana turns a sword to Yuuji.

Huriagune stretches Huuzetu then.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5

As usual, the time-axis is shifted from the original.
This will unite one volume and two volumes and is the convenience by the side of the increase of characters, or the manufacture so ...
It was Ramiy by animation that differing from an original greatly notices Miyako-kurai.
In an original, since the number of the turn of Ramiy is two, it is different from Huriagune.

In an original, Yuuji be transmitted to Alastor, if the light is beating.
Then, it is to be said that those to whom Alastor did Miyako-kurai a long time ago were.

Although the place where ramie talks to Yuji in an art museum is the same ...
Mr. Yoshida of animation is in a leaving-behind state.
But at an original, Ramiy is an invitation to tea about two persons in the tea lounge of the highest floor in an art museum.
Mr. Yoshida is put to sleep so that the talk may not be heard.

And the last Alastor's words.
Destruction of Mistesu and Sakai-Yuuji.
This portion does not exist in an original.
Although dereliction of duty etc. is told to the person who was acting as the bringing-up staff of Syana who comes out behind ...

Ramiy interfered with the important time of Yosida-san.
It is touch slightly complicated as a woman.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5 3/3

It is said that Ramy has the purpose and is collecting Touches which weakened.

Majyory-dou and Huriagune are battling.
However, Huriagune escapes.

Majyory-dou is in a bad mood.
She says that alcohol wants the place which can be drunk, and can make noise and sleep.

It teaches that Ramy is coming to Yuuji in this town.
It calls it Miyako-kurai.
It says that all existence is scheduled to ruin this town.

It is said that Huriagune puts a plan into execution since two persons' Hureimu-heizu and

Ramiy came to this town.

Syana is irritated.
And Arasutouru decides.
It is decided that Sakai-Yuuji of Misutesu is broken.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5 2/3

Majyory-dou is asked to Keisaku and Eita.

Recently, weren't there any big incident or big accident in this town?

However, two persons answer that a person knows at least a traffic accident.

Majory-dou feels sense of incongruity for the atmosphere of this town.

Huriagune feels the sign of Majyory-dou.

nd Majyory-dou and Huriagune are battling.

Syana also feels two persons' sign.

However, Arasutouru says.

We have what should be given to others.

Yuuji is looking at Yosida-san and a fine-arts exhibition.

Yuuji notices Ramy of Tomogara.

Ramy and Yuuji begin the talk.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5 1/3

Each thought.

As for Yuuji, Syana remembers its thing.
Yuuji was satisfied only with it.
However, no Yuuji were known.

Yuuji comes back from a school.
One notices Syana having broken down from the corner of the yard.
It is refused by Syana although Yuuji speaks.

Huriagune notices someone having erased Touchi.
However, those who erased know that it is not Hureimu-heizu.

Yoshida-Kazumi is waiting for Yuuji by the shoe cupboard of a school in the morning.
Ike helps Yoshida-san.
Yoshida-san and Yuuji make after school a promise that it goes to a fine-arts exhibition.

Satou-Keisaku and Tanaka-Eita are walking along shopping quarter.
Two persons decide to neglect today's lesson.
Two persons meet the acquaintance which is not good.
Two persons meet with Majyoriy-dou.
Majyoriy-dou makes two persons the role of guidance of this town.
It is asked whether Eita is easy to call the thing of Majyoriy-dou Ane-san.
It uses, when telling Ane-san to the older women set as the object of yearning.

Arasutouru is told to Syana.
You take distance too much from Misutesu.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 4

Although it is as an original mostly, the time-axis has shifted considerably.

The lesson of gymnastics is in the middle of [ original ] the 1st volume.

And fighting with Majyory-san is in the middle of two volumes.

If this hit is packing two books quite forcibly, although I will feel ...

However, after seeing animation, I who read the original feel no non-nature, as long as animation is seen...

This was able to be enjoyed as this.

Tyoushi-no-yomite and a crown name attach Majyory-san. I was not able to carry out Chinese character conversion of this "Tyou-Shi", while seeing animation.

I turned out to be those to whom Tyoushi-no-yomite composes the poetry of a funeral only after reading an original.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 4 3/3

Students do not regard the teacher of gymnastics as good.
Students were disgusted with the lesson made to run.
And Yuuji thought that Syana did well.

However, Yuuji did not find the feeling of Syana.
Syana was irritated so much by Yuuji.

Majyory-dou uses Jizai-hou of inquiry.
Syana is called to Jizai-hou and goes.
Syana is advised on Arasutouru.
However, Syana does not hear it.
It is said that Syana needs to consider no fighting.

Majyory-dou stretches Huuzetu.
Syana and Majyory-dou become fighting.
It loses fighting in Syana.

Shakugan no Shana 4 2/3

As soon as Maajyory-dou goes into the room of a hotel, it complains.
Hunter Huriagune notices that one more person's Hureimu-heizu came.
Arasutouru is recommended. Syana goes to sleep in the room of Yuuji.
Yuuji is surprised that Syana is sleeping next, when you awake.
The time of gymnastics and a teacher have bad feeling in Hirai in school.
The teacher of gymnastics makes students run intently.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 4 1/3

Hureimu-heizu of illusion.

Yuuji disappears in when.
But the thing for which Ike and others was saved by using the power of one's existence.
Yuuji satisfied that, then I thought that it finished.
However, no Yuuji(s) were understood.
All have just started.

Yuuji looked for the coffee spoon and brought it to the place of Syana.

Syana says.
Although the light of that Touch was likely to disappear, it recovered suddenly.
Do it what.
It is an impossible thing.
It is not found probably because of the precious article in Touch.
Possibly, is it Reiji-maigo?
By no means!
Possibility is high although it is not believed.

The thing of recovering the power of the existence consumed on that day with Reiji-maigo at

0:00 at midnight.

Yuuji returns.

Since it has rained to Syana, doesn't it enter into a house?
Yuuji says.
It advises for Yuuji to use its own bed to Syana.
Since he goes to sleep in a father's study room.
In order to watch Yuuji, Syana tells having gone into the house why it is another room.

Syana tends to change its clothes.
Yuuji is surprised!
Yuuji hides into Crowe ZETT.
Then, Yuuji hears various things of Guze etc.

The door of Crowe ZETT separates and Yuuji looks at the naked body of Syana.
Yuuji is knocked by Syana.

The mother who is sleeping on the first floor in too much sound comes to see.
Yuuji deceives having tidied up the room.