Monday, July 28, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 10 1/3

The thought which twines.

It passed ordinarily the every day of Shana and Yuuji.
Morning training pulls back the slack feeling actually for Yuuji.
Shana should call it strong and perfect Hureimuheizu.

Yuuji becomes late for morning training.
Shana is told that it is late.

However, Yuuji remembers the swimming suit figure of Syana.
Yuuji is then struck by Shana.
Yuuji is scolded by Shana.

Yuuji which runs about trying to escape in the sudden attack of Shana.
And Yuuji attaches fall on its backside to a wash basket.
Yuuji from which it does not fit in and escape in a basket.
The trousers of Yuuji are torn.
Yuuji carries out morning training to an end.

Shana has dissatisfaction in such Yuuji.
Thigusa and Shana which are the mother of Yuuji talk.
A boy does not want to show an awkward place in front of a girl.
Thigusa tells Shana a boy's feeling.

As Shana goes to school, it is told to Yuuji.
If a school finishes, Huuzethu will be stretched and big training will be carried out.

The lunchtime in a school and Yoshida-san distribute a pudding to everybody.
Shana also gets a pudding.
Connection comes then that a books committee's work was changed by the end of today.
Ogata-san and Yoshida-san are a books committee.
However, it is said that Ogata-san is engaged.
You have to take out an alternative person.

He recommends for Ike to go to Yuuji.
Yuuji cannot be refused.

Shana opposes.

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