Monday, July 21, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 7 3/3

Majyoriy-dou finds Haridan.
This projects the building of Misaki-shi, a man, and Touch.
Majyoriy-dou looks for Ramy using Jizai-hou of a sign guess.

Shana also notices Jizai-hou.
Shana is surprised at the earliness of movement of Ramy.

A bird is reflected in Haridan.
Majyory-dou notices the mechanism of Ramy.
Yuuji wonders for Majyory-dou not to move.
Yuuji says.
If Ramy is in the place which met Yuuji.

Shana is ready for fighting with Majyory-dou.

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