Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 8 2/3

Majyory-dou recites Jizai-hou.

It should rain on the next grass.
Avoid only an I top and come down!

The ball of fire falls in large quantities.
However, Yuuji and Ramy are unhurt.
Since Yuuji has the ring which prevents fire.
Majyory-dou wonders [ why its attack was prevented and ].

And Jizai-shiki of Majyory-dou collapses.

Keisaku and Eita are worried about Majyory-dou.

Ramy tries to disappear.
However, Majyory-dou pursues Ramy.

Confidence is born to Shana.
And she recites repeatedly.
It can do anything!

Syana flies to the spare time from which the attack of Majyory-dou moved to Ramy with Yuuji.
Syana attacks Majyory-dou.

Majyory-dou remembers the day which lost all.
Majyory-dou runs recklessly and the figure of Marukoshiasu appears at this world.
Since they have run wild, there is a risk of Huuzethu solving.
If Huuzethu solves, a lot of sacrifices will come out and restoration will become impossible.

Shyana tends to stop a reckless run with Yuuji.

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