Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 8 3/3

Shana flies with Yuuji.
And when Shana attacks to Majyory-dou, Yuuji is felt for the first time.
The moment of murder of Shyana.

Majyory-dou and others is surprised that it is alive.
Shana is said [ having only followed the mission of Hureimuheizu, and ].

Ramy says.

Don't run after silver.
That is a thing useless as it follows.
It does not come out, even if it searches.
And it appears.
That can surely meet, if the time when it should come comes.

And Ramy restores a town.

Shana gets to know one name which Ramy will accept in the language of Arasutouru.
It is the koto of a spiral wind.

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