Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 9 1/3

The poolside of love and a desire.

Yuuji complains about the hot thing in summer.
It is answered that it is natural that it is hot in summer as for Shana.
It is said that the dissatisfaction of Syana of Yuuji is slack.

If two persons go to school, Ike is distributing something.
It is the admission ticket of a pool which Ike was distributing.
Yuuji and Shana also get an admission ticket.

The woman students of a class rise by the consultation which goes to buy a swimming suit.
Yuuji also hears a woman student's talk and a face loosens.
Shana is not pleased with the attitude of Yuuji.

If Shana tends to come out of a classroom, a teacher will come.
Shana tells a teacher that a necktie is showy and goes to somewhere.
However, the thing of a pool also worries Shana.

Shana returns to a classroom at the time of lunch.
Shana went to the baker of a neighboring town and has bought melon bread.
Yoshida-san invites to Shana and Yuuji to eat a lunch together.
Yoshida-san is told to Yuuji.
If Yuuji is always eating the rice ball of a convenience store.

Ike tells Yoshida-san that the talk is different.
However, it cannot say wanting to say bashful Yoshida-san truly.
It comes for invitation there in order that Ogata-san may go all together to a pool tomorrow.

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