Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 9 2/3

Yuuji, Shana and others will go to a pool by the leadership of Ogata-san.
Two persons, Satou and Tanaka, refuse invitation of Ogata-san.

Yoshida-san and Ogata-san go to buy a swimming suit with two persons.
Yoshida-san chooses the thing of gentle touch.
However, Ogata-san recommends a bold thing to Yoshida-san.

Thigusa also prepares a swimming suit for Shana.
It is said that the lovely swimming suit of Tigusa which cannot be worn in school is good although it goes all together to a pool.
Shana can seldom seem to understand the meaning.

Ogata-san has dissatisfaction in Tanaka and Satou not coming.
Two persons cannot be contacted.

Yoshida-san finds the poster in the hall.
It is guidance of a couple mock cavalry battle.
It is told to a victorious team that a prize comes out.

Yoshida-san and Shana dream of a championship.
It is determined to participate all together by it.
Boys look at and enjoy a woman's swimming suit figure.

Majyory-dou is taken out for Tanaka and Satou outside, and complains that it is hot.
Majyory-dou notices a pool institution existence.
Although it says that he wants to go to Satou and Tanaka, two persons say that they will carry out by the end of tomorrow.

Shana notices that Majyory-dou came.
Ogata-san meets Satou and others in a stand.

Three persons become a quarrel.
He asks make [ Majyory-dou / what ] Shana came.
Majyory-dou only answers that having come for play to the pool is.

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