Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 9 3/3

Tanaka and Satou are found in Ogata-san.
Two persons tell Ogata-san an excuse.
If two persons appear suddenly and a place will rise.
Ogata-san forces two persons into appearing in a mock cavalry battle.

A mock cavalry battle determines a team by a lot.
It cares about Tanaka remaining keeping Majyory-dou waiting.

Ike does not come back gone to a toilet.
Ike is made to act as the partner of Majyory-dou.

A mock cavalry battle starts.
Shana and Yoshida-san imagine a championship and are enthusiastic.
A match starts.

Shana pursues Yuuji suddenly.
Ypshida-san feels the reason which Shana pursues somehow.
Satou constructed with Shana falls.
Hathimaki which Shana had becomes the thing of an Okada-teacher's team.

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