Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 4 1/3

Hureimu-heizu of illusion.

Yuuji disappears in when.
But the thing for which Ike and others was saved by using the power of one's existence.
Yuuji satisfied that, then I thought that it finished.
However, no Yuuji(s) were understood.
All have just started.

Yuuji looked for the coffee spoon and brought it to the place of Syana.

Syana says.
Although the light of that Touch was likely to disappear, it recovered suddenly.
Do it what.
It is an impossible thing.
It is not found probably because of the precious article in Touch.
Possibly, is it Reiji-maigo?
By no means!
Possibility is high although it is not believed.

The thing of recovering the power of the existence consumed on that day with Reiji-maigo at

0:00 at midnight.

Yuuji returns.

Since it has rained to Syana, doesn't it enter into a house?
Yuuji says.
It advises for Yuuji to use its own bed to Syana.
Since he goes to sleep in a father's study room.
In order to watch Yuuji, Syana tells having gone into the house why it is another room.

Syana tends to change its clothes.
Yuuji is surprised!
Yuuji hides into Crowe ZETT.
Then, Yuuji hears various things of Guze etc.

The door of Crowe ZETT separates and Yuuji looks at the naked body of Syana.
Yuuji is knocked by Syana.

The mother who is sleeping on the first floor in too much sound comes to see.
Yuuji deceives having tidied up the room.

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