Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 4 3/3

Students do not regard the teacher of gymnastics as good.
Students were disgusted with the lesson made to run.
And Yuuji thought that Syana did well.

However, Yuuji did not find the feeling of Syana.
Syana was irritated so much by Yuuji.

Majyory-dou uses Jizai-hou of inquiry.
Syana is called to Jizai-hou and goes.
Syana is advised on Arasutouru.
However, Syana does not hear it.
It is said that Syana needs to consider no fighting.

Majyory-dou stretches Huuzetu.
Syana and Majyory-dou become fighting.
It loses fighting in Syana.

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