Monday, July 7, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5 1/3

Each thought.

As for Yuuji, Syana remembers its thing.
Yuuji was satisfied only with it.
However, no Yuuji were known.

Yuuji comes back from a school.
One notices Syana having broken down from the corner of the yard.
It is refused by Syana although Yuuji speaks.

Huriagune notices someone having erased Touchi.
However, those who erased know that it is not Hureimu-heizu.

Yoshida-Kazumi is waiting for Yuuji by the shoe cupboard of a school in the morning.
Ike helps Yoshida-san.
Yoshida-san and Yuuji make after school a promise that it goes to a fine-arts exhibition.

Satou-Keisaku and Tanaka-Eita are walking along shopping quarter.
Two persons decide to neglect today's lesson.
Two persons meet the acquaintance which is not good.
Two persons meet with Majyoriy-dou.
Majyoriy-dou makes two persons the role of guidance of this town.
It is asked whether Eita is easy to call the thing of Majyoriy-dou Ane-san.
It uses, when telling Ane-san to the older women set as the object of yearning.

Arasutouru is told to Syana.
You take distance too much from Misutesu.

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