Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5 2/3

Majyory-dou is asked to Keisaku and Eita.

Recently, weren't there any big incident or big accident in this town?

However, two persons answer that a person knows at least a traffic accident.

Majory-dou feels sense of incongruity for the atmosphere of this town.

Huriagune feels the sign of Majyory-dou.

nd Majyory-dou and Huriagune are battling.

Syana also feels two persons' sign.

However, Arasutouru says.

We have what should be given to others.

Yuuji is looking at Yosida-san and a fine-arts exhibition.

Yuuji notices Ramy of Tomogara.

Ramy and Yuuji begin the talk.

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