Friday, July 11, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5 3/3

It is said that Ramy has the purpose and is collecting Touches which weakened.

Majyory-dou and Huriagune are battling.
However, Huriagune escapes.

Majyory-dou is in a bad mood.
She says that alcohol wants the place which can be drunk, and can make noise and sleep.

It teaches that Ramy is coming to Yuuji in this town.
It calls it Miyako-kurai.
It says that all existence is scheduled to ruin this town.

It is said that Huriagune puts a plan into execution since two persons' Hureimu-heizu and

Ramiy came to this town.

Syana is irritated.
And Arasutouru decides.
It is decided that Sakai-Yuuji of Misutesu is broken.

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