Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 5

As usual, the time-axis is shifted from the original.
This will unite one volume and two volumes and is the convenience by the side of the increase of characters, or the manufacture so ...
It was Ramiy by animation that differing from an original greatly notices Miyako-kurai.
In an original, since the number of the turn of Ramiy is two, it is different from Huriagune.

In an original, Yuuji be transmitted to Alastor, if the light is beating.
Then, it is to be said that those to whom Alastor did Miyako-kurai a long time ago were.

Although the place where ramie talks to Yuji in an art museum is the same ...
Mr. Yoshida of animation is in a leaving-behind state.
But at an original, Ramiy is an invitation to tea about two persons in the tea lounge of the highest floor in an art museum.
Mr. Yoshida is put to sleep so that the talk may not be heard.

And the last Alastor's words.
Destruction of Mistesu and Sakai-Yuuji.
This portion does not exist in an original.
Although dereliction of duty etc. is told to the person who was acting as the bringing-up staff of Syana who comes out behind ...

Ramiy interfered with the important time of Yosida-san.
It is touch slightly complicated as a woman.

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