Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 6 1/3

Mixture, motion, and confrontation.

Syana is asked for a sudden decision.
It is destruction of Misutesu and Sakai-Yuuji.

An important thing is told to Yuuji from Ramiy.
The plan of Huriagune is Miyako-kurai.
Miyako-kurai changes all the towns into the power of existence.
All towns disappear.

Yuuji apologizes for Yoshida-san, and it goes to the place of Syana as it is.

Huriagune decides to put a plan into execution.

Yuuji tells Miyako-kurai to Arasutouru and Syana.
If Arasutouru is the information on Ramiy, it will say that it is correct.

The heart of Syana is shaking.
The mother of Yuuji comes there.
A mother inquires whether to be a girlfriend with special Syana.
It is said that Yuuji is an ordinary classmate.
Syana is irritated by the language of Yuuji.
And Syana turns a sword to Yuuji.

Huriagune stretches Huuzetu then.

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