Friday, July 18, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 6

Arasutouru opts for destruction of Yuuji with the animation version at the beginning of the end of five talks, and six talks.
But even if it does not take out with an original to language, as it is, it is estimating Yuuji.

The contents about which Ramiy speaks speak it that I want you to tell Yuuji that it is a harmless existence, and he finishes them as an original.
But with the animation version, Yuuji serves as an important person who makes the cause born again.

And it is although Yuuji gets to know its true figure and a treasure implement in these six talks...
Something is [ whether the mother of Yuuji has good timing, and ] bad one or ...
But the supper of the Sakai house is the favorite omelet containing fried rice of Yuuji.
If it was Yuuji which disappeared as a free torch, the omelet containing fried rice should also have become a part for motherly one person...

Yuuji disappears once and is revitalized with the bell at 0:00.

That is, ...
What happened to the supper of Yuuji?
I was me who think actually extremely such.

Naturally it is also the talk of only animation that Majyoriy-san comes for a backer during the battle with Huriagune.
Since only Yuuji, Arasutouru, and Syana are in fighting with Huriagune in an original.

Others are the novel version and composition of one volume and two volumes in general.

The important thing which seems to be so .

Syana during the last and the battle of Huriagune of one volume ...
But since this scene comes out for the theater version Syana, it will not speak about it here.

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