Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 7 1/3

Two persons' Hureimuheizu.

Majyoriy-dou comes.
It is said that Syana needs to thank.
Yuuji meets Hureimuheizu(s) other than Syana for the first time.
Yuuji is surprised at the difference between two persons.
Majyoriy-dou looks at Syana and says that it seems to be another person with the other day.

Majyoriy-dou notices that Ramiy started the trap and leaves the spot.
It is said that Shikabane-hiroi of Arasutouru is harmless.
Those who collect Touch(es) which weakened with Shikabane-hiroi.
However, they say that all Tomogara(s) need to push down.

Syana tries to follow Majyoriy-dou.
However, Arasutouru stops it.
They are not the partners who fight continuously.

Yuuji is surprised at the difference in two persons' Hureimuheizu.
Arasutouru calls their thing Sentou-kiyou.
The persons who very like fighting with Sentou-kyou .

They say that hate overcomes a mission too much.
Syana calls it the existence which does not have hate uniquely in Hureimuheizu with an exception very much.

It is said that I want you to train Yuuji in order to fight with Syana.

Majyoriy-dou misses Shikabane-hiroi.
It is said that Ramiy is a protracted war.

Majyoriy-dou is drinking alcohol in the house of Satou-Keisaku.

Keisaku and Eita look into a part of past of Majyoriy-dou.

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