Monday, August 4, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 10

This talk is also only the animation version.

Yuuji fits into a wash basket entirely and stops falling out in it.
And conversation of Thigusa and Shana.
This is not in the novel version.

And the talk of a committee also of the talk of a pudding is also only the animation version.
The talk of merely coming to eat lunch all together comes out from the two novel versions.

And the scene which pushes down Rinne is also only the animation version.
There is change of the feeling of Shana accompanying it.
Even if this talk is strong, it is an ordinary girl. I think that I am such.
But it is not written with the novel version.

The portion about the kiss which comes out to 11 talks, preparation of this.
He is me who think so.

A mother's conversation to Yuuji not having gone out.
What does Thigusa understand only for which?
Much language perceived considering that I did not understand .
Is a mother sharp too?

And the appearance of Aizenji and the Aizenta brother who appear in a last portion with the novel version at last at three volumes, and Shyudonai.

I am looking at and enjoying the expression of people who are in the side which has neither words nor a name too.

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