Monday, August 4, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 11 2/3

Yuuji finds Shana which is present in a bookroom.
Yuuji asks Shana.
Is anything studying?
Ike and Yoshida-san look at the situation.

Satou-Keisaku and Tanaka-Eita go to the house of Satou.
Marukoshiashu notices the crack of the face of Eita.
As for Eita, the crack answers because the ball hit.

Majyory-dou says that alcohol got bored.

Shana asks Thigusa about the meaning of kiss.
Tigusa wonders why Shana asks.
Shana answers.
It does not understand, although the book investigated.
Tigusa is asked to Shana.
Did you read a novel and literature?
Shana answers.
The thing containing individual subjectivity is helpful to neither exact analysis nor logical meditation.
Having been taught to Arasutouru such is.
Thigusa answers.
This is a talk of the heart or feeling which is ambiguous and does not have a perfect answer.
Can you do such things with Yuuji?
Shana is surprised.
Tigusa says.
It will be shameful if this is considered anew.
It is the important part of this talk.
And by the thing used as a cheek even if it calls it kiss, and a mouth and a mouth, a meaning is different.

Shana thinks.
Kiss of Yuuji, a mouth, and a mouth.
It is disagreeable!

Thigusa answers.
Then, it is good.
Don't carry out.

Thigusa answers.
Kiss of a mouth and a mouth is an oath.
You may bring close to your all.
You may leave your all.
The act sworn so kisses.

Arasutouru orders to two persons night.

Before Shana goes to school, it is told to Thigusa in the morning.
Please lend a telephone.
And Syana passes a telephone to Thigusa.

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