Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 11 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 11 3/3

Thigusa says.
Since Shana is seldom used to a feeling and people's mind, it is defenseless.
Thigusa is felt such.
There may be those who do that it is reckless with youth or vigor to Shana.
Which can she resist then?
Therefore, it is said that Thigusa carried out that talk [ like ].
It is said that Arasutouru of the talk is still too early.
He thought that he wanted to teach slowly over long years.
Thigusa says.
A trouble is not united with the convenience here.
Thigusa says that there is nothing too early to teach what should be taught.
A girl sees and she says that it is premature much more.

An Aizen-brother notices Hureimuheizu existence.

Yoshida-san makes lunch to Yuuji.

Keisaku and Eita are made to associate for shopping of Majyory-dou.

Majyory-dou, and an Aizen-brother and Syudonai meet.
Majyory-dou does not have the thing for which they ask.
Syudonai and others leaves as it is.

The conversation of Arasutouru and Thigusa worries Yuuji.

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