Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 11

Shakugan no Shana 11

Shana asks Chigusa about kiss.
This portion is the same as the novel version.

However, Shana is about the cause which got interested in kiss.
The one scene of a drama is seen with the animation version, or it is a classmate's conversation.
It is from the language which Shikabane-hiroi and Ramy left untold with the novel version.

However, I wish to carry out the age limit of an Aizen-brother's talk as me with a

junior high school student's child.
Although you may show it to a junior high school student, not wanting to show it to a schoolchild truly is real intention.

Tanaka in the lesson of gymnastics and confrontation of Shana are also considerably omitted with the animation version.
With the novel version, the conversation of Tanaka, Shana, and a classmate is written in detail.

The contents of animation of the conversation of Thigusa and Arasutouru are also the same as an original.
In an original, it can laugh at how to use a telephone.
By animation, it is drawn by more natural touch.

I want to say to Arasutouru.
What year are the long years which you say?

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