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Shakugan no Shana 12 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 12 2/3

Yuuji is protested against Ike.
It is said that Yoshida-san has not asked.
Yoshida-san comes out from the roof.

Ike says.
It is not me but Yoshida-san which saw you this morning.
Ike saw you eat the lunch of Yoshida-san, and got angry.

Yuuji says.
Do you also go wrong?

Yoshida-san was in the reverse side of a school building.
Ike-kun has not done the bad thing.
Ike-kun said clearly what I cannot say.
My it was dreadful.
I was able to think that Sakai-kun and Yukari-chan were connected by me.
If I wedge myself there, a relation with Sakai-kun breaks.

Shana comes there and it says.
Why did you escape?

Yoshida-san says.
Yukari-chan is sly.
He is wearing the face which is not known although Yukari-chan also likes Sakai-kun.
However, you are in near all the time from me.

It is said that Shana is not related.

Yoshida-san says.
Yukari-chan has also escaped.

Shana says.
Such a thing must be said by you why.

Yoshida-san says.
There is qualification told to me.

Shana is puzzled.

Toshida-san says.
I also like Sakai-kun!

Language does not come out of Shana.
Yuuji is what my.

Yoshida-san says.
Possibly I had escaped as you said me.
But I decided!
I do not do an ambiguous thing.
I do not depend for others.
Have you told Sakai-kun that you like it?
I say to Sakai-kun!

Shana says.
Don't say it.

Yoshida-san says.
No, I say.
Sakai-kun determines this thing.
You have not told Sakai-kun that you like it.
I am not defeated by such you!

Shana says.
I also like Yuuji.

People stop moving then.
This is Jizai-hou.

Shana says.
Why does it carry out my obstacle?
I tell you my feeling!
I do not lose by any means.

An Aizen-brother puts a plan to take Nietono-no-shana into execution.

Majyory-dou also notices an Aizen-brother's action.
However, a motivation does not come out of Majyory-dou.
Keisaku and Eita regard why she does not move as it being its cause.
They try to fight by two persons.
Majyory-dou which looked at it tells two persons that it goes to a department store.

Yuuji tends to participate in fighting.
However, it is stopped by Shana and Arasutouru.
Shana says.
It is too large for Huuzethu.
Some mechanisms should occur.
Yuuji goes this mechanism search.

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