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Shakugan no Shana 12 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 12 3/3

Aizenji-Sorato found Nietono-no-shana and is frolicking.

Aizenta-Tirieru says.
With whom have you contracted?

Shana answers.
I am Tenjyou-no-gouka and Hureimuheizu of Arasutouru.

Tirieru says.
It is a very old name.
That is not related to me.
There is only business of a grade which plays in passing with you.

Shana looks at two persons' appearance and has a feeling of dislike.

Tirieru says.
I want the sword of yours for my elder brother.

Shana answers.
Do you say things very?

Tirieru says.
Are you of an ear bad?
Or is it the head?

Shana gets injured in Buruuto-zaogaa which Sorato has only by putting the power of existence.
This cannot be deeply cut as an enemy very troublesome for Shana.

Sorato wants Nietono-no-shana.

Majyory-dou, Satou, and Tanaka are looking at Haridan.
Jizaihou spread around there like meshes of a net can be seen.
Marukoshiasu is impressed by an enemy's mechanism.
Satou notices Touch moving.

Yuuji is very dreadful.
He repents of having said that he wanted to be helpful in front of Shana.
Shana is facing a close contest in a strong thing rather than two persons considered.

Although Shana cuts Sorato, it is reproduced immediately.
Arasutouru is surprised at the speed.

Sorato raises a cheer for the power of Nietono-no-shana.

Shana finds an enemy's weak point.
And it tries to burn it.

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