Monday, August 11, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 12

Shakugan no Shana 12

By animation, when Majyory-san and Shudonai pass each other, it goes past by carrying out slight conversation.
There is a disturbance in the way of an original.

Sorato defeats people, without stretching Huuzethu...
And Huuzethu is stretched.

When having taken lunch on the roof, the portion into which Ike-kun pays Yoshida-san by proxy is also as an original.

But ...

Although the place where Ike-kun and Yuuji talk has come under the tree of a schoolyard with the animation version, in an original, a place is different.

And it is the conversation of Yoshida-san and Shana at the schoolyard reverse side.

From when did it become strong, although it was bashful and Yoshida-san of touch which was frightened just for a moment thought from the middle that it became strong in my image?

Although he thought whether to have been a tuner's hit which comes out in the next talk, when it looks at anew, it is touch [ like ] from the time of this schoolyard reverse side.

Old Yoshida-san cannot say something to say clearly.

Her of the way of talking which it carried out clearly to Shana.

Although it thinks that a portion called women is also large, this is the words which can be regarded as that Yoshida-san?.

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