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Shakugan no Shana 13 1/3

Shakugan no Shana 13 1/3

Declaration of war of the schoolyard reverse side.

Shana is caught.
Tirieru says.
Hureimuheizu is dull.
Probably, the big flower which was here thought our weak point.
This is Rinne called Pinion.
Even if one is destroyed, another thing blooms.

Sorato wants Nietono-no-shana early.
Tirieru is told to Shana.
Please give us the sword early.
Shana resists.

Majyory-dou comes to the place of Yuuji.
She says to Yuuji.
Only you are in moving by this situation.
Two persons look at that people become a huge flower.

Majyory-dou says.
That is one of the Rinnes.

Two persons move to a dry river bed.

Majyory-dou connects with Keisaku and Eita.
Yuuji does not understand with whom she is talking.
Yuuji asks.
With whom are you talking?
She says.
I am talking with my henchman.
Keisaku and Eita are said to her as a henchman, and it is pleased with them.
Marukoshiasu teases the situation.

I think that Yuuji looks at the situation of Majyori-dou and Marukoshiasu, and differs from Arasutouru and others.

Keisaku reports a situation.
Majyory-dou is asked to Yuuji.
Why were you in that place?
Yuuji answers.
It said that I want you to investigate since the mechanism in which the power of Shanani existence is collected may occur.
Marukoshiasu says.
Did you find out that a mechanism was in that place before a flower blooms?
Yuuji answers.
Although I understand somehow, breaking for oneself is impossible.
Majyory-dou says.
You who understand the place of Rinne in this situation are special.

Sorato gets Nietono-no-shana.
Two persons call it a prize and hug.
Shana looks at the situation and denies strongly.
Tirieru recommends a try murder to Sorato.

Tirieru notices an accident.

Majyory-dou carries out a mechanism to Rinne by guidance of Yuuji.

I regard Tirieru as doubtful.
Only Pinion is destroyed correctly.

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