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Shakugan no Shana 13 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 13 2/3

Tirieru calls Shudonai.
It tells that Majyory-dou began to move.

Shudonai answers.
She does not need to care.
The command which I received should protect a music box.

Tirieru says.
The situation changed.
The way things stand, "the garden of a cradle" will break.
Please carry out early.

Shudonai says.
It will be satisfactory if the sword which he wanted was obtained.

Tirieru answers.
The partner who can perceive camouflage of Pinion cannot be disregarded.

Shudonai answers.
I understand.
My work protects you from Hureimuheizu.

Tirieru says.
Since there are not an elder brother and time, let's burn her in an instant.

Sorato answers.
Is the sword of a flame used?

Tirieru says.
How is the feeling burned with its own sword?

Shana believes Yuuji.

Tirieru says.
Good-bye, the tool of the king of Guze.
It is [ one person ] lonely, and it is good, although it burns and dies.

Shana brings forth a counterargument.
And the language of an oath is said.

He is not one person, either!
It is not a tool, either!
There are both we, and we do not lean but merely acquire touch power for each other strongly.
I am Hureimu-heizu.
Those who promised execution of the mission of protecting the balance in the world and decided.

A flame does not come out from the sword of Sorato.
Shana throws Bluuto-zauga to Sorato.
Shudonai and Majyory-dou are battling.

Yuuji looks for the main part of a mechanism.

He is disappointed at Syudonai in the weakness of Majyory-dou.

Shana is surprised.
He reproduced the crack and stopped the flame.

Sorato says.
My Nietono-no-shana!

Tirieru says.
The elder brother's wound was cured and power was insufficient for preventing your attack.
Therefore, I used the power of my existence.

Shana says.
Why do you do such a thing?

Tirieru answers.
I fulfill a wish of the elder brother and protect the elder brother.

Shana says.
Is it your love?

Tirieru answers.
That's right.
Shall I also make you feel this feeling?
Now, there is a boy who is moving to that bridge.

Shudonai speaks to Yuuji.
Why are you moving?
Are you Misutesu?

Majyory-dou is in rubble.
She tries to contact to Keisaku and Eita.
However, there is no reply of two persons.

Marukoshiasu says.
This is the result of your wishing.
He called you cast skin and you did nothing.
The result is this.
To whom do you complain?

Majyory-dou brings forth a counterargument.
I have fought for hundreds of years.
I have pursued silver.
I want to rest for a while.

Marukoshiasu says.
It is fortunate if it is allowed.
However, that is not right.
Its thing must attach settlement by itself.

Majyory-dou answers.
Moreover, it must do like this, and must rise and redo.
Maqjyory-dou comes out of rubble.
Keisaku and Eita are there.
Two persons are pleased with her safety.

Marukoshiasu says.
I have not told the lie.
Majyory-dou becomes earnest.

Shudonai edits the belly of Yuuji.
Some things which Yuuji has understand Shudonai.

Majyory-dou collides and moves to Shudonai there.

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