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Shakugan no Shana 13 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 13 3/3

Shudonai is surprised that Majyory-dou came.
Majyory-dou notices it. [ who can fight also except hate ] .

Shana and Yuuji join.
Two persons find a music box.
And it notices the thing which controls their Jizaihou.

Tirieru says.
This is the music box which manipulates "the garden of a cradle."
Once this drives in even most complicated Jizai-siki, it will be played automatically.

The body of Tirieru is disappearing.

Sorato says.
Return my Nietono-no-shana!

Majyory-dou and Shudonai are under battle.
Shudonai says.
The way things stand, I cannot carry out a request.
What happened to the Aizen brother?
He looks at a red flame.
It checks with the hair of a flame, and a person with the eye which can be burned.

Majyory-dou calls it right answer !

It gets to know with an enemy difficult for an Aizen brother.
Shudonai retreats.
Majyory-dou feels a question for Shudonai escaping.

Tirieru leaves language and disappears.
Please carry out also with the elder brother who is me, and what.
I allow.

And Sorato is also moved to Shana.

Majyory-dou comes there.
It seems that work also finished you.
I manipulated at their Jizai-siki.
Probably, they are sufficient for restoring a town enough, since they were collecting the power of existence in large quantities.

Shana is told to Yuuji.
Since Huuzethu will solve soon, please hurry.

Yuuji answers.
It understands.
We have to return early.

Where was Shana?

As for Shana, the method of an answer and the bottom drank language.
It is noisy!
It is that it is unrelated to you.

Yuuji answers.
I understand.

And Yuuji tries to leave the spot.
Shana call tos him to stop.
You have perceived Pinion by present fighting.
It helped in cooperation with Majyory-dou.
Therefore, a prize is raised.

Yuuji is surprised at the attitude of Shana and is expected for a while.
Shana thrusts and tells the face of Yuuji melon bread.
This is extraordinarily delicious.

Yuuji are surprise and a sigh.

Shana is a continuation of Yoshida-san and a quarrel on the schoolyard reverse side.

Shana says.
Yuuji is useless anyhow!

Yoshida-san answers.
If I like it, I will say to Sakai-kun.
It is not interfered by sly Yukari-tyan.

Shana also fights back.
I am not sly!
It is useless if it says that it is useless!
Yuuji is me... It is what.
It is absolutely better for Yuuji to be with me!

Yoshida-san answers.
There is no such thing!
Sakai-kun determines it.

Shana says.
You know nothings of Yuuji.

Yoshida-san answers.
I get to know after this.

Shana says.
You are impossible for it!

Yoshida-san says.
Why is it?

Shana says.
It is impossible that you are impossible for.

Yoshida-san says.
I said perfectly.

Shana says.
I am not defeated by any means by you!

Two persons separate.

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