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Shakugan no Shana 14 1/3

Shakugan no Shana 14 1/3

A great person.

Shana says.
Yuuji is useless anyhow.

Yoshida-san is also refuted.
It is not useless.
I tell Sakai-kun that I like it.
An obstacle is not carried out to Yukari-chan with sly me.

Shana is also said.
I am not sly.
It is better for Yuuji to be with me.

Yoshida-san is also said.
Such a thing cannot be found.
Sakai-kun determines that.

Shana says.
You do not know the thing of Yuuji.

Yoshida-san answers.
I get to know after this.

It is said that Shana is impossible.

Yoshida-san hears why.

It is said that Shana is surely impossible.

Yoshida-san says.
I said perfectly.

It is said that it does not lose in Shana by any means.

Shudonai says.
It is infallible.
The contents of that Misutesu are Reiji-maigo.

Shana passes melon bread to Yuuji.
Yuuji wonders at it and hears the attitude of Shana.
Shana is not understood [ what was heard and ].

Yuuji says.
You seem to be irritated all the time.

Shana says.
It is noisy!
Melon bread becomes less delicious.
I do not lose by any means.

Shana looks at and says how to eat the melon bread of Yuuji.
Don't you know how to eat melon bread, either?

Yuuji is surprised.

Shana says.
Melon bread eats a little hard portion first, and eats a portion soft next.
And it eats a portion hard next, a soft portion, and by turns.
If it does so, two taste can be tasted with sufficient balance.
Did you understand?

This melon bread has a tight flavor.
This store does not understand the characteristic of melon bread at all.

Yuuji looks at and says the situation.
You like melon bread.

Yuuji thinks.
I know only two things about Shana.
She is Hureimu-heizu.
She likes melon bread.
But these two think a very important thing.
The thing which so likes melon bread for her should have a reason.

It is practicing fighting Shana against a skeleton empty-handed.

Vuiruherumina is talking against the flame.

A flame is Arasutouru.

She is the optimal.
She excels in Fumitake, foresees the point to study, has the wisdom which is not

addicted to knowledge, and does not allow self to be lazy.
Her feature is the pride and combative instinct which are seen rarely.
It is not necessary to look back upon the past example, and he is the No.1 man of talent.

Arasutouru says.
It is that the baby whom you were capricious and gathered grows up in this way.

Viruherumina answers.
The unhappy occurrence which occurred is accidental.
It is also accidental that I met there.
The situation of the house for her where there is only Tendou-kyuu is also accidental.

Arasutouru says.
Are you somehow dissatisfied?

Viruherumina answers.
You should have noticed.
I sometimes feel.
She thinks that the figure which is not shown to us and the secret are kept.
She has it in the inner part of the heart.

Arasutouru answers.
However, as for it, the same may be said of us.

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