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Shakugan no Shana 14 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 14 2/3

Viruherumna says.
Can't it hit against Shiro once yet?

Shana answers.
Had you returned from shopping?
Do you have a usual souvenir?
Viruherumina presents the crushed melon bread.
And she says.
It is as a result of your disgrace.

Shana says.
This dress is not fit for a battle.
Since this dress has too long length, it becomes the obstacle which moves a leg.
I cannot follow a motion of Shiro.

Viruherumina says.
In the outer world, it is considered as the dress which the high person of fighting power wears.
I have seen managing a battle in brilliant operation.

Shana says.
I do not have not at all.
Viruherumina hears it.
Where did you have attacked?

Shana answers.
The right flank.

She asks.
Is an allowance needed?

Shana says.
It is not needed.

She tries to touch and says.
Have not you hidden painful one?

Shana answers.
If such a place is touched, naturally it is surprised.
And she throws boots to Viruherumina.

Viruherumina says.
It is ill-mannered.
Good night.

Viruherumina murmurs.
There is still time of enough.

Shana is asked to Viruherumina.
Do you go out today also?

She answers.
The schedule to which I return is early and becomes the evening.
Your lunch is prepared into a microwave oven.

Viruherumina murmurs.
Shopping which remains is only a souvenir.

Tiamato says.

Viruherumina answers.
Finishing [ a check ].
However, the sign is very slim.

Tiamato says.
Watch required.

Viruherumina answers.
It is always carried out recently [ here ].
It is appropriate to judge today that it does not result to coordinates specification of self similarly [ until now ].

Tiamato says.
Carelessness is our greatest enemy.

Viruherumina answers.
However, perception of Tendou-kyuu is impossible to any Jizaishi(s).

Wuine says.
Game was caught in the net.
It brings close to Tendou-kyuu now.
He feels some signs.

It is that Senseirei-dono is in the East.

Senseirei answers.
It is unavoidable if it is with those who do the artifice of our Barumasuke, and the command of a Berupeoru-sama personally.

Wuine asks.
Is also anything big strategy?

Senseirei answers.
You should also be known.
Friends' thing blot out one after another.

Wuine says.
I know.
Does strong Hureimu-heizu need it?

Senseirei says.
Able friends have fallen.
It is certain that there is a remarkable user.
Do you have information?

Wuine thinks.
The back is a few until Tendou-kyuu is found.
Please do not seize the achievement found with much trouble.

Senseirei says.
What did you find?

Wuine answers.
The point is an enemy.

Senseirei says.
The enemy whom you found.

Wuine answers.
It is infallible powerful Hureimu-heizu.
Or the information about game may be acquired.

Senseirei says.
It is very well.
No matter it may be what user, it steps on and crushes by my power.

Wuine says.
I appreciate your help.

Wuine thinks.
It will be troubled, if it is killed before being able to run into Tendou-kyuu.

It only considers that Shana wins Shiro.
When taking out a pasta from a microwave oven, she loses balance and wears a pasta flatly.
And she flashes.
She carries out a plan.

She says.
Shiro taught the foundations of fighting the unexpected attack.

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