Monday, August 18, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 14 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 14 3/3

Berupeoru says.
Wuine -- please help me.
Please kill much Hureimu-heizu.

Wuine says.
I can come out to a slight degree, and can do highest-class work.

Viruherumina worries before two kinds of melon bread.
I must not indulge Shana.
However, he should buy which or I worry very much.

Tiamato says.
Under approach.

Viruherumina answers.
An enemy is checked.

Tiamato says.

Viruherumina answers.
I abandon and secede from a cargo.

Senseirei says.
You are Hureimu-heizu which has not been seen.

Viruherumina says.
He is Senseirei-orugon.

Tiamato answers.
Just like that.

Senseirei says.
Why don't you change to the figure of fighting?
Or are you the newcomer who cannot use power immediately after contracting, either?
What Wuine says is unreliable.
I will beat you simply.
Hoguraa -- come out.
Rahaia -- come out.
If you do not change, I will not need to take out all four units.

Viruherumina says.
This is the power of Senseirei-orugon, and Region.

Shana devises an attack to Shiro.
She is as hitting Shiro truly by no means.

And she says.
Were you surprised?
However, the situation of Shiro is strange.
And the thing which had hidden Tendou-kyuu is lost.

Wuine raises a shout of joy.
I was able to find Tendou-kyuu.

Viruherumina notices an accident.
It is state of emergency.

Wuine says.
This is wonderful!
The world is turning for me!

Tenmoku-ithko says.
I want to play a match to a strong person.

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