Monday, August 18, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 14

Shakugan no Shana 14

This portion is also recorded on five volumes as the original.

Yuuji and Shana have much time of a uniform by animation.
It seems that Thigusa has chosen two persons' dress in the original.
And they need to become a pair look.

Although the five past of Shana of an original is told by the volume on extra, the bringing-up staff's Viruherumina appears here.
Although this Viruherumina comes out as an important person behind, even if it comes out suddenly, is it the consideration which a fan gets confused and is said that there needs to be nothing?

Shana in animation seems to always eat only melon bread.
However, in an original, all sweet things seem to be the favorite of Shana.

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