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Shakugan no Shana 16 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 16 2/3

Shana hears that this is what.

Arasutouru responds.
This is dress which Enpathu-shakugan wears.
This is some of my wings.

Tenmoku-ithko says.
I make it a mission to give a strong person arms.
I was set to Misutesu with my intention.

Arasutouru says.
Was man set to Misutesu by himself?

Shana is also said.
Why did you do such a thing?

Tenmoku-ithko says.
It asked having my arms for the strong suitable person.
I was set to Misutesu in order to fulfill a wish.

Shana says.
I am that Oodathi.

Arasutouru says.
An armor-clad warrior, the person who made Tenmoku-ithko and Oodathi.
It seems that three self is intermingled for him.

Tenmoku-ithko says.
I want to give the strong thing beyond people.
I poured out my life and made the sword.
I asked for the strong suitable thing with Nietono-no-shana.

Arasutouru says.
Did you wish by yourself and throw all as a man away in order to look for the strong thing?

Shana says.
I am the same as you.
You have progressed in search of your room with your intention.
There is a strong person who becomes your owner here.

Tenmoku-ithko says.
Let's begin.

Shana thinks.
I centralize power.

Viruherumina says.
Do you go?

Merihimu says.
What is said now?
I have survived only in order to achieve the oath with her.
Are you so?

Viruherumina says.
Me ...

Arasutouru says.
What do you do?
It worried about whether I lose Gureimu-heizu a contract of was just made.

Shana responds.
It turns out that was lucky as for me.
I of 100 times of training was uncanny, and 1000 times of Tomogara were dreadful.
I may use this sword.

Arasutouru responds.
Since you said, take responsibility.

Shana says.
I get this sword.
Thank you.
You will also go together.

Berupeoru says.
It seems that someone was pushed down one person.

Arasutouru says.
Large-scale destruction sets here.

Shana feels.
Those whom I felt are Guze-no-tomogara.
This is Shiro.

Merihimu remembers the former contractor's thing.
It is my victory.
The person who won keeps a partner considered.
This is not the conditions taken out to the charmed woman.
My promise is three.
Do not already defeat people.
Do not already do disturbing a world.
Enpathu-shakugan which appears after me should shoot and train a hand as much as

To an my love sake .
Although my last match was tight, I was pleasant.
I do not wait.
It is good-bye.
Wings of a rainbow, Merihimu.

Merihimu says.
I wanted to meet Enpathu-shakugan.
It comes and is Hureimu-heizu.

Viruherumina remembers the old thing.
Merihimu says.
Don't touch!
Consider the meaning which has us here now.
I will achieve her wish.
Only for the reason, there will merely be both we.

He is a fellow disagreeable to the last truly.
It is already an old talk.
Present I am looking at the new time.

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