Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 16

Shakugan no Shana 16

These 16 talks are almost the same as the five original versions.
Ten volumes are more detailed although the talk of the former contractor of Arasutouru also appears in five volumes.
And it is written by ten volumes also about the koto of a spiral wind.

I want to have come to shout, honesty and an image were out of order.
That is the result of reading ten volumes about the koto of a spiral wind.
In my image, he was a gentleman passing middle age.
However, in ten volumes, she was a girl.

And ...

In an original, Tendou-kyuu sinks, and when parting from Viruherumina, there is conversation with Tiamato.
This is pleasure of only the person who read the original version.

The thing passed from Viruherumina when Shana was departure is one melon bread.
This seems to be a setup of some game.

The companion at the time of departure is Arasutouru.
Properties are one melon bread and one large sword.
Dresses are the bandage and the black clothes of Jizai which embedded Jizai-shiki.

It ...

When did Viruherumina buy melon bread?
She is the baker and worried about two melon bread very much.
She should abandon the cargo, should meet with Orugon and must have returned to Tendou-kyuu in a hurry by state of emergency.
As you return, did you one obtain melon bread in Huuzethu, and put only price on a register?

I want to come to carry out such useless inquiries just.

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