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Shakugan no Shana 17 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 17 2/3

Thigusa says.
It was bad that I was not often looking.
Shana-chan does not have experience which cooked.

Shana says.
Thigusa is not bad.
Since my training is lacking.

Thigusa says.
Don't say that it is exaggerated in training.
Cooking is good if love is put and made.

Shana hears it.

Shana remembers the language of Yuuji.

It wavers from which it will eat.

Thigusa says.
Let's study cooking slowly.
It will be a festival tomorrow.
Don't you go together with Yuu-chan, either?

Shana says.
That loud thing.

Thigusa says.
It is pleasant.
Come back early tomorrow.
I dress with Yukata.
To Yuu-chan, it wears secretly.
If Yukata of Shana-chan is seen, and she is beautiful, he will be surprised.

Shana says.

Yuuji comes back.
Isn't anything burnt?

Two persons deceive.

Shana says.
Did Yuuji carry out training perfectly?

Yuuji says.
It carried out.
Why didn't Shana come?

Shana says.
To an exception.

Yuuji says in front of a convenience store.

Please perform Shana first.
I have shopping.

Yuuji says.
I cannot eat lunch of Yoshida-san.
When it comes out of a convenience store, Yoshida-san is.

Yoshida-san thinks.
I say perfectly.
If discouraged here, I cannot say throughout life.
I repent all the time.

Yoshida-san speaks to Yuuji.
How about going together with tomorrow's Misago festival and me?

It is talking about the festival wholly to go to school.

Yoshida-san greets Ike-kun.
I'm sorry other day.
Ike-kun was variously said for me.

Ike says.
I was also intrusively bad.

Yoshida-san says.
I do my best by myself.

Yuuji is told to Ike.
I had it invited to go to deify to Yoshida-san.

Ike says.
Does it go?

Yuuji answers.
It turns out that it said to you.

Ike says.
It cannot be allowed if you have withhold and refused me.
By itself, it is not known whether I like her thing.
But if it turns out that he likes, I will also appear in a match.

Ogata-san and others is talking about the festival also in the classroom.

Probably, it will be more pleasant to carry out in great numbers.

Ogara-san invites Tanaka.

Tanaka says that it is engaged and refuses.

Shana thinks.
As for me, it was not interested in the festival until now.
But probably this is pleasant.

Majyory-dou comes into the bedroom of Satou.
Marukoshiasu speaks to Satou.
How is condition?

Majyory-dou says.
I am here a little in between.

Satou says.
Were you driven out in the bar again?
Even if you do not go to sleep in that place, you should just use other rooms.

Marukoshiasu says.
If we make room vainly, regret will become large when going away.

Majyory-dou says.
The maid of your place likes cleaning.

Satou says.
My parents caring is only cleaning a house.

Marukoshiasu says.
We can do a hanger-on by the favor.

Majyory-dou is also said.
That's right.
We are also comfortable.

You are a child.
I will want you to nurse.

What do you expect?

Marukoshiasu says.
His fever goes up.

Majyory-dou says.
It is OK if you are this much fine.
I go to sleep for a while.
Good night.

Yoshida-san thinks.
I was able to invite Sakai-kun.
It can surely say to him tomorrow.

An unknown boy speaks to Yoshida-san.
Do you know?
The sign smelled strongly from you.
The other person says.
There are those who hide and reside permanently near this young woman.

He answers.
It is such.

Yoshida-san is surprised at sudden voice.

Kamushin says.
The greeting was overdue.
I am "gisou-no-karite Kamushin".

A boy shows her a bracelet.

Voice comes out from a bracelet.

I am "Hubathu-no-senrei Behemothto".

Kamushin says.
I want you for me to cooperate.
You think that you are the optimal.
There is no danger.
We only correct distortion of this town.
Please do not escape.
If I have this seen, the true figure of this world is known.

Yoshida-san looks into a monocle, feeling it wonderful.

Majyory-dou and Marukoshiasu feel the sign of Kamushin.

Satou and Tanaka are talking.
When Majyory-san and others goes away, it is said that one also want to go together.

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