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Shakugan no Shana 17

Shakugan no Shana 17

Opening changed.
The talk of only animation increases from here.
Since the first term is ended, it seems to be the preparation.

If it sees with the original version, 17 talks have appeared in six volumes.

First, talk of a pool.

Although this is somewhat different, it comes out also to an original.
Let's carry out a gap of a time-axis etc. to not talking, since it is usual.
It is the same as an original that Satou rests and Tanaka is alone on that day.

Merely ...
Why did Satou rest with cold?
The reason for having caught cold ... It is written to the original version in detail.

In order that Shana may learn cooking from Thigusa, it is also as an original that

Yuuji goes out for running alone.
However, the portion about Barumasuke is completely the thing of only the animation version.

The portion in which Mr. Yoshida-san dog barks at the decoration of a festival is also only the animation version.
The decoration of this festival achieves an important duty.

Yoghida-san invites Yuuji to a festival.
Shana is as the thing original which makes the preparations which wear a yukata secretly to Yuuji.

It is also as an original that Majyory-dou comes to the place where Satou is sleeping.
Correspondence of Majyory-dou is different for a while in animation and an original.

It is also as an original that Yoshida-san meets Kamushin.
However, the conversation of two persons or three persons is considerably omitted with the animation version.
I think deployment of the forcing talk.

And although it is also as an original that Satou and Tanaka want to come out of a town together with Majyory-dou, there is a portion which is different in the delicate place.

Majyory-dou comes to the place where Yuuji and Shana are training, and it also talks night as an original.

However, when, as for a big difference, an Aizen brother comes, as for Yuuji, Reiji-

Maigo becomes taken at Shudonai.
Then, with the animation version, since it was interfered at Majyory-dou, Shudonai is dispersing as it is.
However, in an original, an arm is wrested away from Shudonai, and the arm remains into the belly of Yuuji and is uncomfortable.
It is control of the power of the existence for controlling the sense of incongruity.

There was nothing by animation about this portion.
I think that the last round made it finish and the way has probably influenced greatly.

And the scene on which Viruherumina is walking along the desert.
This is also only the animation version.
Majyory-dou is supposed for a Misago festival to finish and to have called Viruherumina

in an original to the rearrangement of the disturbance at that time.

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