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Shakugan no Shana 18 1/3

Shakugan no Shana 18 1/3

The breaking wish.

Since Yoshida-san showed the true figure of this world, it is wavering.

Kamushin says.
Let's lend you the monocle.
Please confirm whether a human being called Sakai-Yuuji is Touch.
It seems that it is impossible that I have present you cooperate.

Behemothto is also said.
The human being who was born, grew up like you in this town, and has stopped the image of a town purely is indispensable to tuning.

The heart of Yoshida-san shakes.
If Sakai-kun is Touch, it will disappear in when.
Sakai-kun is surely OK.
I want to tell Sakai-kun that he likes perfectly to tomorrow's festival.

Shana says.
A possibility that Yuuji will be aimed at and Barumasuke will come to this town is high.
Since balance has collapsed very much, it will be quite unsavory here.

Yuuji thinks.
I am not in this town.
There was nothing of Barumasuke...
I am not man any longer.
I have to part from when, a mother, or everybody.
But I want to live to a slight degree here as usual.

Shana thinks.
I wear Yukata and will surprise Yuuji tomorrow.
And it goes to deify together with him... Also when I leave when or here, it is ... together with him.

Majyory-dou raises the voice of surprise.
Do you leave a town together with me?

Marukoshiasu teases.
Was it charmed by you fairly?

Majyory-dou says.
Do you understand the meaning of this thing?

Satou says.
It understands.

Majyry-dou says.
How is it?
The thing which you aim at is this.

Tanaka says.
Do you take us, if this can be used?

Majyory-dou says.
It understands, if it does.

Tanaka says.
Has she said "Don't follow"?

Marukoshiasu says.
Today's you are kind fairly.
If it is usual you, it knocks and, finally is.
The rain of alcohol will fall tomorrow.

There is a woman who talks about Yukata of a festival in school.

It considers that Yuuji comes out of a town.

It is afraid of Yoshida-san getting to know truth.
Yuuji is told to Yoshida-san.
Today's waiting is a place over 5:00 for a bridge.

It is answered that Yoshida-san was understood.

Behemothto says.
What did that young woman do?
Sakai-Yuuji should not just be Touch.

Kamushin is also said.
I desire to settle in the grade in which she can cooperate.
Tuning of this town is a little troublesome.

Behemothto says.
This town has an unusually large distortion.

Kamushin says.
Let's carry out marking also here.
If the back carries out a few, it must be sufficient for tuning.
I feel the sense of incongruity out of which only distortion does not come.

"A pursuit person Dantarion" say.
It has succeeded.
It is very favorable so far.

Domino answers.
Yes, it is 6 more hours, 14 minutes, 32 seconds till the completion of preparation.

Dantarion says.
It is pleasure.

Thigusa is said dressing Shana with Yukata.
This pattern fits you very much.
Yuu-chan will be surprised if such beautiful Shana-chan is seen.
But Yuu-chan is late.

Yuuji thinks.
Although I was going to do preparedness which comes out of a town, I am fairly tight.
It is already such time!

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