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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 1/4

Carry out a Suizenji response.

What is the matter?

She is as it is uncanny and disagreeable.
The peculiarity of a father.

Why .

It is that he is only such a dirty doing-things father even if it asks a friend.

Did Yuko say it?
For you .


A new thing.

Elder brother. What is that?
What is that smoke?

Elder brother. Also show me!
Elder brother.

Isn't it unsavory?
Is that the direction of the Sonohara base?

A red light of a fire the point ...
It repeats.
Explosion generated on the Sonohara base ...

Suizenji Kunihiro. ! Mobilized from now !

Don't listen to yesterday's affair.
That is all in such a thing today.
All the members come back from school.

It is ! calmly!
It is good or this is the measure of taking the safety of you into consideration.
Don't forget that it is an emergency.
It stays at home gently till the next going-to-school day.
I understand.

Asaba. Nishikubo. I will approach return at somewhere.

But it was said that Kawaguchi should return.

What is it doing?

The mechanical pencil always used was lost.

Do again?

Was it called neither an eraser nor ruler yesterday also?


It is good.
It is not warring immediately.
I will go -- I will go.
Asaba. Come early and be.



Is anything business?

How about going together, although it will appear in coverage from now on?
In me, the report of a delicious store introduction is written in the inner newspaper.
There is any genre.
Since it will go the to cover from now on, Iriya is also how together.
You do not need to care, if it is the said thing of Kawaguchi.
There is time with much trouble, and it covered as Iriya, the report was written, or, once, it cannot still have done.
Even Iriya is a newspaper member, and it will be troubled if I do not have Asaba become at least.
Does it come?
Doesn't it come?

Win by default.

I go.

Going today is the cake store.
There is it at the time with that for about 10 minutes by bus.

An orange pekoe and strawberry parfait.
I am the same as Akiho.

This is bad. Saying like this are whether it try to steal and whether to call it eavesdropping...

You should return, if it is right.

How ... is the taste?
It is sweet.

Special enlarged cream puff. Coffee taken out with water.

I am the same as Akiho.

Spaghetti, mayonnaise soy sauce and soda float ice cream.

I am the same as Skiho.

Oh! No!
Take and eat to a plate!

Is it this coverage?
I have done heartburn.

It is uncanny!
A woman's another belly.

Similarly don't consider it Akiho!

Iriya is not coming to a school festival.
Why ?
Just for Iriya having come, it is a school festival.
It has already been very pleasant.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3

This 3rd talk is from preparation of a school festival to the end of a school festival.
In the original, it is written to two volumes.

Animation can be enjoyed by animation.
Some are expressed for the portion very important as deployment of the future talk by the picture.

Although there is also a dangerous smell in the rest from the situation of news, such a thing is a school festival to the extent that it is not called other people's affairs.

However, animation is read and compared with an original novel and the setting mistake with serious both is felt.

In Asaba, it is a setup called the second-year student in a junior high school.
In a junior high school student, the school festival with flexibility high so far is not performed.
What happens in case of a high school student or six-straight year secondary education?

When talking to the son (3 in the present), he was surely convinced the school festival of a high school of this school festival.

The sign which seems to be slightly unsavory is how many or ... by setup called a junior high school although the school festival of a high school is also unsavory.

And one more .
There is a decisive problem which makes this work unclear.

If Shana etc. is seen, the man of the role of Yuji will do narration and each will express the voice of the heart.
However, about this Iriya, it goes ahead all with the talk in conversation.
In narration, the voice of each one of hearts does not come out, either.

Does Asaba open a shoe cupboard before one week of school festivals, and is Akiho going to school then in Ilya?
It is heard.

Asaba knew that she was going to school on that day.
Because, it is since something was contained in the shoe cupboard of Asaba.
The first time is a cat and an admission-into-a-club report.

Since then, if it asks Iriya, it will have denied.
If Iriya goes to school, something is contained in the shoe cupboard of Asaba.
The thing which distributes and is free obtained in the middle of going to school, such as tissue of a thing.

Although there was this depiction in an original, Asaba opened the shoe cupboard and Iriya did not come by animation to a school just before the cultural festival.
(It was not able to come) .

And Asaba is a sigh if it is not coming today also, either.

And cultural festival that day.

The pocket bell which sound all at once at the time of the announcement of a female

competitive show.

The human beings of a base are whether it has come and the correspondence ...

However, although the man in the street hears a part by news, there seem to be no feelings not much.

A bicycle is run to the place where Asaba received the telephone of Iriya and was specified.

Probably, Enomoto arranged for Iriya which cannot participate in a school festival.
It is the folk dance danced by two persons although a hand is not taken.
In the original, Asaba does not notice but feel that Enomoto was told "See a top" about his ears is written.
If Enomoto probably flew voice to the insect of Asaba.

This time is touch as a conclusion shelf well at animation, although there is also a delicately unclear place.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu Other goods.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 4/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 4/4

It knows.

Does it understand whether to call it the No. 6 mountain in it?

It understands.

Wait there at 18:45.
Be sure to carry out one person.

Ju... Just for a moment.

It cannot talk any longer.

Wait just for a moment.

Be sure to come.

Iriya !

Asaba-kun Although, is good or being gone easy this time, it is for its private use... Oh !.

3, 2, 1 fire!

Something a thing one to ask occurs.

What is it?

She always cleared up in the place which you are looking at -- it will face.
She is very noisy if it comes back to a base. Asaba should say that oh, it said and that it said like this.
That is right also when it has returned in the meantime in the daytime.
It was suggested that a school festival was carried out to Asaba. I have said in spite of myself. Is also a fire storm together with Asaba?
That is, Iriya got to know some of fire storms in the meantime.
Hearing the talk of a folk dance, that fellow has soared.
In her head, it has been a determination matter to already dance a folk dance with you for a fire storm.
However, ... probably it is impossible.

Being such -- why ...

Of course, I also make the utmost effort.
Iriya can participate in a school festival.
However, in the present prospect, that fellow cannot but say that a wish is thin.
If it does, associate with the folk dance of Iriya.
It asks.

I understand.

It asks, although it will be troublesome to you.
The load of the shoulder became somewhat light.

It has stopped.

The third talk. 18:47 32 seconds.


Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 3/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 3/4

It is three more days to a Kyokujithu festival.

Two days.

One day.

A Kyokujithu festival, the first day.

Oh, he is Nishikubo kun.



Father and mother of Asaba.

Naoyuki has friends always made somehow.

Oh, Nishikubo kun.


One is asked.

Yes, it is divided into two hands and they are covered in the afternoon.

Why ?

Being very well .

Naoyuki was not able to get her but it is ?.



A while ago, what talk was carried out to Mr. Nishikubo?

Talk of a man and a man.

It is good in it being young.

That is right.

A... and that ... a... and me ... a newspaper ... ... of a newspaper part .

Which ?

The friend of that Naoyuki or Yuko.

O... of a newspaper part -- Sudo ... Akiho -- it is ...
The same class as Asaba Naoyuki kun ...


The ... Mr. Asaba's parents have come -- hearing it ... if a greeting is not extended ... I

am sorry.

It is good in it being young.

They are まぁ and difficult age.

Eri-chan is Ms. Shiina's younger generation truly?

Eri-chan is not the atmosphere of a teacher.

Ms. Sakisaka.


It is normal temperature.

Don't search.
Under going out.
Ms. Sakisaka.

He got tired, so that it died!


Just for a moment!
Is it getting drunk?

Oh! are and it is getting drunk.

Has not someone who incidentally resembled this come to the store to the barbershop of your house?

It is bad. It does not know.

There is no such thing.
Two persons will be to which tomorrow.

The theater out of which Yuko comes -- seeing .

It is a thing heard of for the first time.
If unoccupied and it will not go to see.

It is surely glad.

It is Asaba too.

A Kyokujithu festival, the second day.

I'm sorry.
The extra was seen.
Did Asaba do all?


There were no less than three misprints.

Then, it is although he wants to hear it also here...

Therefore, I'm sorry was said!

It is what -- the attitude?!
Where had it gone?
Last night!

It was curry.
They were evening boiled rice and curry.
They are me and a curry lover.
Therefore, it returned to the straight house, and he ate curry, and slept as bath ON last night.

It is what!
It ... ?


By the way, you -- what does it do after this?
As for you, something is a schedule and existing ?.

No, it is although there is nothing especially...

Its service is given for the sad youth in whom she is not.
Company is kept for an apology at the fire storm.

Required yes which cares.
I feel a folk dance or that he does not seem to like for Akiho...

How about Asaba?
Not much ... Practice is not carried out, either...

Since it carries out in practice etc., it is shameful in a folk dance etc.
Even first kiss should come out so.
It practices and does not carry out in acting before the audience.

Is it possibly getting drunk?

You -- it is not practicing.


Did it carry out?
Is not it carrying out?

It is not carrying out!


Is it OK?

What is not carried out -- a thing!
Greet quickly!

Which ?

Which ?

Which ?

Which ?

She also needs to walk.
Thank you.

They are the news which entered now.
Although it was the situation of Union Army which is increasing the degree of tension, front leaving ordered the point from a self-defense army and the U.S. Forces instancy to the airplane from the circumference of ocean space, and the vessel 38 degrees just.
It repeats.
It is set up around 38-degree ocean space...

Yes, yes yes, ...

Miss Sonohara!
It was the Shiina Mayumi !


Asaba-Naoyuki-kun of 2-4. Asaba-Naoyuki-kun of 2-4. Since he has a call coming in from Iriya-Kana-san, come to a staff room urgently.

It checked by telephone a while ago.
Urgently, it is what be returned.

Third order.

It is the first standby.
It is the first time in two years.

It becomes somehow.

Where is she telephoning from?

This circuit which must not be used in fact.
It has seldom talked for a long time.
Hear it silently.


The old Sonohara exercise place of a land self-defense army -- does it know?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 2/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 2/4

It is comprehension!

It begins.
The manager was able to be won at janken.
Doesn't it come out to a little outside?
The head has become painful.

But it is if it can come and does not do...

Although it is also good, something should also consider Asaba by tomorrow!

I understand.
That is right.
You have to say also to this thing and Iriya.

Such a thing is ! which does not need to be said.
Isn't there any good thing?
Why does it protect that child?

Isn't it such a problem?
Carrying out, after consulting with all the members on it first, if Akiho forms a plan in a part to the manager a while ago complained even the line.
With what is only Iriya made into an outcast at a thing?

It was decided!
I dislike her -- a thing.
Even everybody in class meets!
Nobody thinks that wants to make friends with her.

But if it actually talks, it understands.
Iriya is ... independently.

The reason for it having to be modest and having to make friends with her is what.
Doesn't even she think that she is not needed in a friend?
It surely meets!
I return.

It is 7 more days to a Kyokujithu festival.

Has it thought perfectly?

Akiho have some thought?

Issue of the Sonohara Dempa Shimbun part and a Kyokujithu festival special number.

But it ...

Is Iriya coming today?

I think that it is already coming.
Although the face is not seen yet.
Why does it turn out that the face is not seen?!

Iriya Kana san of 2-4. Since he has a call coming in from Mr. Suzuki, please come to a staff room urgently.

Official announcement.
It has 0750 today and preparation organization (DEFCON) is gone up from the 5th order to the 4th order.
All disposition members other than a conformity machine, a pilot support staff emergency summons.

Iriya Kana san. It is to a staff room urgently.
It is completely from early morning.

It is amusing.
That is what although it thought that I was strange from before.
Whom as Suzuki or Sato!
It is what -- ? and that broadcast.

I asked whether it came out together with the young woman toward Ken.
It was answered that Ken was not so.
Since it met by chance in the Masago town, it was explained that even the companion came back.

For a self-defense army and the U.S. Forces, by the press conference which the purpose of a blockade of 38-degree ocean space by this Union Army influence does not clarify still now, but was held the other day, blockade release of the ocean space concerned is ... immediately.

Nobody is here.
It is because it will be under lesson now if it says why it is!

Asaba ... ?

Didn't it leave earlier than usual?
It rests recently and was much.

It left earlier than usual.
Although left earlier than usual ... It is since time was given only for 1 hour...

Did it turn out that well, ... is also here why?
Does it turn out to be a school festival?

School... festival ...

Does Iriya have something to do for some by a school festival?
It is anything good.
Food -- also coming out -- a teahouse ...

The same as Asaba.
What of Asaba is carried out?

It is pardon!

What, that.

A plan of the that division manager.
School festival.
It is that although it has not completed yet...

How did it make?

There is a photograph which the UFO maniac took.
It is reference about saying so, since it will become a splendid number, if all are

collected from a famous fellow to suspicious one...
This is the model of the Sonohara base.
I think that it will become the little result if it completes.
It is although it is simple in the plan of exhibition.

Do so?
It is already such time.

It is already time.
Then, it is since it goes.

It is 6 more days to a Kyokujithu festival.

Whom do you think it is that it is the best form in an inner class?

Thuji, it, or Sugiyama.

I also think that I am Sugiyama.
Also it and Iriya.


It says very or the whole balance is fairly good touch.
Asaba and an experienced person need to tell.


If you returned to school.

When ?


A shadow is thin recently that fellow.

Isn't there any ladder in somewhere?
I think that supplies of provisions are also.
Instant noodles are the roof.
Me a few a policy .
I wanted to thank you with a meeting perfectly once.

When does Iriya come to a school?

One more ... Something to order occurs.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 1/4

18:47 32 seconds.

Sonohara junior high school.
Five months before.

A dog comes for a greeting specially like you, and there is much Foolish called free one and it is troubled.
A fellow to whom the dog kicked off generally and who solves, comes out and omits Foolish talk one by one does not become a person good in the future.
I am likely to want to say in what done what.

I think that it is as probably a teacher saying scientifically.
However, the things and a teacher's abusiveness think that there is also what no relation.

Five months after .

Since it is room arrangement called Kane's room and my room when it continues with two rooms of a young woman and it is broken to the left, I who am troublesome for a long time understand well about [ which whose voice carried out where ].
I shut the lattice immediately.
Then, a young woman's voice stopped immediately.
Time that I have taken off shoes ...

That which Asaba says so much ...

Iriya Kana san of 2-4. Since he has a call coming in from Mr. Sato, please come to a staff room urgently.
Iriya Kana san. Since he has a call coming in from Mr. Sato, it is to a staff room urgently.

I am hopeless.

Why .

Kyokujitu a festival -- if a plan is done, you have to apply.

However, it is since a plan is done in the way of a newspaper part.

Does a newspaper part do a plan?

It does.

It is a guerrilla part?

It is a guerrilla part.

What is done as the plan of a newspaper part?

Although it was not decided yet.

Akiho. Association worsened.
After going into a newspaper part, it does not suit the time when after school returns.
The thing of absence of even the day of a rest -- many -- I am sad to carry out!

That ...

What, this smell?!

Shut a door the Sudo special correspondent and early.
It is for secret maintenance.

What is this?

It was surprised when I also came.
Seemingly, the manager neglected the lesson on the first today.

In this, that is phantom fighter in the Sonohara base.
My Sonohara Dempa Shimbun part performs the investigation report of a UFO phenomenon, and exhibition as a plan of a rising sun festival.
A theme is the phantom fighter of the Sonohara base!



Why will it decide only by itself? [ such ] [ important ] [ thing ] .
Is it said in the hope of me or Asaba that it is good anyhow?
At least the thing which even you want to do by a school festival should occur.

Obtaining -- obtaining -- me -- another ... if there is a plan which the everybody wants to do -- then, ...

Is it deplorable?

As for your intention, you do not have a thing -- boil.

If it is said that the Asaba special correspondent leaves a draft plan to other persons, it is one opinion at it.

It is anything tyrannical to decide on such a kitchen instead of things how much!

Answer -- the Sudo special correspondent.
It does not matter, if you will want to also do another plan.
Let's also perform it!
Then, any problem is not?

What does Akiho want do come out and to carry out?

It will think perfectly by tomorrow!

Well ...

Janken ...

It is orange juice to a ham sandwich, a fried pork sandwich, egg sand tuna sandwiches, and a fruit sand.

Imprudence was taken!

It and cup baking Soba -- a fellow with mustard and mayonnaise.
After, a banana.

It does not sell at a school store!

The convenience store on the other side at a video store.
It or Supermarket Maruithi.

It is comprehension!

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2

Even "the way of stealing right original Chiali" which is contained to the love letter of the one original version and the beginning of two volumes corresponds with two talks of animation.
As for the portion of a love letter, in animation-izing, an original and the talk lack sequence.

When Asaba looks at, misunderstands and opens the envelope in a shoe cupboard, it is an admission-into-a-club report.
To but the reason for admission into a club ...
However, this is if you may regard as a splendid love letter.

I read Blog which the direction of others wrote variously about Iriya.
Or which is called the pros and cons about this work ...
I saw many reports seen critically.

I think that it is also difficult to collect into animation.

Words of Iriya impressive in one talk.
It is noisy.

At this word, a result which receives a quite cold look is brought from a class.
Even if a way of speaking is bad as me, the feeling of Iriya is known very well.
They are you and noisy ! to the woman of a class.

If only that is surrounded and it is heard inquisitively ...

And ... the words in the inside of a shelter.

It is true... It is if it is an air raid... It was good.
What was necessary was just to have died wholly.
It would be good if lost.

It will be called what lever if it thinks ordinarily!
In the position of Iriya currently fought by the front line although it is the words come to be alike of words ...

However, at this time, it is not understood why she says these words for those who know only animation.

Only as feeling which looked at animation, Iriya is a girl with many mysteries.
Asaba is an ordinary slightly uncertain boy.
But when saying, it says just (there is nothing rash).
Did the author want to write this?
It is felt such.

Although the opinion was also read as the treatment of Asaba is halfway, he is an ordinary junior high school student... I think that it is such a thing.
It is alive somehow every day...
But it is in sometimes becoming it precocious...

In the 2nd talk, it is a date in a movie theater.
Iriya which can be regarded also as thin ... of a shadow notices a transmitter, and it is a toilet about Asaba, and physical examination.

Iriya at this time is another person completely.
A transmitter is disposed of, and the eye of surveillance is shaken off, and original Chiali is stolen and it escapes.

Enomoto's words show.
Subordinates -- it will begin.
Should not miss or don't fly a signal by any means to the insect of Asaba.
It is perceived by one shot in the Iri fields.

Iriya is excellent as a soldier.

And it is without it talks also to whom in Asaba in a park.
Talk about which it prefaces and speaks.
Usually and Iriya hardly talk, and although it is expressionless, they are the first long words at this time.

Iriya about which it speaks this much is the beginning, and the last.

Since Iriya also of expressionless one and a silent thing is a soldier?

It will be conviction if it thinks so.
But it is if troubles were considerably suffered when collecting into animation.
It is fictitious how much...
But it expresses by animation to those who do not know an original.
And the picture moves...

Although it will become three talk and a school festival from now on, it is severer

still... In the situation ...

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu Other goods.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 3/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 3/3

It is already calm.
It is OK if it comes so far.

That ... that ... if one wire is found, it is necessary to investigate all .
Since it is not only one.
Since it is in others absolutely.
Therefore, ...

Wire ... Is it that button?



Do you like a cat?

Sho... Shoe cupboard!

It carries out by accident and is Iriya.
Was the cat put into my shoe cupboard?
That ... although it is independently good ... angry -- I will melt -- since it does not necessarily say ...

It is different!

Is it good and is a girl usually knocked?

I say since it is because the women child is a partner, and discretion is not carried out!

Evil spirit!
Misapprehension guy!

A misapprehension guy is there!

Why ?

The truth is the contrary although it is to be said that it was good or the Asaba special

correspondent took the transfer student into the shelter in public rumor!
When eyewitnessing information was unified, the Asaba special correspondent was pulled and crowded to the Iriya special correspondent.
Is that one it satisfactory that that coward かed attempted violence very much than rumor?

An elder brother is not a coward!

If you are really what kind of big brother, are you satisfactory?

It returns!
What -- !.
It sends at least... How about saying a grade's ?

It is as what?

Is still it for about 30 minutes?
Does it wait and need in inside?
What is the matter?

It is reliable.

Really calm?
It is better to sit down anyhow.
There ...
That ...

Already OK.

True .
But it is since someone is telephoned and I have him pick up, if condition is still bad with a sufficient or complexion in ...
It does not answer.
At any rate ...
The -- it is different.
It has heard having entered ... considering ...

Do you make a promise?
Saying to nobody is.

The friend died.

At that time, five pilots of Manta were in Nevada, and the child was the ace in five persons.

It became things for it to go to a crash point by four persons who remained although he did not remember well who began speaking. Robbed the flight recorder of the log, it was made to associate with a satellite photograph, the aim of a crash point was given, and it slipped out from the base secretly.

But -- among those, I thought that the thing and water which are boiled and eaten will also be exhausted and it will die as it is.

Did the man take and shine?

Although it did not understand our thing and what it thought, was the park located in the middle of a desert without anything?

The place paved at concrete and asphalt was located only there in the middle of the desert which does not have anything to a horizon, and a swing, a jungle gym, seesaw, and such a implement were in it a lot.

Yet, paint had not got dry, either.
Of course, there was no figure of a child.
In addition to us, he is whom... We all thought then that we were the children who are not needed.
It is to not be from the beginning when even valid inside could not meet nobody, could not be said as nobody and died.

The helicopter came and I was not scolded also being returned to a base, and by nobody.
My talk is this and is in the end.
Asaba should begin to have carried out this talk.
Therefore, it is without it also tells whom Asaba.


Pardon and although it invited with much trouble, make you only trouble.

Now ...
What is said?
Are usual in Iriya carrying out nosebleed jet and falling etc.

Thank you.

Admission-into-a-club report ...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 2/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 2/3

The small wiretap was taught to the Asaba special correspondent's property.

A movie, petty ?
You may be sleeping, if sleepy.

It is kiss then it is there!
Asaba special correspondent.
It is kiss because of tomorrow!

It adheres exactly and is already !.

Become silent.

Be indifferent.

Although it will say that it is there!

What is carried out!

Asaba special correspondent!

Try to be.
I look at such Kana-chan -- for the first time .

If she is sleeping?
Do you think so too?

It is Asaba from it.
He is seeing what and a movie -- that fellow?
What is bad. See a movie in a movie theater.

First of all, a movie will be the second.
For what purpose has it invited to such quite empty darkness specially?
Go, Asaba!
At least, it is kiss there!
It scoops out, and it is kiss so that it may be crowded!

Asaba-kun is impossible for.

It is such.
It has occurred.
About what is not it speaking?
I am worried!

See only an eye, without moving the head.
Does it see from here and is Suzenji in the direction at 10:00?
It is Yuko-chan that it is next.
Was there any connection?
Asaba is strange -- carrying out electric wave appearance.
Probably, it is doing of Suizenji.
Therefore, a free ride is pinched with much trouble.

Iriya often dozes also during session.
Is it possibly acting as a byte?
Then, it is or it becomes late night...
No, it is although it is independently good.
The fellow who is doing although it is our school and byte prohibition -- it is a lot.
A defect -- so -- also saying -- since there is nothing.

It will come out!

Just for a moment -- to a slight degree .

Asaba-kun. Take the back assigned in the seat there.

If it takes by itself?

Since it is good, it is early!

It heavy !
What is contained?

Last night to the situation was strange.
Strange encryption communication was flying and cutting in this neighborhood.
Powerful scramble has started and the source of dispatch is plurality.
It stopped once about in 7:00 in the morning, and the amount of communications increased rapidly bordering on 10:00.

Therefore, ... ?

That they are not only us are supervising both special correspondents.
Don't see!
Have you noticed or why very much aren't promising?
Asaba Yuko kun.

What does it do?

Now, it stops in a theater part etc. and is surely in my newspaper part...
Are different.

Supposing that is not right and those two persons meet ...

It explodes.

The place where Suizenji sits down was changed.
It may be planning to do some.

Wait just for a moment!
Five more minutes.
Since Kana-chan occurred with much trouble and two persons began talk.

It stayed for a long time too much.
It is already a chance.

Probably the electric wave of our wiretap will be monitored with the independent walkie-talkie.
Then, the electric wave of a large output is thrust into the same channel, and fellows'

receiver is burned off.
It is whether it is good and Asaba-kun.
Your duty is keeping an eye on the whole in the hall one everywhere.

What of there is carried out?

It was found !

It will be strained if it is acting as a byte?
It is got blocked... It is although it is a talk as if Iriya goes into an inner newspaper part, although I am also glad...
A byte -- what kind of ?

Work of a base.

For example, can I also do it?

It is useless!
Absolutely ... Useless ...

What is it?
Now ...
Wha... What is the matter?
Ju... Just for a moment!
Wha... What is the matter?

Attach both hands to a tank!

Now, it is what to have thrown away?

Be suitable here.

Ju... Just for a moment.

Remove trousers.

It is there !

Re... Release just for a moment!
Just for a moment!

Here ...

Ju... Just for a moment ...


Just for a moment. Iriya!

What is it doing?

Ride early!

It is a brilliant trap!
It is wonderful!
Iriya special correspondent!

A fool, ! which returns .

Iriya. Before.

It is not visible.
It is what!
It is what!
That woman!!

It is agreement!

An Iriya special correspondent has a somewhat strange place.
What, it?

She comes to a school by a bus every morning.
It is the Sonohara bus Mitaru from garage, Sonohara base course, and for a station.

It is what?

The summer vacation -- such a bus was not running until very recently.
They are it and a telephone.
She surely telephones twice every day.
I think that a thing like data utility will be heard somehow.
It is still.
Although a school public address system is satisfactory for her and she is called to a staff room, seemingly, it has left earlier than usual after that by quite high probability.
Where does it really go?

It fell and fell.
It fell into the river.

Seemingly, my surroundings have many talented people excellent in the way of the members of female.

What, it?

Although it is the thing of the Asaba special correspondent who comes out and is present in the position of the members of a male ...
He is him and there are signs that some are known.
There is also still no between from one affair of a shelter.
Whatever there may be, there is nothing amusingly.

An elder brother's H.

Elder brother ...
An elder brother is a transformation!

What do you do suddenly? You!

Any longer, it cannot pardon.

Butterfly kick!

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 1/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 1/3

Love letter.

It is what -- already ...

It waits just for a moment, Iriya.
That ... tomorrow's holiday -- is it vacant?

Wasn't it audible?
Asaba special correspondent.
It is a manager command.
Before carrying out a date with an Iriya special correspondent.
How is going even to a movie by two persons first of all?
And it goes to a teahouse, carries out to karaoke, and goes to a hotel. Up to the place which goes How is going?
If a car is needed, the light truck of my home will be lent.
If a small motorbike may be used, there is also it.

It is to such a talk why.

It was found.
Since admission into a club in my newspaper part of an Iriya special correspondent is urged as soon as possible and it becomes intimate.
If it strokes, I will want to be together always.
I want to become power.
I want to show the Sonohara base.
Coming to think is a question of time.

I ... I am impossible for.
Such a thing.

Do so?
Then, I do.

I... I understand.
It does!

Then, the Asaba special correspondent.
Good luck to good fight.

Elder brother!


From a boss to a telephone !


Hello ...

Good morning, Asaba special correspondent!


Now, although it is the duty try which goes away today, it is the time of duty execution


What is carried out!

A fool, a fool, a transformation!

Something is still business?

Mother "Eat breakfast and early"!

So much.


What is it?

That fellow.

Does it go out somewhere?


Naoyuki, breakfast?

It is not needed.
Since it returns and becomes late today.

Carry out a signboard time, if you go out.


I am sleepy.

If you sleep just for a moment, since it will strike.

I was serious although you said such a thing -- since.
A scuffle place -- carry out course anticipation and the surroundings of it carry out gutter-cleaning of all.

When was yesterday's 3rd standby canceled?

About 5:00
Morning ...

Then, when did Kana-chan really go to sleep?
She is there from 6:00 of a morning.
Why doesn't it stop?
It is the same as the time of a shelter the other day completely!

Therefore, you were taken out.

It is good -- go.
It is if you think that it is earnest and impossible. A line stops and is deep.
By the time Asaba comes, there will still be between.

I understand.
But why is Kana-chan a uniform?

Since it is probably a school rule.

There is no such child nowadays.

Please do not think that it is poor.

Such ...

Kana-chan, a nosebleed.

Since it is good, even Asaba has at least the handkerchief.
Henchmen -- it will begin.
Even if you should miss, don't send a signal to the insect of Asaba by any means!
It is perceived by Iriya by one shot.

What is the matter?

Seemingly, tailing reaches Asaba.


One junior high school student!

It is coincidence -- Asaba Kun.


Somehow, seemingly we keep and, by the way, the huge intrigue is advancing in and others.

Or that it was the situation which should be expected.

He and Asaba-kun had taken up position to Tonoyama during the summer vacation?
Why didn't it eliminate?

You can say such a boorish thing well.
It is whether it is good and the secret base of a hill at the back.
The Sonohara base where a mystery whirls is all applied during the summer vacation, and it is surveillance.
It goes to a nearby field to steal a watermelon, a firecracker throw and wildness carry out raccoon dog feeding on a couple's car, and even an event is jostling.
I also wanted me to mix.

Were those two persons doing such a thing?

How far does it know?

It relaxes here with one and information exchange.
Then, it is from you first.

Do why?

There is less information which you have -- it is alike and was decided.
It is earlier to hear it there first of all.

Whose appearance of last night to an elder brother was strange.
After the elder brother went out, when investigating the room, Mull was attached to the place here and the time of an informational magazine.
That, whom.

What is it?
Is such a thing also attached to not knowing?
Iriya Kana.
Aren't you a person concerned with one more person in the shelter incident of an example?


Play-by-play broadcasting.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1

It was CM from an animation distribution site that I got to know this work several years ago.

It gets to know that the original has come out from an electric shock library, and purchases instantly.

I thought that I was then interesting however somehow, and was reading.

What it became in the end of summer and was remembered suddenly is the scene with which Iriya and Asaba met to the pool.

I wished to introduce this series by Blog this time.

I reread the original anew in search of the animation from YouTube.

This is a very much deep work.

By animation, since the delicate problem is included variously, it is cut, or there is a place which it is somehow expressed and is likely to be overlooked by a picture plentifully.

It becomes by the end of this year. Did the comic version also begin to be put on the market?

The link was made and got to know.

This work is a work I rewant you to read when the original is set at hand and it remembers.

Since 30 minutes is the talk of six talks (in contents), I think that TV televising is difficult.

In comparison of animation and an original, it is as an original in general.

In one talk, even the original "third-class mail approach encounter" and the half of a "love letter" are contained.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu Other goods.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 3/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 3/3

Why .

Does it come?

It is training.

It is training today.

Air defense refuge ...


Just for a moment ...

What are you doing?

The posture with which bombing in case of emergency is equipped.
Since it is training.

Why .

Even training was said...
It dies.

The route code was changed.
The code blockade of a partition is completed.
It is physical interception about a circuit with the exterior.
The route code was changed.

Has it shut by carrying out?
Even a siren a while ago and training are understood.
Air-raid drill.

Since it has and is for a sense.
Since it may come into inside.

It is training!
Since it is not war!

War had started in 1947.
He has not only noticed all.

Kenneth Arnold incident.


The circuit was connected.

Is it Asaba?
I am Enomoto.

Where are you telephoning?

It is what -- hey .
Did it meet to the pool on yesterday night?
Wasn't the name possibly said at me and that time?
Although many things were done here then, I have you be there a little in between.

It is as a little between... ?

To Iriya ?

Yes, yes.

Training -- it seemed to be ...

It is true... It is if it is an air raid... It was good.


What was necessary was just to have died wholly.
It would be good if lost.

This is the game of Iriya?

Missions cultivation battle air patrol.

Is it good even if it does?


It takes a break to the right to which it is coming and the right to which it is coming,

and the right.

It obtains and obtains and is with -.

A contrary and not your place but a contrary!
Since it will be in near soon!
The B button which was, which was and which was!
It puts in and puts in and is Fox!
Uselessness -- useless -- it is too near!
It puts in and puts in ...

Has it finished?



Is it Iriya?

Mr. Enomoto, hello.
Iriya is a nosebleed.
If the game is played, it falls suddenly, and it will stop moving and will twitch.

Settle down, Asaba!
Answer calmly.
Is it conscious?

It does not boil -- there is nothing -- it does not boil -- there is nothing!

Calmly, is it good?
Confirm whether the inner side of the thigh of Iriya is pinched thoroughly and it reacts!

It does not move and move!
What should be done.

I understand.

You without time are asked.

A gray card is in the property of Iriya.

It was!

The case of a label called P-3KI is looked for from the inside.
Is it this?

Inject the heart of Iriya with that fellow.
If a brassiere is removed, a breast will be marked, and it is.


With the ball which loses heart now, it is !
Who was as bath ON with the younger sister to smallness 6!

Such a thing is known why!

It asks.

He is a famous man completely.

What would it be? ...

Did it come out and do?

What .

Nishikubo, Hanamura.

What is it?

Is there the taste, if electricity licks?

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 2/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 2/3

It is a meaning as a "phantom fighter."
The thing of the flight object of the mystery that the Allied Forces' pilot witnessed in the Second World War also as the basis.
Although it is the alias of UFO for a maniac, of course.

What do you think?

But it is an opinion that it is a time-tested product as the Sonohara base has flown UFO of Manmeid.
It fell -- carry out UFO recovery, and carry out technical imitation and the uncanny airplane is made.

If it is warring, does such a UFO fighter fly freely?

It is ? about whether it starts... War.

It does not become.

It is to training at most.

Air defense fire drill ...

Is it meaningful?
That ...

Seemingly some themes of these are realism.

What, it.

I am Iriya kana.

Me, Makiko Nakagome, the president of a class.
Hear anything, if it may not understand.

Where did live and was the front?

United States?

Are you an elder brother and a two-person life?

Does it live in the accommodation space of the Sonohara base by two persons?

What is an elder brother's occupation?

Is the airplane possibly taken?

But it is uncanny.

You are surely English and Pella Pella.

Are you helping the elder brother?

The opening ceremony starts soon.
You, all the students, need to gather in a gymnasium.
It repeats.
The opening ceremony starts soon.


Sudo - san ...


Asaba - kun.

Where was it?

Possibly, he is a relative?

I understand!

An old childhood friend?

It is noisy.

A super-coward.


It is that child and acquaintance!?

No, there is not such a thing...

Why does she look at the thing of Asaba?

I do not know!

Did you meet by somewhere?
When ?

Therefore, ...!

It is how.

Asaba. OK.
A face, deep-blue !

Breakfast, ? eaten perfectly .

Yes. But it is ... comfortably fairly now.

A class and a name.

I am 2-4 and Naoyuki Asaba.

Asaba of 2-4. Lie!
You are that Asaba-kun?
The opening ceremony already starts.
Return previously.
That is, you are that Asaba-kun?
Is it sick?

Did it carry out if you please?

It is better to have been able to come, to have drunk and to sleep for a while.

When considering, possibly it was not the so bad summer vacation.

Make it random!
The mist cocktail must have been used for him!
It is such a dangerous thing why?
Even if it carries out for putting in an insect, a better method!
Did you come out and what put in?
It can say and, for the moment, has not come out.
Although it cannot declare now, if it is the flashback of mist.
Since present I am a protective care teacher anyhow!
It is impossible even if carry out superfluous ingestion of mist somehow with an ointment or digestive medicine is said!
Although it is inspection by way of precaution, already make it this time limitation absolutely!

It tends to boil calling it dawn during the summer vacation occasionally, it tends to be carried out, and tends to be lazy.
In today's air defense fire drill, all the members are present.

Opening ceremony?

When returning, nobody was.

That ... this morning -- the ...

It connects.
Iriya-Kana-san of 2-4.
Since the telephone from Tanaka-san is contained, please come to a staff room urgently.
It repeats.


Ms. Iri field Kana of 2-4.
The telephone from Tanaka-san is contained.
Please come to a staff room urgently.

A line comes.

It has already been uncanny from it.
Nakagome and others begins to shed tears, and a transfer student does nosebleed appearance and goes to somewhere.

What is necessary is just to apologize, if it said too much carelessly.
She does not think that she is bad!
Although it does not understand whether it is with the intention of what appearance!

That is right!
Does it appear in Bukatsu today?

Iriya special correspondent!


Sudo special correspondent to the Asaba special correspondent!
It is slack to neglect invitation with a report of such useful talented people!

It is as invitation...

The Sonohara us Dempa Shimbun part is a journalist group of the select few who offers the knowledge of the vast genre like the solar system by the news flash nature like an electric wave!
Which welcomes an Iriya special correspondent as a new member today!

That manager!

Then, an Iriya special correspondent.
After school, it calls again.
After and a self-defense army -- an officer's elder brother top -- well .

A flower -- it will take and shine.


It seems to be foolish.

0...6...2...4 ...

It is behind!

It is a suggestion of the manager.
The new plan of the July issue.
The spirit photograph seen on a graduation album.
It does not write yet such a thing, and cannot be as, and you are ?.
Is it good?
June today's 24 is the day of UFO worldwide!

June 24, 1947.
Kenneth Arnold incident.
It started in the summer of my UFO as on that day same as there was the first UFO eyewitnessing incident in Washington and Mount Rainier.

Telephone ...
Since you were telephoning, be hard to speak.
I'm sorry a while ago.
Was it surprised?
He is our manager.
I think that it was thought that something would cooperate if the thing of the Sonohara

base is covered and Iriya is asked now.
A big talk and the elder brother of Iriya ... therefore -- the ... I am also a newspaper part.
Does it turn out to be Sudo-Akiho?
That fellow also meets.
Although a member is three persons, the manager, Akiho, and me, for the moment ...
It obtains and is -, i.e., ...
It will become four persons if Iriya enters a club.

Since I am busy ...

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 1/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 1/1

Third-class mail approach encounter.

War had started.
People have not only noticed.

Asaba special correspondent.
It was labor for 40 days!

Somehow ... It was tired with labor.


It will be tomorrow again!

The summer vacation is also the end or ... by the end of today.

Be caught.
Since a leg and a leg stick.

Nosebleed ...

Wa...Wait just for a moment.

It is sick.



Family name?


Can't it... swim?

Can it swim?

I teach.
How to... swim.
It is if disagreeable...

Since I have next caught the hand.


Since it is not painful ...
Does it lick?
There is the... electric taste.

I will escape.



It is time to return.

It is reliable. Those who know.


I am a person like her big brother.

The student of this school.

It is such time why again.

I want to swim.

I understand.
Finally it is also during the summer vacation by the end of today.
I also often did a long time ago.
Therefore, I am generous to a mischievous priest.

It finished now.
C goes away 1 and after this.

C is 1.

Today is the first for you to swim.

It learned.

That fellow was indebted.
Although it is bad, come out first.
The party who is outside inflicts no injury.

Asaba was in the hill at the back of the Sonohara base together with the manager during the summer vacation truly.

Well, well.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last)

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last)

For the time being, writing all the words of this work was heard and finished.

I am oneself mind companion better た for there being a portion skipped although written and considered, and an overlooked portion in large quantities.
I have noticed that there are a portion skipped although written and considered, and an overlooked portion in large quantities.

Of course, OVA of Shana, the theater version, and II are due to be done similarly.
But since a work to surely give is before that, Shana is a rest just for a moment.

If the original version is compared with animation, VII is almost the same.
The portion of VIII of II is almost the case.
But the conversation of Thigusa and Viruherumina is IX.
X is a volume on extra, and by animation, although it hardly comes out, it is about the contractor in front of Arasutouru.

If it says in order of issue, 0 will come after eight volumes.
However, 0 is zero as a name.
Speaking in time-axis, seeming to be the talk just before coming to the town of Yuuji.

As me, zero are seldom to their liking.
It is the touch truly called volume on extra.
Since I skipped mostly, I do not remember roughly considerably.
It does not come out by animation.

However, how is the activity fund of Hureimu-heizu earned actually extremely?
Zero have replied to such a question.
Since the OVA and theater version and II are done in the near future, please wait for a while.

It seems that Shana also has the comic version.
I am a printing type group fundamentally.
Me -- a basis -- if the basis was animation-ized in the work made from the comic, he will buy a comic.

However, he does not like the thing with which, as for me, a printing type becomes a comic.
And ...
It seems that there is Shana-tan of an addition etc.
It is also omitted for my individual taste.
The favorite one, I'm sorry.

The following work ...
It is OVA.

I was distributed in the network and got to know by the preliminary announcement.
I purchased the original in a hurry.
Since, as for me, DVD purchase does not have a budget ...
In order to carry out original comparison, as for the animation, the original version as well as this time carried out 2nd rereading at least 3 times.

A next work has many words compared with Shana...
This is my comment.

I have required twice [ more than ] as many time as this for hearing, writing and carrying out.

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 3/3

I will go.
I had decided long ago.
I am to go together with Shana.
The feeling does not still change.

I like Yuuji.

Viruherumina notices.
By no means ...


A pursuit person shouts.
Special saturation!
There is no method!

I understand!

The next experiment is begun!

Does it still do?


Viruherumina makes it aghast.
Majyory-dou comes there.

What is carried out!

Do you want to die?

If involved in Tenjyou-no-gouka, finally it is!

Hekatee is also made aghast.
Shudonai comes there.

There is anything no... Me ...

Reliable Hekatee.
You -- you .

Yuuji and Shana are in the roof of a school. ...


Shana ...



Why .

Get up.

Does it occur?

Me ...


It was good!

Me -- why.

Your vessel responded to all the existence of self.
Although the size was felt at the time of a contract ...

Then, it is always after this.

Numbers of times can the act on which its life was risked be tried so?

Me -- it is alive.


I am or also very.

Yuuji ...

It is it just for a moment...

It saw.


It saw absolutely.

Not looking is.

Their eyes were turned away.

It ...

Don't see!

Shana .

It is noisy and noisy!

Viruherumina comes.
I am sorry.


Majyory-dou is looking at three persons' appearance.

Are with the devil's own luck.

Can people's thing be said?

Do you come out and what do?
It is the appearance which is detached building cod roe slightly.

Well, is it a method of a standby to a slight degree?

Majyory-dou is drunk in the house of Satou.

Turn and turn.

As for a time, I am!
Help me!

It was good.
Ane-san is as it is for a while.

How is whether it was good and it?

Become gentle.

Thigusa and Viruherumina see off that two persons go to school.
Since evening boiled rice preparation is carried out Shana-chan and today, come together perfectly.


Good morning.

Good morning.
Two terms are whether to appear in a match.

Wait just for a moment -- Ike!

Since there are not I and defeat.
Today to a 2 times game is a start -- a thing.

What -- !.
Although it cried and the gratitude word was, when Yuuji was taken and it returned.

Therefore, that is the first game.
Each other -- does she do his best?

Even I do not lose.
Since it does not lose!

I do not change from now on but walk.
The world separates.
Before a few merely.

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 2/3

You are Shana.
It is already free Hureimu-heizu.
I am also free Touch.
It is Sakai-Yuuji.

It ... He is me.
What I was asking for is myself who exist to be sure.

A time to you with whom surely the vessel overlapped first were empty.
Now ... It is different... What by which I come is filled.

It is my thought.

It is my thought now.

It is different.
It is meaningless even if it fills itself with a thought of people.
Such of is you.

But you who are Touch are also filled with the thought of Sakai-Yuuji.

Therefore, I when meeting Shana was free Touch too.
But ... is also now...

Yuuji ...

It is now different!
And it worries or I have considered. [ thinking all the time from that time ] .
Therefore, it says clearly once again.
I am Sakai-Yuuji.

You are whom?
Where is it that only you try to go away?

Me ...

Shana shouts.
I protect you!

Yuuji notices Shana.



What was filling me ... It disappears...

It is different.
It should not be filled with my thought.
You are still empty from the beginning.




It is my cause.

Since it was asked be accompanied by you and return ...
With those two persons ... Yoshida-Kazumi.

It was wholly worried.


But I met most and swarmed.


You are still empty from the beginning.

Shudonai notices unusually Hekatee.

Just for a moment!
It was said that leaving was nothing on the way!

Hureimu-heizu and others also notices abnormal circumstances.

It is bad!

This ...

Abnormal circumstances.


The power of the existence which Itadaki-no-kura saved up is breathed out.
however, ... this -- a fearful vessel.

Satou, Tanaka, and Yoshida-san also notice abnormal circumstances.


A town ...

Does power immense so far overflow and is it difficult to wait to already break up that it was on the contrary automatically?

such !

The pursuit person is excited.
It is reality as a result of the exciting situation of what!
Saturation of the power of existence in which this exceeded the allowable limit in the world!

Since it becomes, how is it?

It is confirmed after this!

Berupeoru murmurs.
Is it the time to retreat?

Arasutouru says.
There is only one means.


It is ? truly.

Tenjyou-no-gouka, manifestation of Arasutouru.


Arasutouru is made to appear in the world here.

Manifestation of the Majin slack self of Guze consumes the power of a lot of existence.
If it manifests itself now using the power of a saturated immense quantity, probably collapse of a town will stop.
However, if self manifests itself, vessel slack Hureimu-heizu will be destroyed.
It became so once...

It is as destruction... By no means ...

Yes, it dies.

This is the fate given to Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-Shakugan.
I am all also understanding it and having also made a contract of it with Arasutouru.

Viruherumina murmurs.
He has a disagreeable premonition.


I helped Yuuji as Shana.
A mission is shortly achieved as Hureimu-heizu.
It is me.
But ...

Sakai Yuuji.
The margin to already miss you has been lost.

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 1/3

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 1/3

A thought of a red lotus bloom.

Is it becoming pleasant somehow?

Such fighting like this with showy us is a long time.
My beautiful goblet!

Shana comes to the place of Hekatee.

Itadaki-no-kura, Hekatee.
She is one of those who command Barumasuke.

It is not related to me in case of whom.
I have Yuuji returned.

Yuuji also notices Shana.

Shana ...

You are my thing.
Since the vessel has already been set.

It seems to be the key of the mechanism in which she produces the power of this huge existence.
This is pushed down and stopped!

It cannot do what not to too stop Itadaki-no-kura, either.
If it does hurry!
The way things stand, a town collapses.
But ... if it does what.

Yuuji notices unusually Misaki-shi.

Misaki-shi ...
It is useless.
You have to carry out somehow.

A thought of and you is filled.
The thing which was not obtained although the vessel was set however until now and the desire was understood ...

You ...

Shudonai notices unusually Hekatee.

Although it is bad, it is to here.
If I do not go to the place of Hekatee.

Berupeoru thinks that Viruherumina fell.

I have you act as a partner to a slight degree.

Battle continuation.

It is persistent.

Shudonai and Majyory-dou are under battle.

It is also troublesome to say that there is fuel too much.

It meets.
It fights eternally.

Is this your aim?

I will say, if my Hekatee can be satisfied.

Transformation guy.

That you do doll play does not match well.

Satou and Tanaka notices unusually Misaki-shi.

What has happened to this?


What ?!

Yoshida-san is trusting and waiting for two persons.
It is reliable.
It comes back... Absolutely ... Also Sakai-kun and Yukari-chan ... It comes back!

Shana is having a close game.
It cannot approach at all.

Sakai-Yuuji is taken out there.
All should be stopped if Reiji-Maigo is separated.

It does!

Yuuji is told to Hekatee.
You filled yourself with my memory and a thought, then are satisfied.

I was asking all the time and was praying.

Such a thing?

That is right.
I touched you and understand at last.
Thing for which I was asking ...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 23

Shakugan no Shana 23

It is a climax still more.

Since it is the last round for a while in 24.

Majyory-san has also returned.

Of course, this talk is not in the original version.

It is only animation.

Since words are all caught and are written, and things are very written for the first time while the way of the beginning looks at a Chinese character and an original, it is good.

The talk which is different again as a position regarded as becoming only the animation version too may be seen.

However, a Chinese character is not known and troubles are suffered.

But a network is convenient too.

Since there are the last means and Wiki.

Shakugan no Shana Other goods.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 23 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 23 3/3

It is splendid!

It is good.
It is made what the present overly familiar manner did not hear.
See Seirei-den.


It is a very large castle floating in empty.
Although it seems that Hureimu-heizu and others thrust in, strange Jizai-hou has started.


That's right.

Follow where [ of a castle ] the Jizai-shiki has come out from.


It is an educational result.
They are good henchmen.

Satou and she have returned.
Ane-san has returned.

It and understands.

She is really selfish.

It was.

Majyory-dou attacks Seirei-den.

It is one more about beautiful music!

It is one more about beautiful music!

The wish, you Hear it!

It is one more about beautiful music!

Great success!

A pursuit person notices an accident.
Is it what?

Since the object for interception and the generating equipment of Jizai-hou have broken,

there are.

If it is what!

Berupeoru and Shudonai also notice an attack.

Seemingly, Tyoushi-no-yomite returned.

Good grief -- why does Hureimu-heizu crush and turn around a new trial?

Hekatee will also be distracted if it got even in fellows.
I meet.

Then, if I do not act as a partner, either, it will not become.

Viruherumina and Shana also notice an attack.

It seems that it was somehow helped by Tyoushi-no-yomite.


It comes.

This sign is Gyakuri-no-saisha.

Shudonai and Majyory-dou are battling.

Going out.

It is a long time.

I want to be given without interfering.

It is troubled.

This much strange -- if imitated and carried out.

Don't leave on the way today.

The surroundings are overflowing with power and I will do them mutually hugely and


That is right.

Does it bring to an end, before becoming an undesirable yet unseverable relationship?

Viruherumina says to Shana.
Go previously.
One person should just arrive.
Has the answer already come out?


Destruction of Mistes ...

Destruction is not carried out.

Is it said that the balance in the world is lost?

It is not carried out, either.

Viruherumina. I are Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-shakugan.
But there is also a one called Shana.
A mission is achieved.
But I do not want to break Yuuji which is Mistes.
Both are me.
It is me even if which is missing.
I am not free Hureimuheizu.
It carries out fighting which is believed as Shana of Enpathu-shakugan.
Yes, it decided!

It goes.
If you decided, the language beyond this is unnecessary.


I also believe -- being also indistinguishable -- since it is you yourself who are not.

It goes.
We will meet after fighting again.
Banjyou-no-shite, Mugen-no-kantai.

It is heartless oh, to escape suddenly.

Your partner is me.

Outbreak of war.

A few should delight and be overdue.

Shana says.
How do I want to carry out Yuuji?
Why does it want?
You heard it such.
It is not understood yet.

Do so?

But I like Yuuji.
As for now, only it is.

It bears.

So much.
It can fight only by it.

Shana remembers the thing of Yuuji.

You are Shana.
From now on, I call so.
It is not already free Hureimu-heizu.


Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-shakugan.
Yes, I named.
Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-shakugan was set to Shana from that time.


Yuuji also considers the thing of Shana.
Since it was Shana right that, it helped.

Since it is Shana.

Yes, she is since it is not free Hureimuheizu.

It ... Me ...
Was not my way looking only as free Hureimu-heizu?

Shana comes to the place of Yuuji.



Yuuji is helped absolutely!

Shakugan no Shana 23 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 23 2/3

What and now.
The power of existence was sucked up.

This ...

Great success!
Jizai-hou which uses an invader's power for absorption and operation of Rinne is excellent !

Yes, a professor!
Attack continuation is carried out.

Eye a pursuit person bear.

Temporizing imitation ... Is the reason for having put self into inside easily this?

But those fellows are moving.

Probably the special measures by a fellow will be taken.

It comes.

Nietono-no-shana is heavy.

If it becomes like this, it will be only the judo which attached that it was reliable to the body.
Remember the feeling of Tendou-kyuu.


Already pulling is also impossible.

Too, it is only aiming at Reiji-Maigo.
An irony called what.
It is said that the power of existence is overflowing outside.

Yuuji feels that Shana and others came.

Shana is fighting.

Is it fighting?

The power of existence is full of the town.
It is the result of Reiji-maigo...
It may be the best in order surely to protect a town.

Is it the best?

It is free Mistes and does not spread.

Oh! Stop.
Why do you enter into me?

No, you are entering into me.
Your thought is filling me.
I have prayed until now.
Ask for an answer.
This surely meets.
Therefore, ... more ... more -- me -- you!

You ...


Berupeoru and Shudonai talk.

Now, how far can it bear?

The paddle to risk.

Don't you forget?
A partner is that Tenjyou-no-gouka and Mugen-no-kantai.

If vessel slack Hureimu-heizu cannot use power of existence and it will become, isn't a free human being the same, either?
Since Kon-no-seibyou is completed to it.
The power of existence only continues increasing forever.

Tanaka and Stou look at and say Seirei-den.

Are they fighting in that place?


Do your best -- Hirai-chan.

Oh! what.

Hureimu-heizu notices an accident.

A situation and the power of existence have begun saturation.

It is endless.

Berupeoru and Shudonai talk.

Is also this among calculation?
Now, it is somewhat showy for a congratulatory signal.

A pursuit person raises a cheer.

The world where the power of a lot of existence in which nobody had seen just this was able to be poured out!

Since it becomes, how is it after this?

It experiments just because it does not understand.
There is this world and it is appearance... Law ... In order to know truth.

Yoshida-san worries about two persons.
Sakai-kun...Yukari-chan ...

Satou and Tanaka also feel abnormal circumstances.

It is in big trouble.

Although it does not understand somehow, only things understand that it is in big trouble.

What will happen from now on?

This town.

Majyory-dou calls to two persons.

You -- is it audible?
Are they you the safety?
Isn't it audible?


It seems that both persons were alive -- both.

Did you come back?

The mission of Hureimu-heizu -- a fellow .

It says well.
It became blue, and it was in a great hurry and came...

Go to Haridan immediately.
Something to investigate ...

It is already.
Therefore -- The ...
It is said that it is in Haridan long ago!
It is what investigated early...