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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 2/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 2/3

It is a meaning as a "phantom fighter."
The thing of the flight object of the mystery that the Allied Forces' pilot witnessed in the Second World War also as the basis.
Although it is the alias of UFO for a maniac, of course.

What do you think?

But it is an opinion that it is a time-tested product as the Sonohara base has flown UFO of Manmeid.
It fell -- carry out UFO recovery, and carry out technical imitation and the uncanny airplane is made.

If it is warring, does such a UFO fighter fly freely?

It is ? about whether it starts... War.

It does not become.

It is to training at most.

Air defense fire drill ...

Is it meaningful?
That ...

Seemingly some themes of these are realism.

What, it.

I am Iriya kana.

Me, Makiko Nakagome, the president of a class.
Hear anything, if it may not understand.

Where did live and was the front?

United States?

Are you an elder brother and a two-person life?

Does it live in the accommodation space of the Sonohara base by two persons?

What is an elder brother's occupation?

Is the airplane possibly taken?

But it is uncanny.

You are surely English and Pella Pella.

Are you helping the elder brother?

The opening ceremony starts soon.
You, all the students, need to gather in a gymnasium.
It repeats.
The opening ceremony starts soon.


Sudo - san ...


Asaba - kun.

Where was it?

Possibly, he is a relative?

I understand!

An old childhood friend?

It is noisy.

A super-coward.


It is that child and acquaintance!?

No, there is not such a thing...

Why does she look at the thing of Asaba?

I do not know!

Did you meet by somewhere?
When ?

Therefore, ...!

It is how.

Asaba. OK.
A face, deep-blue !

Breakfast, ? eaten perfectly .

Yes. But it is ... comfortably fairly now.

A class and a name.

I am 2-4 and Naoyuki Asaba.

Asaba of 2-4. Lie!
You are that Asaba-kun?
The opening ceremony already starts.
Return previously.
That is, you are that Asaba-kun?
Is it sick?

Did it carry out if you please?

It is better to have been able to come, to have drunk and to sleep for a while.

When considering, possibly it was not the so bad summer vacation.

Make it random!
The mist cocktail must have been used for him!
It is such a dangerous thing why?
Even if it carries out for putting in an insect, a better method!
Did you come out and what put in?
It can say and, for the moment, has not come out.
Although it cannot declare now, if it is the flashback of mist.
Since present I am a protective care teacher anyhow!
It is impossible even if carry out superfluous ingestion of mist somehow with an ointment or digestive medicine is said!
Although it is inspection by way of precaution, already make it this time limitation absolutely!

It tends to boil calling it dawn during the summer vacation occasionally, it tends to be carried out, and tends to be lazy.
In today's air defense fire drill, all the members are present.

Opening ceremony?

When returning, nobody was.

That ... this morning -- the ...

It connects.
Iriya-Kana-san of 2-4.
Since the telephone from Tanaka-san is contained, please come to a staff room urgently.
It repeats.


Ms. Iri field Kana of 2-4.
The telephone from Tanaka-san is contained.
Please come to a staff room urgently.

A line comes.

It has already been uncanny from it.
Nakagome and others begins to shed tears, and a transfer student does nosebleed appearance and goes to somewhere.

What is necessary is just to apologize, if it said too much carelessly.
She does not think that she is bad!
Although it does not understand whether it is with the intention of what appearance!

That is right!
Does it appear in Bukatsu today?

Iriya special correspondent!


Sudo special correspondent to the Asaba special correspondent!
It is slack to neglect invitation with a report of such useful talented people!

It is as invitation...

The Sonohara us Dempa Shimbun part is a journalist group of the select few who offers the knowledge of the vast genre like the solar system by the news flash nature like an electric wave!
Which welcomes an Iriya special correspondent as a new member today!

That manager!

Then, an Iriya special correspondent.
After school, it calls again.
After and a self-defense army -- an officer's elder brother top -- well .

A flower -- it will take and shine.


It seems to be foolish.

0...6...2...4 ...

It is behind!

It is a suggestion of the manager.
The new plan of the July issue.
The spirit photograph seen on a graduation album.
It does not write yet such a thing, and cannot be as, and you are ?.
Is it good?
June today's 24 is the day of UFO worldwide!

June 24, 1947.
Kenneth Arnold incident.
It started in the summer of my UFO as on that day same as there was the first UFO eyewitnessing incident in Washington and Mount Rainier.

Telephone ...
Since you were telephoning, be hard to speak.
I'm sorry a while ago.
Was it surprised?
He is our manager.
I think that it was thought that something would cooperate if the thing of the Sonohara

base is covered and Iriya is asked now.
A big talk and the elder brother of Iriya ... therefore -- the ... I am also a newspaper part.
Does it turn out to be Sudo-Akiho?
That fellow also meets.
Although a member is three persons, the manager, Akiho, and me, for the moment ...
It obtains and is -, i.e., ...
It will become four persons if Iriya enters a club.

Since I am busy ...

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