Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 3/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 1 3/3

Why .

Does it come?

It is training.

It is training today.

Air defense refuge ...


Just for a moment ...

What are you doing?

The posture with which bombing in case of emergency is equipped.
Since it is training.

Why .

Even training was said...
It dies.

The route code was changed.
The code blockade of a partition is completed.
It is physical interception about a circuit with the exterior.
The route code was changed.

Has it shut by carrying out?
Even a siren a while ago and training are understood.
Air-raid drill.

Since it has and is for a sense.
Since it may come into inside.

It is training!
Since it is not war!

War had started in 1947.
He has not only noticed all.

Kenneth Arnold incident.


The circuit was connected.

Is it Asaba?
I am Enomoto.

Where are you telephoning?

It is what -- hey .
Did it meet to the pool on yesterday night?
Wasn't the name possibly said at me and that time?
Although many things were done here then, I have you be there a little in between.

It is as a little between... ?

To Iriya ?

Yes, yes.

Training -- it seemed to be ...

It is true... It is if it is an air raid... It was good.


What was necessary was just to have died wholly.
It would be good if lost.

This is the game of Iriya?

Missions cultivation battle air patrol.

Is it good even if it does?


It takes a break to the right to which it is coming and the right to which it is coming,

and the right.

It obtains and obtains and is with -.

A contrary and not your place but a contrary!
Since it will be in near soon!
The B button which was, which was and which was!
It puts in and puts in and is Fox!
Uselessness -- useless -- it is too near!
It puts in and puts in ...

Has it finished?



Is it Iriya?

Mr. Enomoto, hello.
Iriya is a nosebleed.
If the game is played, it falls suddenly, and it will stop moving and will twitch.

Settle down, Asaba!
Answer calmly.
Is it conscious?

It does not boil -- there is nothing -- it does not boil -- there is nothing!

Calmly, is it good?
Confirm whether the inner side of the thigh of Iriya is pinched thoroughly and it reacts!

It does not move and move!
What should be done.

I understand.

You without time are asked.

A gray card is in the property of Iriya.

It was!

The case of a label called P-3KI is looked for from the inside.
Is it this?

Inject the heart of Iriya with that fellow.
If a brassiere is removed, a breast will be marked, and it is.


With the ball which loses heart now, it is !
Who was as bath ON with the younger sister to smallness 6!

Such a thing is known why!

It asks.

He is a famous man completely.

What would it be? ...

Did it come out and do?

What .

Nishikubo, Hanamura.

What is it?

Is there the taste, if electricity licks?

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