Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 1/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 1/3

Love letter.

It is what -- already ...

It waits just for a moment, Iriya.
That ... tomorrow's holiday -- is it vacant?

Wasn't it audible?
Asaba special correspondent.
It is a manager command.
Before carrying out a date with an Iriya special correspondent.
How is going even to a movie by two persons first of all?
And it goes to a teahouse, carries out to karaoke, and goes to a hotel. Up to the place which goes How is going?
If a car is needed, the light truck of my home will be lent.
If a small motorbike may be used, there is also it.

It is to such a talk why.

It was found.
Since admission into a club in my newspaper part of an Iriya special correspondent is urged as soon as possible and it becomes intimate.
If it strokes, I will want to be together always.
I want to become power.
I want to show the Sonohara base.
Coming to think is a question of time.

I ... I am impossible for.
Such a thing.

Do so?
Then, I do.

I... I understand.
It does!

Then, the Asaba special correspondent.
Good luck to good fight.

Elder brother!


From a boss to a telephone !


Hello ...

Good morning, Asaba special correspondent!


Now, although it is the duty try which goes away today, it is the time of duty execution


What is carried out!

A fool, a fool, a transformation!

Something is still business?

Mother "Eat breakfast and early"!

So much.


What is it?

That fellow.

Does it go out somewhere?


Naoyuki, breakfast?

It is not needed.
Since it returns and becomes late today.

Carry out a signboard time, if you go out.


I am sleepy.

If you sleep just for a moment, since it will strike.

I was serious although you said such a thing -- since.
A scuffle place -- carry out course anticipation and the surroundings of it carry out gutter-cleaning of all.

When was yesterday's 3rd standby canceled?

About 5:00
Morning ...

Then, when did Kana-chan really go to sleep?
She is there from 6:00 of a morning.
Why doesn't it stop?
It is the same as the time of a shelter the other day completely!

Therefore, you were taken out.

It is good -- go.
It is if you think that it is earnest and impossible. A line stops and is deep.
By the time Asaba comes, there will still be between.

I understand.
But why is Kana-chan a uniform?

Since it is probably a school rule.

There is no such child nowadays.

Please do not think that it is poor.

Such ...

Kana-chan, a nosebleed.

Since it is good, even Asaba has at least the handkerchief.
Henchmen -- it will begin.
Even if you should miss, don't send a signal to the insect of Asaba by any means!
It is perceived by Iriya by one shot.

What is the matter?

Seemingly, tailing reaches Asaba.


One junior high school student!

It is coincidence -- Asaba Kun.


Somehow, seemingly we keep and, by the way, the huge intrigue is advancing in and others.

Or that it was the situation which should be expected.

He and Asaba-kun had taken up position to Tonoyama during the summer vacation?
Why didn't it eliminate?

You can say such a boorish thing well.
It is whether it is good and the secret base of a hill at the back.
The Sonohara base where a mystery whirls is all applied during the summer vacation, and it is surveillance.
It goes to a nearby field to steal a watermelon, a firecracker throw and wildness carry out raccoon dog feeding on a couple's car, and even an event is jostling.
I also wanted me to mix.

Were those two persons doing such a thing?

How far does it know?

It relaxes here with one and information exchange.
Then, it is from you first.

Do why?

There is less information which you have -- it is alike and was decided.
It is earlier to hear it there first of all.

Whose appearance of last night to an elder brother was strange.
After the elder brother went out, when investigating the room, Mull was attached to the place here and the time of an informational magazine.
That, whom.

What is it?
Is such a thing also attached to not knowing?
Iriya Kana.
Aren't you a person concerned with one more person in the shelter incident of an example?


Play-by-play broadcasting.

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