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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 2/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 2/3

The small wiretap was taught to the Asaba special correspondent's property.

A movie, petty ?
You may be sleeping, if sleepy.

It is kiss then it is there!
Asaba special correspondent.
It is kiss because of tomorrow!

It adheres exactly and is already !.

Become silent.

Be indifferent.

Although it will say that it is there!

What is carried out!

Asaba special correspondent!

Try to be.
I look at such Kana-chan -- for the first time .

If she is sleeping?
Do you think so too?

It is Asaba from it.
He is seeing what and a movie -- that fellow?
What is bad. See a movie in a movie theater.

First of all, a movie will be the second.
For what purpose has it invited to such quite empty darkness specially?
Go, Asaba!
At least, it is kiss there!
It scoops out, and it is kiss so that it may be crowded!

Asaba-kun is impossible for.

It is such.
It has occurred.
About what is not it speaking?
I am worried!

See only an eye, without moving the head.
Does it see from here and is Suzenji in the direction at 10:00?
It is Yuko-chan that it is next.
Was there any connection?
Asaba is strange -- carrying out electric wave appearance.
Probably, it is doing of Suizenji.
Therefore, a free ride is pinched with much trouble.

Iriya often dozes also during session.
Is it possibly acting as a byte?
Then, it is or it becomes late night...
No, it is although it is independently good.
The fellow who is doing although it is our school and byte prohibition -- it is a lot.
A defect -- so -- also saying -- since there is nothing.

It will come out!

Just for a moment -- to a slight degree .

Asaba-kun. Take the back assigned in the seat there.

If it takes by itself?

Since it is good, it is early!

It heavy !
What is contained?

Last night to the situation was strange.
Strange encryption communication was flying and cutting in this neighborhood.
Powerful scramble has started and the source of dispatch is plurality.
It stopped once about in 7:00 in the morning, and the amount of communications increased rapidly bordering on 10:00.

Therefore, ... ?

That they are not only us are supervising both special correspondents.
Don't see!
Have you noticed or why very much aren't promising?
Asaba Yuko kun.

What does it do?

Now, it stops in a theater part etc. and is surely in my newspaper part...
Are different.

Supposing that is not right and those two persons meet ...

It explodes.

The place where Suizenji sits down was changed.
It may be planning to do some.

Wait just for a moment!
Five more minutes.
Since Kana-chan occurred with much trouble and two persons began talk.

It stayed for a long time too much.
It is already a chance.

Probably the electric wave of our wiretap will be monitored with the independent walkie-talkie.
Then, the electric wave of a large output is thrust into the same channel, and fellows'

receiver is burned off.
It is whether it is good and Asaba-kun.
Your duty is keeping an eye on the whole in the hall one everywhere.

What of there is carried out?

It was found !

It will be strained if it is acting as a byte?
It is got blocked... It is although it is a talk as if Iriya goes into an inner newspaper part, although I am also glad...
A byte -- what kind of ?

Work of a base.

For example, can I also do it?

It is useless!
Absolutely ... Useless ...

What is it?
Now ...
Wha... What is the matter?
Ju... Just for a moment!
Wha... What is the matter?

Attach both hands to a tank!

Now, it is what to have thrown away?

Be suitable here.

Ju... Just for a moment.

Remove trousers.

It is there !

Re... Release just for a moment!
Just for a moment!

Here ...

Ju... Just for a moment ...


Just for a moment. Iriya!

What is it doing?

Ride early!

It is a brilliant trap!
It is wonderful!
Iriya special correspondent!

A fool, ! which returns .

Iriya. Before.

It is not visible.
It is what!
It is what!
That woman!!

It is agreement!

An Iriya special correspondent has a somewhat strange place.
What, it?

She comes to a school by a bus every morning.
It is the Sonohara bus Mitaru from garage, Sonohara base course, and for a station.

It is what?

The summer vacation -- such a bus was not running until very recently.
They are it and a telephone.
She surely telephones twice every day.
I think that a thing like data utility will be heard somehow.
It is still.
Although a school public address system is satisfactory for her and she is called to a staff room, seemingly, it has left earlier than usual after that by quite high probability.
Where does it really go?

It fell and fell.
It fell into the river.

Seemingly, my surroundings have many talented people excellent in the way of the members of female.

What, it?

Although it is the thing of the Asaba special correspondent who comes out and is present in the position of the members of a male ...
He is him and there are signs that some are known.
There is also still no between from one affair of a shelter.
Whatever there may be, there is nothing amusingly.

An elder brother's H.

Elder brother ...
An elder brother is a transformation!

What do you do suddenly? You!

Any longer, it cannot pardon.

Butterfly kick!

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