Thursday, September 25, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 3/3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2 3/3

It is already calm.
It is OK if it comes so far.

That ... that ... if one wire is found, it is necessary to investigate all .
Since it is not only one.
Since it is in others absolutely.
Therefore, ...

Wire ... Is it that button?



Do you like a cat?

Sho... Shoe cupboard!

It carries out by accident and is Iriya.
Was the cat put into my shoe cupboard?
That ... although it is independently good ... angry -- I will melt -- since it does not necessarily say ...

It is different!

Is it good and is a girl usually knocked?

I say since it is because the women child is a partner, and discretion is not carried out!

Evil spirit!
Misapprehension guy!

A misapprehension guy is there!

Why ?

The truth is the contrary although it is to be said that it was good or the Asaba special

correspondent took the transfer student into the shelter in public rumor!
When eyewitnessing information was unified, the Asaba special correspondent was pulled and crowded to the Iriya special correspondent.
Is that one it satisfactory that that coward かed attempted violence very much than rumor?

An elder brother is not a coward!

If you are really what kind of big brother, are you satisfactory?

It returns!
What -- !.
It sends at least... How about saying a grade's ?

It is as what?

Is still it for about 30 minutes?
Does it wait and need in inside?
What is the matter?

It is reliable.

Really calm?
It is better to sit down anyhow.
There ...
That ...

Already OK.

True .
But it is since someone is telephoned and I have him pick up, if condition is still bad with a sufficient or complexion in ...
It does not answer.
At any rate ...
The -- it is different.
It has heard having entered ... considering ...

Do you make a promise?
Saying to nobody is.

The friend died.

At that time, five pilots of Manta were in Nevada, and the child was the ace in five persons.

It became things for it to go to a crash point by four persons who remained although he did not remember well who began speaking. Robbed the flight recorder of the log, it was made to associate with a satellite photograph, the aim of a crash point was given, and it slipped out from the base secretly.

But -- among those, I thought that the thing and water which are boiled and eaten will also be exhausted and it will die as it is.

Did the man take and shine?

Although it did not understand our thing and what it thought, was the park located in the middle of a desert without anything?

The place paved at concrete and asphalt was located only there in the middle of the desert which does not have anything to a horizon, and a swing, a jungle gym, seesaw, and such a implement were in it a lot.

Yet, paint had not got dry, either.
Of course, there was no figure of a child.
In addition to us, he is whom... We all thought then that we were the children who are not needed.
It is to not be from the beginning when even valid inside could not meet nobody, could not be said as nobody and died.

The helicopter came and I was not scolded also being returned to a base, and by nobody.
My talk is this and is in the end.
Asaba should begin to have carried out this talk.
Therefore, it is without it also tells whom Asaba.


Pardon and although it invited with much trouble, make you only trouble.

Now ...
What is said?
Are usual in Iriya carrying out nosebleed jet and falling etc.

Thank you.

Admission-into-a-club report ...

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